My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


“I Get To Ply My Singles!”

That’s what I was thinking as I left the office today:

“I get to ply my singles!”

Walking to the train station:

“I get to ply my singles!”

On the train coming home:

“I get to ply my singles!”

Driving home from the train station:

“I get to ply my singles!”

Guess what I did as soon as I got home?

If you said “Well duh, you plied your singles” you would be correct.

Here’s a 2 ounce skein of my Black Welsh Mountain/Border Leicester mix:


While I (ahem) plied my singles, Lucy did this:


She really loves that mouse I knitted for her from my handspun. It’s starting to get quite ratty looking (sorry about the pun) so I think I need to knit her another one.

Thanks to Lelah for pointing me in the direction of the Woodland Woolworks spinning catalog for information on how to attach a drive band. I have this catalog at home, so looked through it and found the technique she described. The pdf with this technique is available here.

And Lene suggested that I Google “spinner’s knot” for a square knot with a twist that makes no bump, however I got no direct hits — a lot of information on anchors and sailing, though! If anyone can enlighten me, please do.

In answer to Caroline’s question, I’m spinning double drive. My wheel does have set-up for Scotch tension, but I’ve not tried it.

Scarfy Goodness

Cuz my AbFab afghan is too big to take as commuter knitting, I started a scarf, in Karabella Puffy, on size 13 needles:


It’s much prettier in person.

Did I wear Ingrid to work today? Why yes, I did!



  1. Ingrid is beautiful! And I’m envious of your devil-may-care hairdo.

    Have you plied your singles on a drop spindle? I’m about to and I don’t want to royally screw it up.

  2. Ingrid. Ingrid… I’ll buy the wool to knit mine if you tell us when the pattern will be available. Not that you have any vested interest in me buying more Koigu or anything. Sorry, its all I’ve got to work with. Your love for enabling. Please, help me. I need Ingrid in my life.

  3. Ingrid is indeed beautiful. I would love the pattern too and look forward to it being available.

    Great picture of you and Ingrid.

  4. Ingrid is lovely on, too. I notice you don’t have to stand in some awkward, unnatural position to hide defects. Very nicely fitted.

  5. Such a lovely top on such a lovely lady!

  6. Wow… I’m very impressed with Ingrid… have been, really, but I guess… I never really realized… how DAMN TINY those little bitty needles were until I saw how tiny those polka dots were! Perspective is a beautiful thing. So did your coworkers ooh-and-ahh, or are they already familiar with your amazing knitting prowess?

    I would never dare attempt to knit that kind of bitty pattern… I’d get an inch and quit. Go you, Wendy. Go you.

  7. nicole/sweden says:

    i can’t remember seeing such a successful binary colorway before. i’ve got to learn to give my swatches more credit , make them larger and try to somehow visualize them spatially. i’ve learned alot from ingrid.
    thanks! nicole/sweden

  8. Love Ingrid. Please make the pattern available somewhere.

    It’ll be years before I can knit her but it’ll be worth the wait.

  9. I love Ingrid, she fits you perfectly!

  10. You might try “weaver’s knot” for that elusive square knot.

  11. Wow, Ingrid is really lovely on. Quite flattering. What a splendid design!

  12. Ingrid looks fabulous on you!

  13. Ingrid is magical. Actually, Ingrid is beautiful and you are magical!

    I know this question comes a bit late, but what made you decide on the Kromski Minstrel? I began spinning with a spindle the same time you did and hubby is looking for a wheel to get me for Christmas. We’ve been leaning towards the Kromski Symphony, so I’m curious how you decided.


  14. I take it your department is not as hot as the IRS. I have finally decided that I will never be able to wear a sweater there. In fact, I keep forgetting to put my jacket on when I leave – after all – I am sweating in there.

    The sweater is nice…I have always liked vertical fair-isle.

  15. Love Ingrid. Your spinning is progressing wonderfully. When you mentioned that you had only used your new wheel on double drive, I just had a thought about the poly drive band you ordered. I seem to remember reading that the poly bands do not work well for double drive. If you are planning to use it with the scotch tension, that would be fine. I have three wheels, all have scotch tension; one with double drive. Though I have not tried the poly drive band with the double drive, I just thought I’d mention this in case it might save you some frustration.

  16. Classic and beautiful!! (You, too.)

  17. Ingrid is beautiful. As are you in Ingrid. Also, let me know when the pattern is available.

  18. Hey fellow Ragdoll lover! yes (jumping right up on band wagon), Ingrid is amazing.

    Now, on to the scarf! Is that the Japanese Lantern pattern? Lovely.

    Marta – who’s frantically trying to get together small gifties, like one day scarves, for all the wonderful folks who float in and out of her day.

  19. Wendy,
    I have only spun on scotch tension, although my wheel has double drive capabilities. I hear that spinning with the double drive makes your yarn more consistent, but none of my fellow spinners (of Twisted Threads Fiber Arts Guild in NC) spin double drive. I’m wondering now about trying it one of these days. Your yarn is gorgeous for a relatively new spinner. I’ve enjoyed reading about your spinning experiences and look forward to more.

  20. I have been watching ingrid. She is lovely! YEAH for spinning! I will get a spinning wheel, I will get a spinning wheel………you are an inspiration!Thanks

  21. Hee hee – well, you shouldn’t be surprised that your cat has such good taste in yarn! (and it makes me smile each time to see that she loves the toy made with the yarn you made from the sample I sent ya).

  22. I believe the elusive knot you are searching for is a “weaver’s knot” – see

  23. I have nothing to offer to the spinning discussions, but I must reiterate that Ingrid is gorgeous.

    I’m wearing Lara today (even though I’m across the street from IRS, it’s not hot in here). Thanks for the knit-along!

  24. Ingrid looks great on you! You must have received tons of compliments. I can’t wait to get a chance to knit something (non-scarf) that I can wear myself.

  25. Thanks for your comment on my blog – Aslan’s a sweetie.

    A minstral was runner-up to my Lendrum in the great wheel search… it may still be in my future collection (you don’t think you’re stopping at one wheel, do you???)

  26. I also believe what you’re looking for is the weaver’s knot.

    Love your site!