My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


December is Small Project Month

At least it is at WendyKnits.

I did the same thing last December: knitted a lot of small fun projects before embarking on a sweater project on New Year’s Eve. I had such fun doing this that I decided to have a repeat this year.

I’ve finished my AbFab afghan.


It’s now neatly folded over the back of the couch.


I’m knitting on my handspun shawl.


The shawl is a bit awkward now for commuter knitting, so I need to start a small project to take on the train to work. I’ll cast on for a scarf tonight.

I spun some more yarn:


That’s Rambouillet on top (yum!) and Leicester Longwool on the bottom.

Getting Twisted

Mia commented:
Nice spinning there for just a beginner! But I’m wondering if you’re setting the twist on all those little balls before you knit them into your shawl? If not, aren’t you a little worried about how the shawl will react when it’s washed? I always wash or steam my yarn after spinning, before I use it so I was just wondering what you do.

Yes, I do set the twist after plying my yarn. I wash the skeined yarn in warm water with wool wash, then rinse it and gently squeeze as much water out as possible. I hang it up to dry with a metal S-hook hooked onto the bottom of the skein as a weight.

The back of my bathroom door almost always has a hanger on the hook with a skein of yarn on it, drying.

Secret Pal 3

My Secret Pal 3 who has kept me delighted with her postcards and gifts over the past several months has revealed herself to me: she is Elise. Thank you Elise, for being such a lovely Secret Pal!



  1. Wow, I wish I could afford one of those AbFab kits!

  2. The Afghan is beautiful. I am seeing a grandmother birthday present in my future!

  3. Yes, of course December is small projects month. I wondered what had come over me – thought it was just my general lack of concentration. I feel MUCH better now. Thanks, Sally

  4. Lucy,

    Look behind you! Escape from the bad TV you’re hiding your eyes from is just a click away! =)

  5. If you’re just washing a skein or two of yarn at a time, a quick and easy way to get the water out is to put them in a salad spinner (those things for getting excess water out of salad greens after you wash them) and spin it out there. Easier than running them through the spin cycle in the washing machine, and portable too!

  6. Beeeuwwful afghan….wish Singapore is cold enough for me to use one of these…perhaps blasting the air-con will do?


  7. Wow! I’ve never fancied the AbFab before, but then I hadn’t seen yours. Actually, I may be torn limb from limb for saying this, but I really don’t care for Colinette. I got the chance to fondle it at Ally Pally this year, having fought through the crowds, but it just didn’t have that zing factor for me. Please tell me I will recover in the fullness of time!

  8. Lovely yarn – I’m going to be working on some Rambouillet myself but right now it is in raw fleece condition… I’m glad to see your level of enthusiasm so high for spinning, it’s nice to have a new lease on wool isn’t it. For me it was 6 weeks spindle to wheel and 18 months wheel to wool combs, so watch out…

  9. Are you a fan of modular projects? That would solve your commuting needs and provide a use for the small bits of handspun. How about a shawl constructed of diamonds of different hues?

  10. Yeah! You finished it! Great job. The Rambouillet looks so soft and spongy. Yet again I find myself wishing for feelovision monitors.

  11. Your spinning is looking very consistent. I am also a beginning spinner but haven’t worked with a variety of fibers. I’m curious as to how you enjoyed each of the fibers you have spun and how you find one different from another.

  12. Hi Wendy! Yes, your handspun looks very consistent — I’m so impressed! I’ll be happy to help out if you ever spin so much that you can’t knit it all. 😉 Beautiful stuff — enjoy it!

  13. Jo in Boston says:

    Wendy, only you could call an afghan “a small project!”

  14. Your Ragdoll (and your knitting) is so beatiful!


  1. December is Small Projects Month

    So say Wendy and Sally. Well…. not only, at least for me. This is why I started Mauve, the crochet skirt from the last Rowan magazine: I am making the shorter version, in size XS/S, so i have to crochet…