My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Lefties Rule!

Judging from yesterday’s comments, I’m not alone in this assessment. Clearly, lefties rule!

(Not that righties don’t rule — in their own way!)

I think we should have being lefthanded declared a superpower. Who’s with me? And who do we see about getting that done?

In a show of leftie pride, I’ve applied to join the Leftieblog webring (note new ring in my list of webrings over in de sidebar). Though I did note upon joining that there are more prospective members in the queue than members in the ring, so this could take a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

Feeling Edgy

Thanks for the helpful comments and suggestions about how I should edge my shawl. I’ve been leaning toward doing a picot edge, because, well, I am a fan of the picot edge.

But . . . but . . . several people pointed out perfectly good beefy lace edgings to me. One of which is on the Highland Triangle Shawl, from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawls.

I was wrapped in this shawl at work today, because it was a tad chilly in the office. I was able to examine the lovely beefiness of the lace up close and personal.

(Aw, crap. Now I want a hamburger.)

What to do? What to do?

Here’s the handspun shawl in progress:


The extraordinarily observant among you may be able to discern that the photo was taken at Knit Happens. I stopped there after work. I showed Cindy how to knit backwards — she did great!


Oh, and I bought just a little bit of Koigu ::cough 22 skeins cough:: and a new knitting bag.


A Message From Lucy to Ann

Lucy would like Ann to know that the photo of her yesterday was not a flattering one. She is not nearly as stout as she looked there. That is indeed her lovely furry winter coat that is adding girth to her slender figure.


Why the Use of Let My Love Open the Door in a J.C.Penney Commercial Makes Me Nuts

This next bit is totally non-knitting related. Stop reading now if you’re only here for the knitting. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday I mentioned how I hate hearing Pete Townshend’s song being used as background music in a J.C.Penney commercial. I went so far as to visit Pete’s website to see if there was a place where I could leave a comment to let him know what I thought about this (like he’d care). Wise man — no place for comments.

I’ve been a fan of Pete’s and The Who’s music for most of my life. Have most if not all the recordings. I don’t need to play them anymore because I can play them in my head whenever I want.

I remember a New Year’s Eve a few years ago when my brother challenged my statement that I knew all the words to Tommy, so I sang the entire thing from start to finish. He was impressed. Not surprisingly, we had been drinking.

Pete’s Empty Glass album is my favorite of his work. I think it’s his best work. And it coincides with a period of my life that was rife with turmoil, so this music (rife with turmoil as it is) became my anthem.

Just like certain knitted items remind me vividly of where I was and what I was doing whilst knitting them, music is an even stronger reminder. (Oops! Got a reference to knitting in there when I said I wasn’t gonna!)

Hearing one of the songs from Empty Glass (even though it’s one of my least favorites from the album) being used in a tv commercial like this makes me sick.

Nissan (I think) used Baba O’Riley a few years ago in one of their commercials. That annoyed me, but not nearly as much as this does.

The Divine Ms. Em posted earlier today a fabulous idea. She’s having a contest where to enter you must (1) tell her what you think is the most egregious existing commercial use of a song, and (2) take a product and think of the worst possible song that could be used in an advertisement for it.

I’ve already submitted my entries.


  1. Your shawl is beautiful. I may have to get back to spinning and make myself a shawl. I was in a meeting yesterday afternoon and one of the bosses had on a gorgeous shawl (probably store bought but very pretty) and it had me thinking that I need one at work cuz the area I am in is a little chilly.

    I am looking forward to seeing what edging you decide on. Your highland shawl is gorgeous.

  2. Inquiring minds want to know the plans for all that scrumptious koigu… don’t tease us too long…

  3. YIKES……you must have one fabulous job to afford all of the koigu right after buying a wheel! Lucky you!!!!!

    Happy knitting!

  4. You’ll be disappointed to know that the theme song for CSI:NY is Baba O’Reily.

  5. Using my left hand in a productive manner? Hrumph–I have enough problems just putting one foot in front of the other! ;-p

    I’m glad you were able to give “a few” skeins of Koigu a good home. Tee hee hee!

  6. I am with you on lefties as a super power! Just let me know what to do. Also, I tried the mirrow writing today at work, and when I held a mirror up to it, it was as legible if not more so than my regular writing. How cool. I wish I had known that 50 years ago.

  7. Ahh yes…now you know how we classical musicians feel about Rodeo being popularly known as “the beef commercial”. Blick. I’m with you. There are lots of composers out there that can use the cash. Why not have them write something original?!

    Awesome shawl by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I totally understand about the music used in commercials thing. I totally flipped my wig when The Gap used an Earth Wind & Fire song in a commercial last summer. My SIL (who is 11 years younger than me) just didn’t quite understand why this infuriated me so. Now that songs she grew up with are being regurgitated she’s beginning to understand.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for exposing the next generation to classic tunes like Pete’s and EW&F, BUT.NOT.IN.A.STINKIN’.COMMERCIAL! It literally makes my skin crawl and my stomach sour.

    Okay – sorry for my mini rant. Back to joyful knitting!


  9. You used to be able to leave a comment on Pete’s website. I think his PR person answers the mail.

    When Tommy opened on Broadway Pete and George Martin held an autograph session at Tower Records in NYC. Pete is a very nice man and would tell you why he is letting JC Penny use the song.

    Love your knitting and spinning but most of all I love seeing Lucy!

  10. Hey, no fair buying all the Koigu…if I come back from my business trip and it’s all gone, I will know who to blame! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Kristine WOULD have to get the shipment in while I’m on the other coast…no fair! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Lefties represent! Proud Southpaw here. I’m all for voting it a super power.

  12. Lefties rule! (Does it count if we mostly knit right handed? But sometimes go continental?)

  13. Did your trip to Knit Happens coincide with pay day by any chance? Lucky girl!!

  14. Led Zeppelin’s “Rock & Roll” in the Cadillac ad: Jimmy Page, how could you!!?

  15. Here’s a twist to the left/right mirror thing. I am right handed, but if I use my left hand I can write mirror image. Can you write mirror image with your right hand? I can also knit both ways because my left-handed mother taught me how to knit, so in learning I had to reverse everything. I ended up being able to do it either way, though I’ve lost some of the ability. (Knitting back backwards is still something I can do, though.)

  16. p.s. I’m pleased to report that my younger son inherited the recessive gene. I have big Major League plans for him!

  17. Another Wendy says:

    So does the use of three Who songs as opening theme’s for CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: NY bother you?

    I get irked everytime I hear one of my favorite old songs being used in commercials. Billy Idol being the most recent sellout. Grrr. “Rebel Yell” should not be used in a holiday shopping context, EVER!!!

    I totally understand your feelings and I am right there with you.

    W. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Another left-handed, blondish, knitter named Wendy.

  18. OK!

    I’m a lefty–and so with that opening non-sequitor I feel as if I must add my support to your disgust with the the use of LET MY LOVE OPEN THE DOOR and if you’ll allow me, to also express my extreme disgust with Target’s use and misuse of the The Three Dog’s Night Joy to the World. They have turned the song into a Christmas song (which it is not. C’mon if anyone was a pagan it was dear Jeremiah the bulldog), and worse have added the line “Joy to the people living free.” Now what does that mean? That the poor people who aren’t are doomed to misery?
    I may be a confirmed Scrooge, but please, don’t mess with perfectly good pop and rock songs in order to sell product. End of rant. Thanks for listening!

  19. I’m a leftie. Yea for lefties!!!! They are very creative people!!!

  20. I can’t wait to see what you whip up with all that colorful koigu! I wish I had the nerve to buy 22 skeins of anything in one trip.

    And Bob (my Maine Coon) waves his tail “Hi” to Lucy, who looks much more slender in today’s photo shoot, and totally understands about the winter puffy coat situation.

  21. At the risk of sounding thick, I am confused on the concept of knitting and writing backwards. I am as left-handed as it gets and admit that I am a dyed-in-the wool visual learner which I hope is the reason I can’t picture either of the above.

    I knit lefty, holding the yarn in my left hand, moving the stitches from right to left. I am a thrower and as hard as I try, have a devil of a time picking. My handwriting, on the other hand, is bad, at times bordering on horrendous. My favorite line is one from Steel Magnolia’s where Olympia Dukakis describes Shirley Maclaine’s handwriting in one scene as being that of a serial killer. I got that one, immediately.

    Can someone enlighten me? Please?


  22. Another lefty here. I also “mirror wrote” many notes in college. My mirror writng is much nicer than my regular writing with a more even slant.

    As far as knitting goes I think we all work things out in our own way. I have a pet peeve with righties who pontificate how lefties should knit righty. ‘Nuff said . ๐Ÿ˜‰


  23. My motto: one can never have too much Koigu or too many knitting bags. Bravo to you! and love to Lucy who gets lovelier by the day.

  24. What about the Led Zeppelin song for Cadillac–or Aerosmith’s Dream On for a . . . Buick? Aack!

  25. As a huge fan of The Who, I too wince every time I hear one of their songs being used in commercial. I heard “Won’t Get Fooled Again” being used for something once (can’t remember at the moment what). That was the worst for me.

  26. Trevor and Aslan send their regards back to Lucy and Trevor adds a “how YOU doin’?”

  27. (This is for Jessica: Jeremiah’s a bullFROG, although the thought of him being a jowly, cantankerous old bullDOG is a hoot! Thank you for making me snort my coffee…!)

  28. Yep, lefties rule! I am definately going to join the ring ๐Ÿ™‚

    (by the way: hi! Just started reading your blog thanks to finding it in bloglines ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  29. Lefties will no doubt one day rule the world. And no doubt left handed individuals who knit will be the ones who acquire the position of high supreme commander.

    A leftie to the core

  30. So, is it okay that Who music is used for each of the CSI shows? Still can’t figure out how Teenage Wasteland fits the CSI NY. But “Who are You” for the first (and best one)..Las Vegas really fits.

  31. I don’t know why we should be so surprised about the Who songs in advertising. Does anyone remember the album “The Who Sell Out” that came out in the 60’s? Which brings up a thought: How about ‘I Can See for Miles’ for Windex?

    I am another lefty who knits lefty but loves, loves, loves to knit back backward. (But not bad enough to start knitting right handed.) Just finished a gansey with lots of knits and purls. The KBB kept me entertained on the yoke part. I also switched my method of continental purling (from picking underhand to overhand) in order to have all the stitches sitting on the needle in the same direction.

  32. Dear Lucy, I’m glad to hear it was an illusion and you’ve kept your svelte figure. Now go have a bon-bon. Ann

    Wendy, I had answered Em’s query saying that my mind refused to ponder further evil to songs then while reading this am into my imagination popped “Dear God, please let the Moody Blues never sell “Nights in White Satin” to Kmart.” I need a drink now to recover from the shock….and I don’t drink anything stronger than Dr Pepper, so I’ll have chocolates with that.

  33. Wendy!
    I knew I liked you for so many reasons, but Tommy?

    Do you mean you know all the words to the song, or the entire opera? ‘Cuz I could sing along widja on the song…

    Ever since I was a young boy, I played the silver ball. From Soho down to Brighton, I must have played them all. But I ain’t seen nothin’ like him, in any amusement hall. That deaf, dumb, and blind kid —