My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Boxing Day


A good time was had by all. But I’m still sick with this nasty cough/congestion thing. Bleah. Enough, already!

So we had a quiet holiday weekend. I did a bit of spinning on Lenny:


I plied those singles that I spun on Lenny using Katarina — that’s why the yarn is in her bobbins. I also did some spinning on Katarina — the rest of the dark grey wool that was pictured in my blog last week.

See what I gave Ian?


It’s the Liam sweater.

See how sneaky I am? Some of the stuff I knitted over the past year was destined to become gifts. Two out of three of the AbFab afghans I made this year were gifts for family.

I think Lucy had a fun weekend. Here she is in a pensive mood, contemplating Lenny:


She suddenly likes that chair because I was given some nice soft seat covers, one of which I put on the seat of that chair.


But at the end of the day, it’s just nice to snuggle up with some friends.


I’ll be back tomorrow with some actual knitting content. Imagine that!


  1. You are spinning like crazy, I can’t wait to see what you will knit up with your own handspun yarn. How exciting!!! 🙂

  2. Ooh… that pink yarn is so yummy looking!

    I can’t wait for more knitting content. I love hearing about and learning about spinning, and of course I look forward to the Lucy pictures, but it’s your knitting that got me hooked on this blog. I look forward to seeing more of it, as I find it very inspirational. Definitely something for me to work toward!

  3. Lucy looks so comfy!
    I hope you feel better:)

  4. Looks like Lucy is tired from all the holiday cheer!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Wendy, and that this coming year will be better than ever for all of us.

    Happy New Year to you and Lucy….kitty kisses to Lucy please.


  5. Hi Wendy – have you heard of St. Distaff Day before? i’d never heard of it until learning to spin and joining a spinning mailing list. i thought this was amusing because you are spinning over the christmas holidays… here’s a blurb that was sent to the list, but its easily ‘google-able’.

    In England, as well as other countries the days from Christmas
    through Twelfth Night were considered a time of rest from the
    labors of spinning. The maidens returned to their work on St.
    Distaff’s Day, January 7th.  This was the day that women
    returned to their spinning after the Christmas Holidays.  Since
    the men didn’t return to work until the Monday following 12th
    night they were usually free to annoy and harass the spinners.

  6. Wish you were over that stuff already! It just drags on and on. Poor dear. Get well quickly!
    Ian looks great in Liam!!

  7. I am always so impressed with how well your sweaters fit. The Liam sweater fits Ian perfectly! Any suggestions for getting such a custom fit? Do you measure the person, or the person’s clothes?

  8. Well I had to wonder what would you do with all those sweaters and afgans you made =)
    btw, isn’t boxing day and English thing? I always thought it was just in England. I know that’s when the sales start in England.

  9. Hey Wendy,
    Hope you get better soon.
    I also love the way Liam fits on Ian.
    And I have the same question as Heather, do you measure the person your knitting for to get such a good fit?

    Also since I have a Lendrum I found a very comfy chair to use with it and it is also portable, one of those folding chairs you can get at Wal-mart, they fold up and fit into a tubular canvas case with a handle, and also have a drink holder on the arm rest, VERY COMFY. Also with the lendrum just sitting on the couch is comfy spinning for me.

    I also would like to see more knitting too, when I first became hooked on your blog it was because of the fair isle knitting, I was just beginning to get into that, and hope you do some more fair isle soon.

    Happy spinning and knitting.

  10. (((hugs))) hope you feel better fast! That was a great FYI from Dharia about the spinners at this time! and the love the bears with Lucy

  11. Hi Wendy,

    I love your gorgeous rose yarn…and also. “Baaa” tumbler. Where did you get it?
    Hope you get better soon!


  12. Hey, there’s knitting content here—Liam and the added bonus of Ian showing it off! 🙂

  13. *also envying the baa glass*…so neat!!!

  14. I, too, couldn’t resist an “Awwwww!” when viewing the baa glass! I have been so inspired by Liam that I finally found the box in which I had stashed my husband’s almost finished Aran sweater years ago. I finally got off of sleeve island, and should finish the neckband tonight! Now, if he doesn’t have to be transported to the emergency room after waiting TWENTY-TWO YEARS to see the finished product, he can enjoy it in the cold this winter! Lucky for me he lost weight this year and is back down to the size for which I made the sweater! FEEL BETTER! Love the Lucy-and-friends pic!

  15. Hey ! I opened my new 2005 Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar and there on April 2/3 was your Generic Toe-Up Sock Pattern! Congratuations. That pattern makes me want to knit socks – which I’ve never done before. What is your favorite sock yarn, Wendy?