My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Hey Mom & Dad!

Wanna see what you gave me for my birthday?


I went to Knit Happens this evening and shopped with my birthday gift certificate. Thank you!!

I bought a whole mess o’ Koigu Kersti in purple (yum!) and three skeins of Artyarns Royal Silk (double yum!).

Knitting Progress

I sucked it up and finished the second sleeve of the Lucy top. Sewing together and neckband knitting will ensue shortly.

And I started a scarf using my handspun wool — this in a lighter grey than the hat I made.


And soon I will start a sweater using my handspun Corriedale. It’s going to be a very plain design, based on the the pattern for the pullover that’s in the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

Lucy, You Got Some ‘Splaining To Do . . .

Lucy is obsessed with iPod earphones. When I first got Irving, Lucy removed the little foam covers from the earphones, then obligingly brought the earphones to me. I put the spare covers on the earphones and attempted to keep them away from Lucy, but no matter where I hide them, she finds them.

I quickly figured out that the iPod earphones were just too danged big for my ears. (What’s up with that, anyway? Do those things fit anyone? Everybody I have talked to reports the same experience.) Last weekend I bought some Koss earphones that are okay, and more stable as they have the over-the-ear hooks. Last night Lucy brought those earphones to me after I had gone to bed. She had gone into my briefcase and pulled them out. I got up, put them back, this time tucking them securely in a side pocket.

This morning when I was getting ready for work, Lucy came into the bedroom and dropped one of the little foam covers from the Koss earphones on my bed. Yep, she had gone into my briefcase again and removed a foam cover — without disturbing the earphones. And happily brought it to me.

Maybe she wants her own iPod?

She looks so innocent . . .


I’ve ordered yet another set of earphones based on reviews I’ve read. When they arrive, you can be darn sure they will be kept under lock and key.

Jumping on the Bandwagon

I first saw this over at Nake-id Knits. Here are my responses:

Grooming Products
Shampoo: Sebastian Mohair
Moisturizer: none
Cologne: currently wearing Estee Lauder Dazzling Gold or Guerlain Shalimar
Razor: Venus
Toothpaste: Colgate Whitening

Cell phone: Victor, my LG4400
Computer: Daisy, my Dell Inspiron 8600 Laptop
Television: 2 Panasonics
Stereo: Irving, my 40Gb 4G iPod, plus other assorted devices

Sheets: 370 thread count 100% cotton Ralph Lauren
Coffee-maker: Cuisinart drip coffee maker
Car: Xena, my 2004 Honda Civic EX
Stationery: cute knit-themed notecards

Bottled water: many different brands
Coffee: Starbucks French Roast
Vodka: Stolli (for the pain, darling)

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren
T-shirt: Maryland Sheep & Wool Fesitval tees
Briefcase or tote: Coach suede
Sneakers: Saucony
Watch: Numerous! Current fav: Citizen Eco-drive

Favorite Places
Knit Happens, Home

Necessary Extravagance
Yarn, Purses, Books


  1. I hate to break it to you, but sometimes cats just like things that have been in ears. I once lived in an apartment where the bedroom faced onto a noisy street, and I wore earplugs. These had to be kept in a case with a latch eventually, because I repeatedly found them on the floor, torn to shreds!

    Sorry Lucy loves the earbuds so much, though, that’s really irritating (and more expensive to replace!).

  2. Well, that’s a lot of snazzy stuff and all. Lucy probably is innocent. There’s no accounting for the taste of cats, after all, look how much they love ear wax. Well, maybe that’s the deal with the earphones. Eau de ear?

  3. Hi Wendy,

    I hope the new earphones work out. I always have the same problem with headphones hurting my ears because they’re too large. I ended up getting Apple’s in ear headphones. (
    they have 3 different sizes of silicone heads that come with the headphones, and the smallest fit perfectly. They’re my favorite headphones ever, but they cost $40.

    my ipod is nameless btw.

  4. Pretty yarn!

    I hated the apple earphones that came with my ipod (its name is Sharky) and ended up with the Sony Fontopia In-Ear Headphones. They were $50, but I love them and I’ve had them for a year. They fit perfectly and form a nice seal, the sound is really good, including the bass, and one of my favorite things about them is that they’re not white, so I’m not yelling to the whole world that I have an ipod. The only problem with them is that it’s incredibly difficult to get them back into the case they came in, so I keep them in a round altoids tin.

  5. Maybe Lucy is fond of the smell of your earwax? (Not to imply that you have stinky years. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. or even stinky ears!

    (boy, spelling isn’t my high point tonight)

  7. Yep, the ipod earbuds are too big for my ears too. ๐Ÿ™ It seems like a very common complaint. Apple brags about the high quality but I can’t use them because they’re actually painful and the slightest tilt of my head makes ’em pop out. argh.

  8. I. love. that. Kersti.

    I’m one of those crazy ladies who is obsessed with all things purple. I accept this, as does my boyfriend (bless his heart). That yarn makes me want to cry, it’s just so pretty.

    (Oh sure, I’m weird. We all are. Whatever.)

  9. Oh you’re lucky that Lucy just took off the ear foam! I too have the koss earphones, and have gone through three! sets since becoming a kitty momma this past year. My boys are a bit more aggressive and chew the buds right off the wire. Come to think of it, they chewed the ends off the cords on the blinds as well. Hmmm… Needless to say, I have learned to tuck my earphones safely away (along with any blinds cords!)

  10. Lucy is adorable, if naughty. She has her own little projects (earbuds, the balloon) and devotes herself much like her Wendy would do.

  11. Kimba (Igor’s playmate) does the same damn thing with my iPod mini earbud covers. What is with this, I wonder?

    Evil kitty minds think alike…

  12. I hate the standard iPod earphones too and want to get the Apple In ones but they are so darned expensive. Please don’t let Lucy talk to Simba. She can get in enough trouble without learning this trick. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love your blog.

  13. Chuckle. I must have big ears, ’cause I don’t mind my iPod ear buds and they don’t fall out easily either.

    I have to second that there is something cats like about things that have been in ears. I have one cat who has a positively unnatural attraction to used q-tips. We have to go to incredible lengths to keep them away from him. He not only likes ot play with them, but likes to eat them as well!

  14. Try the Bose earphones. They’re highly adjustable.

    I have a pinhead with ears that match and the Bose are the only earphones that work well for me.

  15. iPod earbuds are also too large for my ears. I got Griffin EarJams which snap over iPod earbuds and turn them into in-ear phones. They have 3 sizes and are $15.

  16. This seems to be a common pet thing- not just cats. My grandma just bought her THIRD new hearing aid because her dog has chewed them to bits. The lady at the hearing aid store warned my grandma that even dogs who “never chew up anything” will go to great lengths to chew up their masters’ hearing aids. She said she has had many shamefaced people come back for a replacement after swearing up and down that “my dog will not do that”. Maybe we have extra pheramones (sp) in our earwax??

  17. Lucy isn’t being evil; she is just trying to save her Mommy’s hearing. Too many people have the sound turned up too loud on their iPods, etc. If I can hear it, it is damaging your hearing. So she is just trying to protect you. Although eveil Mimi does like to play with q-tips – used or new. Maybe it is a kitty thing….

  18. One of my cats has an obsession with digging Q-tips out of the garbage can in our master bath. It’s so bad that we have to keep the door closed, or else we find Q-Tips in our bed, shoes, etc. We decided that that would be his rap name, “Q-Tip”. He also likes to open up my jewelry box and fish out earrings, but that’s another story…

  19. i have a q-tip obsessed cat too. by the way, nice to see i’m not the only one with a coach purse obsession.

  20. It seems that since you have an “i”Pod, Lucy wants a “Lucy”Pod.


  21. I think this is my favorite Lucy story! That is one smart cat. My dog Lucy probably would have taken the foam covers and hidden under the couch so she could gnaw on them.

    P.S. The day I can get Coach bags easily over here is the day I will do a happy jig in the city’s biggest square!

  22. Ruth in Houston says:

    Wendy, are you still adding to you boot collection, would this be a necessary extravegance for ?

  23. My suggestion for headphones are these:

    No silly pads for inside your ears, and they are most comfortable. Plus they have the clip over the ear, making your life much more likeable. Great sound quality. And only $10!

  24. Saucony shoes, Coach bags and yarn. Life’s essentials.

  25. Another small eared person reporting in here. Most earbud-style ‘phones don’t fit me at all, ouch! With my ipod (his name is orpheus) I use isolator earphones from etymotic (the ER-6i model). Etymotic is a hearing aid company and they make really good products. They are quite expensive, but really fantastic. They seal out all external noise and you don’t have to turn your ipod up very loud at all, which is better for your hearing.

    You can find more info at

    Love your blog and your stories about Lucy :).



  1. Meme-tastic

    Because I can’t resist…

    Grooming Products


    Moisturizer–Oil of Olay



    Toothpaste–Cinnamon Coolbursts


    Cell phone–Nokia

    Computer–Powerbook, HP desktop, Dell Inspiron Laptop, Mac Classic, So