My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Fickleness of Moi

Last night I posted that I was going to knit my handspun Corriedale into a sweater based on the sweater pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

Shortly after posting that statement, I remembered that last year I had started writing a pattern for a pullover with feather and fan around the hem and the bottom of the sleeves. And decided I would use that pattern for my Corriedale.

So I shall. Knitting will commence tonight (hopefully). Can you stand the excitement?


I do have a lot of crappy house-worky type things to do tonight as well. Doing laundry, picking up the big chunks and disposing of them, and other assorted grueling tasks. I wish I could train Lucy to perform some of these chores, but no doubt she would feel that they were beneath her. As indeed they are.


Oh, and the scarf I showed you last night? Ripped that mother out. Yuh-huh. I had started knitting it (in waffle stitch) on US 9 needles and it didn’t seem quite right. The fabric was too dense for my liking. I started it again on the morning commute on US 10s, and am much happier with my results.


Blah Blah Blah

Travelling through the knitblog world I see that a lot of people have a case of the blahs. I’m no exception. Feeling particularly blah these days, thank you very much. January seems like such a gruesome month, followed by the equally gruesome February. And March is often not much better.

And in my infinite wisdom, I am embarking on an off-white sweater after finishing . . . an off-white sweater. Uh . . . think much?

I’ve done no spinning since Sunday afternoon. I’ve been so gol-durned tired this week. The strain of going to work every day, no doubt. But next week will be a good one. Monday is a holiday, I’ll be at work Tuesday and Wednesday, we get Thursday off for Inauguration Dal, and I’m taking Friday off. Wheeeeeee!

Here’s Something Creepy

A kind cyber-bud alerted me to this eBay auction.

If you read through the description, you’ll find that she lists all sorts of free patterns that she is selling a list of links to. (Yipes, I ended with a preposition.) And she is offering one live link to show you what sort of things you get when you buy her list. The live link in the auction description is to my Fearless Fair Isle charts. Or rather, it was. I renamed the charts page and her link now links to a page that says “Not available.”

While I guess she isn’t really doing anything wrong, I took exception to her using my free pattern to advertise something she’s selling.

What do you all think?

UPDATE: The seller changed the link to the Red Lipstick site after I posted this blog entry. Whatta loser!


  1. I don’t get it. Couldn’t you just google the pattern names and find them yourself without paying her the $5 or whatever?

  2. I know! It’s a cheesy way to make a buck, ain’t it?

  3. I just love this part of the description…”Try out the active link below to see how the links will work for you.” And since you’ve got that ‘Not Available’ page up really makes her auction look bad (or worse..)

  4. In making fun of the faux rule of not ending a sentence with a preposition, Winston Churchill said “That is the kind of thing up with which I will not put.” I always remembered this when I was teaching high school English.

    Enjoying your blog! I love to see what wonderful things pop up each day.

    Kim in NC

  5. I agree, she has no right to use your chart in this manner without your permission. I suppose you could have some disclaimer about commercial use. I would let her know in no uncertain terms that she is attempting to use your chart for commercial use and that is impermissible. Also, I would notify e bay. Good Luck. Betsy

  6. just though id point out that she is not actually allowed to link to your website since links withon an ebay auction have specific guidelines (see for an overveiw). To quote:

    “What links may I have on my View Item page?
    You may have one link to a page that further describes the item being sold in that listing, links to your eBay or listings, one link to your About Me page (in addition to the About Me icon already provided by eBay) and links that provide credits to third parties.”

    ie s/he doesnt have permission to link to your site to begin with. (not to metion she doesnt give you credit in the auction, which you are supposed to do [discreetly of course]

  7. I’m an Ebay seller and have seen this type of listing before.
    What she is doing is against Ebay policy and (should be) reported here:

  8. I wonder if anyone will actually pay her for what they can Google themselves. I admit to not always knowing the right terms so use but I just muddle through and ask friends if they have other suggestions.

    I don’t blame you one bit for changing the name of your page so her link will no longer work. She was using your link in an attempt to make money for herself.

    Lucy looks like such a Lady of Leisure! She shouldn’t have to lift a paw to do any housework. That’s what her human is for! heheeheh


  9. eBay. Harumph. I’d report her using the link above, but quite frankly I’m not sure what eBay does with these reports. I’ve been reporting bootleg music & video for sale and week after week the seller continues to put more copies up for auction. Perhaps they’re inundated with reports.

    By the way, I’m still oogling the Koigu Kersti & Artyarns Royal Silk. Lovely!

  10. Jan, you’d be amazed at what people will pay for, and how much they will pay. Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

  11. She’s changed her live link to Red Lipstick’s free pattern,stich page.
    Very sleazy,making money from something being offered free by others,and profitting from your/their work.

  12. Good try Wendy, unfortunately she’s already swapped the link to redlipstick’s website when i looked, just about an hour after you posted.

  13. I guess she reads my blog then — I changed the link about 6:30 this morning and it wasn’t after I posted about it that she changed it. Hey ebay jerk: get a life!

    Someone want to alert Stacyjoy? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. This just goes against the whole principle of sharing free patterns. As Emma says, she’s trying to make money from other people’s hard work. Not nice.

  15. Wow that lady is a weasel! As a Librarian who is someone paid to compile information for people, this is totally unethical– especially considering that the information, while free is still copy written!

    I think you’ve done the right thing by changing your link but I wonder if anybody has written her a ‘cease and desist notice’ because that it leagaly the appropriate stem for any and all of the providers of free patterns that she is charging for.

  16. She may be okay legally but ethically I think she stinks.

  17. Well! I thought I’d seen it all, but I do believe she may well be The Queen of Skank.

    This title may well be shared with many others, but she’s top of my list at the moment.

  18. Please out her/him. That is such a low-down dirty stunt she’s pulling and preliminary discussions with a particular attorney (really though, there are so many around here that you can’t throw a stone without hitting one, but still….) I know says her actions are illegal. Wendy, you’re just too nice.

    Aaaah, Lucy and the life of leisure. She’s such a well-loved kitty princess, as well she deserves to be!

    Have a fantastic weekend!


  19. Thanks to Amy H. for emailing me the ebay link, by the time I checked it out, he/she had changed the link again, now it goes to a Bond page. Personally, if people are dumb enough to fall for this…caveat emptor. Extremely tacky, too.

  20. Wow, I’m amazed at the sheer cheesieness of that ebay seller.

    As for your blahs, I suggest you do some color-work. When was the last time you did a fair isle or a norgi? This white and grey stuff is all well and good, but in the drab days of winter (even if it is 70 degrees) you need some color to keep up your spirits. (Just my two cents.)

    Rub that fluffy Lucy tummy for us all!

  21. That’s really icky of her to sell links to free patterns on ebay. And the horrible thing is that people have been dumb enough to pay her for it:

  22. the auction lists the location as……so I googled it and found her homepage and there’s a picture of her. is she topless or just wearing something strapless? at least you can get a look at your opponent!

  23. I’m sorry, what did you say? I was distracted again by yesterday’s gorgeous pic of Koigu Kersti and the Artyarns Royal Silk all in one huge wonderful mass! I think I’ll have to re-read today’s entry now. Even the picture of Lucy is faint in my memory! I think the waffle stitch is much more distinct now, looks much better in the pic – wish I could touch it, too! Fiber-vision! that’s what we need!

  24. What a creep. Why do some people have to suck so darn much?

  25. Apparently she thinks that you’re dumb enough to change the page back b/c she’s linked to the page again. At least it now says not available. What a jerk. If someone’s stupid enough to buy links to FREE patterns to save themselves “hours on the computer”, then so be it. Wasn’t it PT Barnum who said “there’s a sucker born every minute”? So, no, I don’t think that you were out of line in any way by doing that. ๐Ÿ™‚ In fact, I think you were too nice, lol! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. I despise stuff like that. Just last week, I came across a woman who had changed a pattern around, and was giving it away free on her website as “An improved version of [someone’s] design.” Almost every week I find something where a person just couldn’t do their own work, but had to misuse someone else’s. Makes me furious!

    On the other hand, I had some handspun corriedale last year, and it was wonderful. Wish I had some more, hmmm… Maybe I’ll just go visit Fire Ant Ranch this weekend.

  27. Funny how the seller is advising you that you can sell the items you make from the patterns she provides links to. (I left that preposition in just for you, Wendy.) All my free patterns specifically state that items knit from them cannot be sold unless the proceeds are donated to charity.

    If anyone is interested in a list of free patterns, there’s a nice little compilation on the sidebar of my blog. These were all recommended by readers when I had a little contest on my blog.

  28. i think she changed what her auction said ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. You can easily have auction listings removed from eBay if they infringe your intellectual property rights. The eBay department that handles those complaints is called VeRO. They have a very simple form online in their “Safe Harbor” section that you just email to them.

    I used to handle those complaints at my old job a lot. They’re pretty good about taking things down quickly.

  30. Hi Wendy,
    I think you should report the seller to E-Bay. As far as I know they really try to keep their operation free of irresponsible or illegitimate sellers.

  31. Yeah, I’d seen similar things with crochet patterns (the one I remember was doilies). And the sad thing was, I looked at the seller’s history, and people had bought it before.

  32. Yep. Case of the blahs. It does seem to be going around right now.

    Ebay seems to have changed from a world-wide yard sale to a pit of … scams. There are more businesses selling there than individuals (at least where I’ve looked) and buyer beware is more important than ever. Thanks for pointing out the copyright and sleaze issues.

  33. There’s just something wrong about selling a list of free links. While it’s entrepreneurship at its finest and she’s really selling the convenience of not having to look them up yourself, there’s just something not right in Denmark.

    And hanging preprositions is something we Midwesterners are very familiar with. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Do take appropriate action against this seller w/eBay. The auction where she actually sold her list still has your url listed if you wanted to point the powers that be in that direction.

  35. Your right wendy, what a loser. she has no right to use your link.
    and re jan/feb blahs- i look at it this way, get thru jan. feb is short. march is hopefully spring coming. still blah too and january is soooo long.. sigh. have a nice day.

  36. Your right wendy, what a loser. she has no right to use your link.
    and re jan/feb blahs- i look at it this way, get thru jan. feb is short. march is hopefully spring coming. still blah too and january is soooo long.. sigh. have a nice day.

  37. Oh, I loved the “picking up the big chunks and disposing of them” comment. So true! I always used to try to get my cats to vacuum, and they always said they would. But somehow it never got done. Pity!

  38. Just curious, would you feel the same way if your link was included in a ‘knitting on the net’ type book for sale in bookstores?

  39. I can not find any working links in her description right not. But than if you look at the revision listing and the times, it looks like she has revised the description 7 times in a matter of about 3 hours!

  40. Must go to ebay and bid lots of money for useless information!

  41. How tacky to rip off your free pattern to sell a directory of other patterns. I guess any thing to make a buck.

    If you want a cure for the Jan-March blahs, try working in public accounting! Tax season is coming up, lots of work never time to think about being bored….or blah.


  42. I’m guessing that the author/publisher of a “knitting on the net” type book would have requested permission to include a link in a book.

  43. RE Ebay-auction:how low can they go – what chutzpah! Just when you think you’ve heard it all.

    Lucy is as Lovely as ever. Always great to see her photo.

    Have a great weekend.

  44. Buyer beware…a fool is born every minute.
    January is the worst (especially when you don’t feel the best).
    My dogs dont’ help around the house either and Smith isn’t much better! LOL
    I’m so ready for the weekend. Go knit some off white and be fickle…it’s your right!

  45. Not to totaly change subjects…. but I haven’t been able to train my cat to do dishes yet either, so it’s unlikely that Lucy will be vacuuming any time soon. Funny that animals who lick their own backsides turn their noses up at common house chores ๐Ÿ˜‰ Give Lucy a kiss for me.

  46. True, the book publisher/author/whoever probably would ask permission, but they’re still the ones making the money from selling the list(book) of links.

  47. Leah, you are missing the point. Please refer to the email response I sent to your last comment.

  48. What a week you’ve had! Lovely presents and yarn as always. The blahs have hit me too but its nice knowing its not just me.

  49. Hey, what is this blahs attitude?! I thought you were going to be starting a race/contest with a friend to see who could knit ‘Inishmore’ fastest! I’ve been watching your site, in particular since the new year as to when this would start.
    I had even thought of starting the design myself, end of last year when you emailed me about it and maybe getting some tips once you were in the running.
    P.S. I realize you were experiencing some wrist problems, though, so this email was just a thought. Take care.

  50. Wendy, This is similar to another auction that eBay closed last week. A seller was selling patterns that were free on the Internet. I would think that if eBay were contacted they would “pull” this as they did the other. Most of her “free” designs are protected I would think.

  51. Dear Lucy:

    Thank you for the well-wishes. I knew you would understand. I’ll try to get my owner to post more kitty pictures for you.

    Please tell your owner she rocks for telling off the ebay lady. What a stupid lady. She probably doesn’t even have one cat.

  52. Got your comment on my “little” kitty, Loco. I see you’ve a lovely furry friend yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚
    (How can people NOT love cats?)
    Anyway – in answer to your question, I think the lady on Ebay is clever (because people WILL pay for anything), yet lame.
    Bad lady. Bad bad bad.
    Best –

  53. Here’s a little hint of a Doors song for ya, “People are strange…” Maybe it’s the same person I’m still waiting to receive a down parka from. I won an E-bay auction last November. Naive me sent a money order as the seller would not take Paypal, maybe that was my first hint. Brain freeze in Canada.

  54. The price of a pattern has no relation to it’s being protected by copyright. Apparently she is ignorant of the fact that something offered free by the creator is still protected by copyright. It’s one thing for you to offer your wonderful creations free, it’s entirely another for her to offer your patterns for a price, which is essentially what she is doing. I would inform her she is in violation of your rights and ebay also! Although she may just be ignorant, I would guess since she changed her link that she is more likely willfully committing a crime.

  55. The really funny part is that she has a copyright notice at the bottom of the sale cautioning buyers not to make items for sale without contacting the designers of the patterns.

    Heh heh- she is ridiculous

  56. Get a grip people! Do you think these authors sought permission from every website? She is providing a service by sorting through the crap that comes up in search engines these days – saving time and money for others. At least her links have a hope of being active, unlike a book, where many sites will have vanished by the time the book is published.

  57. This listing (8161487624) has been removed by eBay.

  58. Hi Wendy

    Below is the text of an e-mail received from the ebay seller, presumably the “Sandra” referred to in your comments above…

    I merely used the “ask a seller a question” tool to say that I thought the listing was in violation of Ebay’s code of conduct. I am sure that this is akin to kneecapping and public flogging… and, yeah – we all have problems!

    I am a 63 year old woman who has chronic pain due to mercury poisoning and my husband is unable to work. I am applying for social security benefits but this is taking a long time. Since I am home bound and cannot work, I thought this idea to share knitting patterns that were offered free was a good idea. I have to pay 40 cents to list this auction, pay another 40 cents to eBay in final value fees and then if a buyer pays with PayPal, they charge another 40 cents. So, my profit margin was not too large. I am sorry that many of you have decided to carry on a campaign to threaten and belittle me. I cannot fight you any longer. I give up. Whether or not you believe me is not important. Please tell all of your friends to leave me alone now. Sandra A. Hermann-Courtney

  59. Her response is a bit on the dramatic side! I suppose in her situation dramatics keep her going. I Would not have posted here again on this was so bugging me. I wanted to clarify the eBay listing fees are inaccurate for the asking price of the sellers ex auction (Pay-Pal is free for non business accounts) as well to say I have never contacted this women, I wouldn’t waste my time. I enjoy reading this blog each week and plan on making at least two of the free patterns posted on this site, I’m pretty picky about projects! I would hate to see them go away because of one persons nonsense..