My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Chasing Winter Away

How Lucy deals with a cold dreary day:


Looks like a good idea to me. But instead, I pulled out this:


This is 100% mohair roving, handpainted in a rainbow of colors. Here are the singles it made:


Relentlessly cheerful, don’t you think? Here it is plied:


Definitely the thing to brighten up a dreary day!

Here’s yesterday singles plied:


The fiber was purchased from Ravenheart Treasures, by the way.

And the shawl continues:


At this moment I’m on row 113, ten rows from switching to the second lace pattern — vine lace.

In answer to a comments question, I’m working extra repeats of the lace pattern into the shawl as there is room for them. It keeps me awake, anyhow!


  1. “Looks like a good idea to me.”

    Well… I think you’d look pretty silly curled up with your nose by your butt, but to each her own! ;-b (Yeah, she does look cozy. Cats don’t know how well they have it…)

    That rainbow yarn is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you knit up with it!

  2. Lucy’s got the right idea!

  3. Oooo…did you post somewhere about where you got that mohair roving? I wants some!!!

  4. Oh Wendy,
    Again you have inspired me. I have some white mohair in my stash and now I’m off to purchase some dye. Your hand spun looks grrrreat! I thank you for sharing your many talents.

  5. Oh, that rainbow roving is to dye for (*cough*)! Sorry, I couldn’t resist!!

    I wanted to do what Lucy is doing in that photo all day. 😀 She sure is smart.

  6. I absolutely adore that rainbow yarn…its just the thing to brighten up a dreary day.

  7. Okay, I may have mentioned how much I love Alpaca, but that mohair is GORGEOUS! I now have to admit that I have purchsed (over the last few months) mohair with which to make 3 different projects, in colors from red to slate blue to fushia, electric blue and navy blue. I finally stopped myself before I bought the candy apple green or the coppery brown, and talked myself into a little more self-control. More scarves? No! No! Much larger projects for a change. However, I am having trouble finding places to store my stash until things are actually on the needle, so to speak. I do have another sweater that I promised my daughter before I can play with the fuzzy stuff! Will the shelves hold up? Will the cedar wardrobe stay closed? I need a Dr. Who-type tardis to store my stash! Thanks for sharing your progress on the shawl. The way the light catches the pattern is beautiful!

  8. Thanks for the how to on fitting in pattern repeats That multi – colour yarn is truly joyful -impossible to look at and not smile.

  9. Your handspun is gorgeous and just the thing for a dreary day…

  10. The handspun is scrumpdelicious! Beautiful color, Wendy!!

  11. I like both your way of dealing with the day and Lucy’s.

  12. the shawl is looking lovely, you have a wonderous way of always making me green with envy!

    and those relentlessly cheerful plies in a yarn, are divine.

  13. I wish I was Lucy! I love the yarn – I am most impressed with your skills, is there no end to your talents?

  14. Lucy looks amazing like Mimi curled up like that! Eve notice that on the really cold or rainy days that cats have the right idea? They sleep in the warmest spot in the house.

  15. The colors! So very beautiful. It makes me want to learn how to spin.
    Brrrr, we should all be sitting at home working on projects!

  16. WOW, those new yarns are amazing. You are lucky to be able to make them yourself, anytime you want. What a great way to get through the winter!

  17. You spun wool is just gorgeous! Both colorways. I’ve got to learn to do that. It must be very addicting.

  18. Wendy, how are you plying your colored yarn? Is it regular two-ply or is it Navajo-ply? It looks amazing!

  19. Most days, I telecommute. I have a client who doesn’t like me to type meeting notes while on conference calls. Hence, I do a lot of knitting during conference calls. Don’t tell my boss either!

    Navajo plying is not that hard, If you’eve ever crocheted a chain stitch. Just think LARGE and your hands are the hook.

    I have the same exact wheel as you (and LOVE IT), but mine is named Rosalina.