My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

But you knew that, right?

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s freakin’ cold in my office. My poor widdle hands are cold and this makes me Not Happy.

I’ve been wearing the gorgeous pulse warmers that Johanne sent me for Christmas (see photo in this entry) but I don’t want to wear them out before their time by wearing them all the time, know what I mean?

And yesterday my handspun merino was screaming at me all day to knit fingerless mitts from it. To shut it up, I wound it into a ball and cast on for some fingerless mitts, making up the pattern as I went along.

My first attempt was less than stellar. Two-thirds the way through the first mitt I realized that I could probably put both my hands in the one mitt. Well, duh. So I ripped everything out and started over.

Well, one half-hour lunch break and a (cough, cough — don’t tell my boss, ‘kay?) one-hour conference call later, I had this:


A completed fingerless mitt that fits! Whee!

And my imitation of . . . The Claw!


I’m happy with this. It fits, and it’s nice and warm. Now I just have to knit the second one. On the off-chance that anyone is remotely interested, I’ll post the pattern in the next day or so.

From the Comments

Timothy suggested:
How about adding a bobble or two near some of the vine bits near the shoulders (so they don’t press in to your back at the back when you lean back) – as another grape-y looking thing?

That’s a cool idea! However, not for this yarn. I’m using 100% silk that is soft and somewhat fragile. I think bobbles in this yarn would show a lot of wear quickly.

Susie asked (speaking of my Sonata gloves):
Those gloves look so nice and warm. Are they very thick?

They are knitted with Koigu on size 0 needles, so they are not extremely thick. However, all the garter ridges in them do make them thicker than a plain stockinette stitch and, I imagine, adds to the warmth. They are fairly warm, but I still feel the cold seeping in after being outside a few minutes. Of course, that’s true of all my gloves .

Beth asked:
Was wondering if you could share how to knit vine lace??

The vine lace pattern is widely available. (Aw, crap — I typed vince lace again.) If you type “vine lace” into Google, you’ll get several online patterns that use it.

Cool Contest!

If you haven’t already been there, run, don’t walk, over to Allana’s blog. She’s running a contest that’s all about charity. And she’s offering some fabulous prizes!

Because I Know You Wanna Know (yeah right)

I can now put my hair in a ponytail.


Lucy doesn’t wanna know about it.


Well guess what? It actually snowed today. I had to clean two inches of the stuff off Xena before driving home. I am off from work for the rest of the week. Wheeeeee! Time for a second margarita!


  1. The mitts look warm, and the colors are beautiful. I really need to put the last of the repair parts on my wheel and start spinning again. My daughter has mastered her drop spindle and has been eyeing my wheel. I should probably make sure I remember how to spin before I try to teach her.

  2. The fingerless mitts are beautiful! I love the thumb sleeve. I’ve been cranking out the ones from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. They have a spiral rib pattern the whole way up, but they only have a slit for the thumb, not a little tube. I much prefer the tube and am trying to think of a way to integrate the two kinds of fingerless mitts. So when you post your pattern, I’ll be delighted and excited! I also very much like the Hurry Up Spring armwarmers in Stitch & Bitch Nation. So that’s all I have to say on that.

  3. Love the fingerless gloves.

    Believe it or not, I create different patterns for them and have oodles of gloves all over the place….and to think, I’m in Los Angeles where it was in the 80’s today (sorry).

    Maybe someday I’ll try gloves with fingers…expect a lot of e-mails from me! :->


  4. Wendy, those fingerless gloves ROCK. Really. I usually don’t care for those (no matter how practical since I look weird in them) but yours I would wear in an instant.

    Congrats on the ponytail. I can honestly understand what a triumph that is!

  5. I would love the pattern for fingerless mitts! My hands are always cold, and our computer in is the basement in our townhouse at the bottom of a hill. Cold and damp even in the summer! I have one pair of mitts I bought, but I would like to be able to make my own to adjust the fit as I make them.

    Small projects always make one happy, too, since they can be finished in the same year they are started! Not everyone is the killer knitter you are! Plus SOME of us have WAY too many crafts that interest us, and WAY too many projects in each of those crafts going at one time. Ask my poor family members who so often hear, “Oh, but I could make that for you!” (They immediately think, “Yeah, but will I receive it before I die?”)

    The Lucy pic is adorable. That’s just what Galadriel was doing in my younger son’s lap this afternoon. He was home from school with a sore throat, so she figured he should be of some use, and provide a warm, soft place for her to snooze.

  6. Hi Wendy. I see you’ve let your nails start getting long again. They look nice – you have prety hands. The mitts are really cute too and yes, I’d love to have the pattern. Wish it would snow here…

  7. Laura in Alameda, CA says:

    Nice mitts! Thought I should let you know that Lucy has become “my” cyber cat. The kids even come over when I’m on the computer and ask what the cat’s up to, today! Thought I should let you know that Her Highness has another fan in her club!

  8. Conference call/long business phone call knitting is the best…….. as long as there are no bosses around and you’re the only one on your side of the phone conversation. :-))

    Nice fingerless gloves.

  9. Great job on the mitts. I wear mine out to the bus stop every morning so I can still hold my coffee mug. lol. Congrats on the pony tail!! I’m trying to grow my hair out before I get too old to wear it long. I’ll end up cutting it off by summer, I know it. We still don’t have snow. Rain, rain, rain…. ugh.

  10. I hope you and Lucy enjoy some extra quality knitting/spinning/’sleeping on warm lap'(!?!) times together over the next few days! Enjoy

    Love and Kisses

  11. Oooooooh, neat fingerless mitts. I’m all about fingerless mitts right now. I just being able to use my fingers, even if they get a little bit cold. I’ve never been a glove person, so mitts are all I’ve been wearing this winter.

    Your hair is getting so long! It looks great in a ponytail. How long are you going to grow it? (Mine is now past my neck, but I’ve been “cheating” by going to the stylist once a month so he can layer it. We who have no curls must avoid flat hair by frequent layering.)

  12. Ooh – I love the fingerless mitts. I can hardly wait to check back for the pattern. And congratulations on the pony tail. I can only envision new and upcoming patterns for pony tail scrunchies… Hey! What a great idea. I’m off. : )

  13. Alice in Richmond says:

    Just in case you were wondering about your cool factor…I recently made some fingerless mitts for my 15 year old and she is very cool. They are also very colorful.

    Also, thanks to you blogging about handspindles and such I finally mastered dropspindling after years of wheel spinning. And andean plying as well. I received a 1.3 oz Grafton Fibers spindle and merino fleece for Christmas from said cool daughter. How cool is that?

  14. Lucky grrl to have the rest of the week off!
    Knew that homespun would knit up beautifully. Love the way the colors work and the mitt looks warm. At least you’ll be safe and snug at home.

  15. Your Vine Lace project has inspired me. A few years ago, Vogue Knitting had a pattern for a very pretty Summer top, in Vine Lace. At the time, I thought it would be too “holey” to be practical. I have changed my mind, and will begin it this weekend.
    How many of the Inaugural Balls will you be attending?

  16. Elizabeth says:

    help help help… i need fingerless mittens. because my landlord is stingy and its only 60 degrees in my apt. its hard to knit wearing three sweaters …
    cant wait for another wendy spectacular pattern!

  17. We got some of that snow too…but as one of our weathermen said the snow was made in the “sweet spot” temperature, so the snow that fell was not only PERFECTLY formed snowflakes, but they GLISTENED. It didn’t even look like real snow – more like shiny confetti – it was so cool!!!

  18. Sandy says that’ s a proper princess ponytail, just the thing for walking a POODLE in the spring…
    it IS gonna be SPRING soon, right?
    Way kewl mitts….hope they keep you WARM!

  19. Alison A. says:

    Check this article out: Aren’t you glad American Christian groups are using their time productively?

  20. All you need is a cabana boy! 😉

  21. Pony on, Wendy!