My current work in progress:

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry, knit from Miss Babs  Kaweah in the Parchment, Old Gold, Petrified Forest, and Espresso colorways, using 3.75mm and 4mm needles.

Timing is Everything

In the comments to yesterday’s blog entry, Emily alerted me to a Fishermen’s Sweaters knit-along, being hosted by Amy.

Now that’s what I call perfect timing! I joined up, so now I’m knitting along. Yay!

Some questions from the comments . . .

Helene asked:
You knit a lot of projects at a tiny gauge or with lots of work. Won’t you ever get tired of a project? If you do – how do you overcome it? It seems like all of my projects have a sort of “dead end” – when I get there it is not exciting anymore, just boring, and it’s so difficult to resist the urge to put it away and start something new.

Do you really only have two WIPs, or do you have a stash of UFOs like the rest of us?

I do get tired of projects from time to time, but I do finish most of them. If I’m knitting something I develop an intense dislike for, I will abandon it, never to return.

I’ve always been a “one at a time” knitter. And I used to not have a stash. When I was about halfway through a sweater, I’d buy the yarn for what I was going to knit next. And so on.

It’s only in the past few years that I’ve allowed myself to have more than one project going at a time. I’d have an “at home” project, and a commuting project.

Okay, I’ve got two projects going right now. I haven’t touched my Corriedale sweater since I started on Kinsale. But before I started Kinsale, I did complete the front and start a sleeve.

I think this sweater will be relegated to my “I’m too tired to knit on Kinsale” project. I’ll knit a bit on it before going to bed, and when I get up in the morning and am ready for work, watching the early, early early news.

There have been times in the past year or so when I’ve had more than two works in progress and I actually felt some anxiety about that. Yeah, it’s not easy being me. I’m much happier concentrating my energy on only one project. Two at the most.

Ginny asked:
I have some Scottish Fleet set aside for a sweater from Alice’s Children’s Collection. If I could ask you a question, do you have to pull very tightly on the yarn to produce the correct fabric?

I think if you find yourself having to pull tightly to achieve the proper fabric, you should try going down a needle size. In the long run, it’ll be easier on your hands than all that pulling.

I’ve knitted with gansey yarn a few times, and I find that I do go down in needle size sometimes. For Fulmar I used US size 1 and 2 — gotta check the pattern and see if that’s the size recommended or if I went down a bit.

Lauren asked:
It’s like peanut butter and jelly have been reunited. What inspired the return?

I’ll tell you later. 🙂

Not a very good answer, is it? I do promise to tell. Just not today.

Anyhow, here’s what Kinsale is looking like.

kinsale020105 Timing is Everything

I do like this color, although it is not a “usual” one for me. It makes me think of pumpkin pie. Yum!

And here, for Marie, is the photo of Lucy I took while we were chatting. She was on my lap, listening, but refused to utter a single “meow.” She says she’s sorry.

lucy020105 Timing is Everything

Just Because

Here is a link to an internet based, self-correcting digital clock. Cool, huh?


  1. neat clock… and it feels right to see you knitting things i don’t think i have the patience for… love the lucy picture…


  2. The return to Gansey has reminded me about the Beadwork sweater. Is Peter still working on that for you? I was waiting to see the finished product.


  3. I actually was thinking about those days when you answered questions about whether you had a stash and multiple questions going, and it used to be that the answer was no. Then Knit Happens opened and it kind of exploded from there, I think.

  4. Hooray! Wendy is back!! Back into inspiring us all with her terrifically talented and skilled traditional knitting!! yay!

  5. Hooray! Wendy is back!! Back into inspiring us all with her terrifically talented and skilled traditional knitting!! yay!

  6. Kinsale is stunning! What a great pattern. If you find that it’s not your color . . . . I know someone who really likes orange. **cough, cough**

  7. Kinsale is stunning! What a great pattern. If you find that it’s not your color . . . . I know someone who really likes orange. **cough, cough**

  8. The Kinsale is looking awesome! I can’t wait to get started on the Must Have. All of a sudden I’m dying to do some texture work.

  9. But they’re using an analog pencil. (not a mechanical (digital) one!) So it’s really an analog clock in a digital medium….
    OK, so I’m an electrical engineering geek!

  10. Ah- so you buy yarn for the next project when you’re halfway through the first one. That answers my own anxiety about “what if it snows or something and I finish my project?” Not such an abstract fear- I was once snowbound for 2 days in a HoJos with 2 rows of knitting left, 20 pages of a mystery and a Queen weekend on VH1. Well, that’s one of my excuses for multiple WsIP…

  11. Kinsale is looking absolutely lovely!!
    Cool clock too!

  12. Thank you for your answer Wendy. I am happy to know that I won’t have to be hauling on every stitch!