My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Huge Thank You!

A huge thank-you to everyone who participated in the Knitblogger’s Knitting Basket Project. Thanks to the generosity of many of you, Deb will be sending a check for over $5,000 to Heifer International. That’s 10 knitting baskets, plus change.

Here is Heifer International’s description of a knitting basket:

Your gift of a Knitting Basket will include two llamas and two sheep — one male and one female of each — four animals famous for their warm, income-producing wool.

From shearing to spinning, weaving and finally selling woolen goods at market, your gift of a Knitting Basket will help four struggling families earn extra income to break free from the grip of poverty and hopelessness.

Over time, as your gift multiplies and more animals are passed on to help others in need, entire communities will be warmed by the precious wool of your Knitting Basket.

So . . . your contributions will at the outset help forty families in need. And more, in time.

Does It Make Me Weird . . .

. . . that I’m so concerned about Onslow?

When Ann first posted about Onslow getting smushed on Monday, I was horrified. You see, I have a huge crush on Onslow. There’s a Mini Cooper that parks in my train station. Every morning when I go to work, I pass this Mini Cooper and say “Hello, Onslow.” Even though I know that he’s not the real Onslow. He is my substitute Onslow.

On second thought, don’t answer the question about my being weird. Instead, send healing thoughts to Ann’s Onslow!

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Here is Kinsale, caught in a candid, quiet moment, reclining gracefully on my windowsill at work.


I do so love me a good natural light in which to photograph.

I also love me Rowan Wool Cotton and a glorious design in which to knit. I’d probably knit on Kinsale a lot faster if I didn’t have to keep stopping and gazing at it.

But that’s half the fun.

Just for grins, I Googled up a map of Ireland to see where Kinsale actually is, and discovered it’s on the southern coast. The closest I ever got to Kinsale was Cork. Which is pretty close.

Aren’t you glad you know that?

Lucy says “whatever.”



  1. Cork is close to Kinsale…gosh, I learn something new almost every DAY, around here! Keeps the winter blahs at bay, it does, indeed.

  2. Funny, I’m listening to the song “Ireland” right now. Of the places I’ve been, it was my favorite, despite drinking water out of a stream near a sheep pasture (bad idea – let’s leave it at that) in Glendalough ( ). There’s a lovely woolen mill there ( ) where I got a hand knitted cabled cardigan. It has since disappeared, but I highly recommend going there if ever you get a chance. Your sweater is gorgeous, btw. I love the color.

  3. Oh, I feel for Onslow too. I totalled my Mini just under two months ago (my fiance actually asked me to marry him that night anyway – he must really love me!) Luckily I got to replace it with a new Mini Cooper S, which I love almost as much, Maybe even more. But I know how bad Ann must feel!

  4. Abby, if you’d like to see some nice pics of Ireland, check out my brother and sister-in-law’s pictures from their trip in 2002 at

  5. Kinsale is known as the ‘foodie paradise’ of Ireland. Even pubs do gorgeous stuff! Hubby and I honeymooned there on a very tight budget in 1999 (stayed in a rented 2-bedroom house) and had a wonderful time.

    Loads of history, as it is one of the major ports for the the wine trade which used to exist between Europe and America.

  6. Isn’t it amazing what a bunch of knitters can do?! The Kinsale’s looking even better today! Gorgeous!

  7. it is too early in my morning to be laughing this hard!! I am checking my emails this morning and all sorts of knitters with Minis are posting comments on my site …… all sent there by you!! Wow!!! with that kind of Carma, Onslow can’t help but get better! Now that I know the depths of your feelings, I will keep you posted about every detail of his recovery!

  8. Have I told you lately how much I like Kinsale? The color, the pattern, the color . . . ahh. Please keep posting pictures.

  9. Wendy – Your Kinsale is lovely. I finished this one about two months ago and I think I have worn it at least once a week since then. I am making my husband a vest in Aracuania Naturewool in the same patern. I made two changes – ribbing instead of the garter welts and a flatter “filler stitch” between the diamond motifs. The garter ladders gave me a Michelin Man look – not good……I refer to mine as the Fake Kinsale or the Kinsale Type. Enjoy!


  10. I am in love with Kinsale! It is so much fun to see you doing some traditional knitting using patterned stitches again. Please keep posting your beautiful photos of Kinsale.

  11. Kinsale looks awesome! makes me want to rescue my Wool/Cotton from a previous RIPping session, re-casting on … I think I just might!
    Awesome on the Knitting Baskets!!!!

  12. Thank you, Wendy and Deb, for organizing the donation to Heifer. You made it really easy to participate!

  13. Kinsale is perty!! I love the cables. Mango…Tangerine…whatever, it’s making me hungry.