My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Wait! An Idea!

I was asked what I was gonna knit from my lovely Knitpicks yarn samples and I cleverly replied test swatches and maybe a catnip mouse or two.

But I had a flash of brilliance! Well, for me it’s brilliance. An iPod cozy! Why didn’t I think of that sooner?

Irving my iPod lives in a very cool case — this one. Irving’s case is black.


However, I think he needs a nice colorful knitted cozy to keep him warm, over his case. (I am, at this point, ignoring my little voice that tells me that computers do not want to be warm. They prefer the temps to be a tad chilly.)

I use Irving almost exclusively on my commute to and from work, and I have a remote control. See?


Irving remains in my purse at all times, because I always play him using the shuffle function, and if I want to skip a song or turn him off, I do it via the remote. So I don’t need access to his click wheel very often. So a simple slipcover will work nicely for him.

So . . . which yarn to use . . .

Because he’s a happy little guy, I think he needs a happy case. So I’m using the Andean Silk and the Andean Silk Twist in stripes.


Well, I doubt he’s happy while playing a Pink Floyd song. All the more reason to knit him a happy iPod cozy. He probably needs cheering up.

So I cast poor Kinsale aside for an evening to make Irving’s sweater.


I’ll post impressions of this yarn on Sunday. By the way, this week’s Knitter’s Review article is all about the Knitpicks yarn.

Kinsale’s back is this close to being completed.

Speaking of Starmore Sweaters, Heathre asked:

I have been reading your blog for some time now but hadn’t posted a comment until today. Actually, it is more of a question for you since you have so much experience with Alice Starmore patterns. I have yet to make one but am so tempted by St. Ciaran in Aran Knitting that I must try it soon! I thought I would ask you if you have a good recommended substitution yarn for Scottish Heather, as I know it is no longer available…

The best sub for Scottish Heather would be Jamieson’s Soft Shetland. It is actually the same yarn as Scottish Heather.

Hair Update

In response to the scores of inquiries I’ve received (okay, I got two emails) here is a state-of-the-hair photo:


My hair cut is scheduled for a week from today. I’m actually liking the way the ol’ hair is looking, so it’ll just be a trim to even things up and shorten the bangs.

I hope.

Obsessed With Free iTunes? Me?

Not even a little.

But this morning when I got to work I might have glanced at one of the recycle bins as I walked past it. Empty. The bastards empty them at night. Rats.

I do very much appreciate the tip in the comments about tilting the bottle to look under the cap to see if it’s a winner. Though it’s hard to do that in a crowded snack bar and appear nonchalant. It might help if I could whistle.

However, I did try. Clearly, whoever can do this is a better person than I. There’s no way I can tell what’s on the underside of the cap of a full bottle of Diet Pepsi without removing the cap.

And it is obvious to me now that even thinking about trying to peek at the bottle caps’ nether regions has caused me to have Bad Pepsi Karma. I purchased two bottles of Diet Pepsi today and neither one was a winner.

But one in three wins, right? I’ll win on the next one.

Please don’t burst my bubble.


Lucy’s gonna get me for posting this candid shot . . .


  1. Oooo, I think my iPod needs a KPPPM cozy. I have little bits left over from socks… perfect!

    By the way… do Koigu socks really wear well?

  2. Took me a moment to realize what Miss Lucy was up to. Heee! Irving’s sweater colors are exactly what I would’ve picked for him. What a lucky Pod!

  3. I did an IPod cozy as a first felting project. I had seen some online somewhere and figured it couldn’t be difficult. It has a flap cover with a buttonhole for the earpods to connect thru and a small back pocket to store them in. It provides great cushioning.

  4. My boyfriend can tell what’s on the underside of the pepsi cap. Something about looking at a precise angle or something. I never try, I drink Coke anyway.

  5. yes, a sweater for Irving — I can’t imagine anyone named Irving without a sweater now that I think of it!

    and if you do ever make a case with a flap cover for Irving, perhaps you could fashion it to look like Ms. Lucy

  6. I usually drink diet Coke, but might have to switch to diet Pepsi for the chance at free songs.

    One of the girls in my knitting group ( made a sock for her iPod. She saw the iPod socks that they have in the Apple stores, realized they’d be easy enough to copy and did just that. Her entry about them is here:

    Your hair’s looking great, too! Keep up the good curl karma! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thank you so much for responding to my Scottish Heather question! I am thrilled to find out that the yarn is, in fact, still being produced, only under a different name. Jamieson’s has some wonderful colors, too, so that makes me even happier! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy knitting for Irving!

  8. I think that if Irving is having issues with Pink Floyd, he might need a talking to. Or a cozy/sweater. I think that even with a sweater, he might need a heart-to-heart conversation about his duties and obligations and … Pink Floyd. He is just an iPod, right?

  9. I make a cell phone pouch with a tail that has a buttonhole which curves on the front of the pouch and attaches to the button I sew on. The tail loops through and buttons to a tote bag or belt loop on your jeans, ect.
    It’s a quick knit too because it’s all one peice.
    This tops my last minute gift ( I waited til the last minute ) list.
    Your topic today brought to mind it could be used as well to hold ipods/irivers or other such (de)vices that we all love to own but ain’t cool to hold.
    The url is something Lucy might enjoy .. use the cursor to activate the image.

  10. You do know, Tugger the cat will be powering up the computer after I go to bed tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Love the colors of Irving’s cozy. What a great combo.

  12. Your hair looks great – I agree with the trim and the bangs thing. Just in case you needed my approval!

  13. Shirley Gallagher says:

    I made a felted pocket for my iPod last winter. I take her walkabout to a lake in the mornings, and the cold weather will drain the battery faster. But she stays nice and warm in her felted pocket, and I have seen a difference in battery charging.

  14. Diana & Orion says:

    Nice hair, Wendy!!

    Make sure they only trim it … those hairdressers are all scissor happy, you know … most particularly the urban ones *lol*

    I am loving watching the progress on the Kinsdale. What a pretty color. Nice of you to knit a cozy for Irving. Such a thoughtful wench.

    Nice Lucy cheesecake … I am certain she’ll return the favor.

    Have a great weekend. Best, Diana & Orion

  15. Diana & Orion says:

    Nice hair, Wendy!!

    Make sure they only trim it … those hairdressers are all scissor happy, you know … most particularly the urban ones *lol*

    I am loving watching the progress on the Kinsdale. What a pretty color. Nice of you to knit a cozy for Irving. Such a thoughtful wench.

    Nice Lucy cheesecake … I am certain she’ll return the favor.

    Have a great weekend. Best, Diana & Orion

  16. Diana & Orion says:

    Nice hair, Wendy!!

    Make sure they only trim it … those hairdressers are all scissor happy, you know … most particularly the urban ones *lol*

    I am loving watching the progress on the Kinsdale. What a pretty color. Nice of you to knit a cozy for Irving. Such a thoughtful wench.

    Nice Lucy cheesecake … I am certain she’ll return the favor.

    Have a great weekend. Best, Diana & Orion

  17. What color of the Andean Silk Twist is that? Is it prairie — I’m thinking of using that for Clapotis?

  18. Your hair does look nice at this length!

    Looking forward to hearing about your opinions of the Knit Picks yarns. I’ve only bought Alpaca Cloud but I’m very curious about the others.

  19. Irving not only needs to be kept warm, but also protected from bumps and scrapes he could be subjected to in the depths of a purse! Right-o, excellent project. I want to make one for my palm pilot because the case that came with it is so hideous.

    I think your hair is looking cute – don’t cut too much.

    must. resist. knitpicks…

  20. I have always been a long hair fan, and with the gorgeous color of you hair, the more of it you have to show off, the better. You look fabulous!

  21. You should find someone who knows how to tip Pepsi bottles to show you. Because without it, your chances of winning are much worse than 1/3. I’m a tipper and this years bottles are much easier to tip than last years. The font got better for it. I tipped about a dozen at the gas station this morning. There was not a single winner in the batch. Clearly someone had tipped before me.

  22. At the risk of encouraging suspicious behavior, I share with you instructions on how to correctly tip a Pepsi bottle to win a free song (I typed “ITune” but that just looks wrong). I don’t have much to add, except that I am drinking a winning Pepsi at lunch today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Okay, let’s try this format:

  24. I’ve been thinking of making a cozy for my new mini. (Ipod Mini, that is, not Mini Cooper.) I’m afraid the screen will get scratched in my purse, although the case is a very sturdy metal. It has to be something that looks good with pink!

    Lucy may be mad at you, but at least it is obvious that she is washing her LEG and not anything un-ladylike. As opposed to Puss In Boots (Antonio Banderas) in Shrek 2!

  25. I just thought of something — doesn’t a bottle of pepsi cost more than $1? So even if you know it has a free song, it’s still more than it costs to buy a song at iTunes. (Of course, you get the drink, too.) So as a non-pepsi-drinker, I think I understand rummaging in bins more than tipping bottles and buying them.

  26. Susan Maurer says:

    Two things:
    1. Sorry to trouble you, but didn’t you knit a version of Foolish Virgins (not Kaffe Fassett’s) awhile back? Maybe a year ago or so? I’d like to knit one, but can’t find that version in your Knitting Gallery. Do you know its name? I looked through many of yours, but to no avail. (Yours had Norwegian knit in, but also had an English option as well, if I recall correctly.)
    2. I also spin and in answer to “D”‘s query (on “Wendy at the Improv” day), I highly recommend learning by seeing firsthand. I paid for lessons from a spinning teacher. D could inquire locally and if there are none, some of the better videos (in my opinion) are: Spinning Wool – Basics and Beyond (Patsy Zawistoski) and Spin Your Own Yarn – Drop Spindle Spinning Techniques (Melda Montgomery). The latter was necessary for me to get drop spindling down (so to speak) because my teacher didn’t like drop spindling. I like both just fine. There’s another good Zawistoski video called Spinning Cotton, Silk and Flax for when you/she gets more advanced. Any book by Mable Ross (especially Essentials of Yarn Design) is recommended. Also, she should get on mailing lists – both e- and snail mail. Email lists can be found on yahoogroups and other places and will provide D with tons of on-line friendly support. Snail mail lists that I recommend include Woodland Woolworks, Halcyon, oh gosh, – just tons of ’em out there. Snail mail lists are good for the drool factor.

  27. the hair looks great!

    and I will look forward to hearing about the two yarns (especially if either is anything like Classic Elite Inca Alpaca) on Monday ๐Ÿ™‚

    have a good one!

  28. Your curls are absolutely gorgeous.

  29. Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your blog and all the pictures and stories about Iggy and Lucy. I’ve been knitting for almost as long as you have and have never attempted half the beautiful things I’ve seen in Wendyknits. I’ve finally made it thru all your back blogs and really learned a lot and enjoyed every month of them. I’m on my way to get some Noro for some Booga bags and might just try a Fair Isle if I can find a “beginners” pattern. Thanks again for a fun read and keep it up, I’d miss not hearing about what’s going on in the big city. Oh yeah, we share the same birth year, but my b’day falls in July! I’d have never guessed! Thought you looked atleast 10 years younger than me. Might it be that new camera of yours? :o)

  30. Your hair is lovely. Nice colors for Irving, too. Have a great one!

  31. So Irving doesn’t need to be warm. He’s still not dust, scratch, and ding proof. A little extra insurance never hurts. IPods are precious.

    Lucy’s cute no matter what you do.

  32. And one of the best things about an i-pod cozy (for those of us who don’t have remotes) is that it covers the window so that strangers on the train can’t see what embarassing music you are listening to. Nobody needs to know that I am listening to Def Leppard.

  33. The day you decide to just lend me your curly hair ALREADY will be a very happy day for yours truly.

    Most sincerely,
    Hopelessly Straight-Haired in Lyon

    P.S. Cruel twist of fate: Curly hair is a dominant gene in my family. Guess who was the oddball of five children to get stuck with the recessive gene?