My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Cindy, You Owe Me Five Bucks

I took the day off work today for an appointment this morning. Afterwards, I headed over to Knit Happens.

I bought two skeins of the aran weight cashmere that Kristine blogged about today.

Waddle the Penguin checks it out:


He reaches out a tentative wing:


Oh my, this is nice:


Um, er . . .


Pant, pant, pant:


Got a cigarette, sailor?


Ahem. While this was going on, I was knitting on Kinsale.


Irving Thanks You

Big thank-yous to Annette and Mary, who kindly sent me the codes from their Pepsi bottle caps. Irving thanks you too. He does so love getting new songs.



Doesn’t she look like an innocent little angel? Don’t be fooled.

This morning I made some grits for breakfast (yeah, I’m a gourmet cook: mix water and grits and nuke ’em in the microwave) and sat down in front of the computer to read some blogs while I ate.

Enter Lucy.

“Food! Is that food you’ve got, Mommy? Lemmee see! Lemmee have some!”

She’s climbing in my lap, she’s walking across the laptop keyboard. I show her the grits. I hold out a spoonful. She sniffs delicately at it and curls her lip in disgust. She gives me a look of disdain.

I eat a spoonful and she goes nuts again. Repeats the laptop dance. (Not to be confused with a lapdance.)

I realize that she’s just a cat, but I wish she would remember from one second to the next that what I’m eating is nothing that interests her.

Or maybe it was just wishful thinking on her part.

On a totally non-related subject:



  1. Watch that–Parsifal will be jealous! 😉

  2. I just happened upon your blog and wanted to thank you for the laugh – first for the penguin sequence, and second for the Kyle patch!

  3. Nice South Park badge! BF and I keep our own mini-stash of official Baghdad items, too, courtesy of a friend who’s still out there.

    Hee hee–you have a naughty penguin there.

    I slept on my tummy this morning.

    Meanwhile, Muffin stretched out across my back.

    It makes it very tough to wake up in the morning when a little kitty decides you make a good pillow.

  4. To bad you can’t get the yarn to do *that* on it’s own and create more!

  5. I had to pipe up and say that penguin/yarn action is hilarious. Made my day.

  6. Back in my pre-dog days, I used to have the same issue with my cats. I’d translate their thinking as “No, I don’t want *this* crap — I want that yummy stuff *you’re* eating!!
    Never mind that I gave them a sample out of my own dish. They always figured I was holding out on them somehow.
    Dogs, not quite so picky. Their attitude is “You’re giving me a bite of what you’re eating??? COOOL!!!”

  7. Ha ha ha ha ha! Love the penguin, love the patch!
    Your Kinsale is beautiful!

    As for cats — I too have a dancing/feed me/why can’t you have me and your breakfast on your lap at the same time/I’m going to dance on the laptop and hit some series of buttons that reboots your computer for you so you’ll pay more attention to me kitty (Loco)…and he’s 27lbs of Love.

  8. I so need that patch! I love it.

  9. The penguin was hysterical. Love the South Park badge…. always appropriate.

  10. Your Kinsale is fabulous! I love it!

  11. Oh boy. Spongebob has a successor. Now you’re going to get a bazillion penguin paraphenalia items, you realize? If I drank Pepsi, I’d send some love to Irving, but you *know* a southern girl can only drink Coke.

  12. Yarn porn ! Hilarious.

  13. monstergirl says:

    Hi, Wendy! Long-time reader, first time poster (LOL). My cat Janis does the *same* thing, only generally it’s with eggs. She’ll beg for a bite, I relent, she licks til it’s under the couch, then beg for more. When I ask *why* she wants more when she hasn’t eaten the first bit? Her answer: um, now it tastes like kitty-spit. (I guess the bigger question is: why I keep giving her bites, but you know how *that* goes).

    Keep on bloggin’, please!

  14. The penguin sequence was hysterical. If I had cashmere yarn I’d be playing with it, although not as enthusiastically as that… (hee hee)

    Gorgeous Kinsale you have there. I can’t wait to see it finished.

  15. you can’t fool me Wendy – I realize that the penguin is a metaphor for a certain knit-blogging-cat-lover! you dirty girl you!

  16. you can’t fool me Wendy – I realize that the penguin is a metaphor for a certain knit-blogging-cat-lover! you dirty girl you!

  17. Wendy

    I started reading knitting blogs last september. I’ve often thought of leaving a comment but have never taken the plunge until today. I love the penguin pictures. I nearly fell of my chair laughing. They were priceless.

    By the way tell Lucy that my boys are tired of me telling them that Lucy is such a Lady and she probably uses the toilet and daintily flushes afterwards. Unlike my 3 boys who can fill 4 litter boxes in a day.

    Blogless in Canada

  18. LOVE THE PENGUIN 🙂 Does it have a name?

  19. WatchesTooMuchTVGuy says:

    One of the best plots yet on King of Queens. “You didn’t just save my life, Brown Eyes; you made my life worth saving.”

  20. That penguin is adorable. Promiscuous, but adorable. (interspecies and EVERYTHING!)

  21. You’re lucky, I haven’t had anything to eat since I got our second cat, they both eat everything in the house, leaving nothing for their owners…we only get to finish our dinner when we leave home 😉

  22. I heart you big time… first for the penguin hump.. then for Kyle. 🙂 Sigh… If only my MIL didn’t read my blog.. my monkey Elwood would be a very naughty boy.

  23. Another question for the knitting queen, Wendy:

    How do you decide on a new project? Do you pick them because you need another scarf/sweater/tank… or do you pick projects because they are challenging or will teach you something new? What is more important – the product or the process…

  24. Thanks for the laugh, My grits/ gruel usually accompany my blog reads in the morning too.

  25. I am the witness….Cindy does owe Wendy $5!

  26. Help us out on the sidelines — did Cindy make a bet that you wouldn’t have the guts to put POY (penguin-on-yarn) on your blog? That would be a mistake, for sure. (I especially like the second picture, for some reason.)

  27. Do you accept Pay Pal?

  28. Did you have time off work for your hair cut? I just love all the lucy pictures. My cat always has to have the last bit of my porridge. I cannot eat the stuff fast enough for him.
    I cannot get over the badge, it is just to funny and sad at the same time.
    Thanks for the penguin story!

  29. My cat is the same way with cheese. Cry, cry, cry the whole time I’m cutting it, then when I give her a piece, pushes it around the counter with her nose and then walks away to cry, cry, cry some more. Silly cat.
    Love the penguin.

  30. This post, and your last comment, have me dying over here. Quit it. I can’t breathe.

  31. True yarn porn!!! Now I am going to have to watch my turtles with the yarn.

    You can’t call your self a Southern girl if you nuke grits. Grits just aren’t meant to be nuked. That is the message Lucy is trying to tell you. She wants you to make shrimp and grits for breakfast so that she can have the shrimp and you get the shrimp flavored grits.

  32. Maureen Hay says:

    My cat has a thing for Doritos. Go figure. I have that same beanie penguin. He sits on the top of my monitor, his little toes hanging over so cutely.

  33. between the penguin and the south park badge- you made my day 🙂

  34. Please, oh please, tell me where you got that badge!!!!

  35. Soon-to-be Ex-mrs Waddle says:


    Just to let you know, I´m filing for divorce. You´ll be hearing from my lawyers!

  36. Three-year-old son: Mommy, what´s the penguin on top of that yarn?
    Me: Eh… Baby Cashmerino, darling. Why don´t you go ask your dad about it.

  37. Love the penguin piccies! Too fun!

  38. I’m cracking up. The penguin, Luca and the sticker. Can’t stop laughing, had to show your entry to my husband. You made my evening!

  39. Love the penguin!

    Janice is so right about the cats (my dog does this too)! I’ll show them a bite of whatever-it-is, and I can practically read the thought-bubble over their heads: “That’s not food. I know that’s not what you’re eating, ‘cuz that is *not* food. Now, gimme some food!”

  40. Penguin yarn porn! Now that’s something you don’t see every day! Thanks for the giggles.

  41. The penguin pictoral was funny as heck. I’m at work, and I had to move the monitor so that my mom could see what I was laughing at. She thought it was funny too.

    Unfortuanatly, the penguin sitting on my desk got jelouse. Now he’s wondering why I never let him play with the yarn like that. And that would be great if yarn could beget more yarn. Life would be perfect, then.

  42. Love the penguin on yarn action! And glad to see those South Park kids are keeping up with the times. Kinsale looks lovely.

  43. Susan Maurer says:

    “Took the day off work for an appointment this morning”! Okay, I’ll bite. I see only one other comment regarding the appointment. It was for your HAIR, n’est-ce pas? So c’mon now! We gotta see the photos! Was it for the hair? How did it go? Having a good hair day today? It’s been fun watching your hair styles over the years via your gallery. Yours is the best blog around. So do we have to wait until the next gallery photo? Or can we get a mug shot now? (I do hope the appt was indeed for your hair and I’m not being outta line here.) L8R!

  44. oooh…that dirty bird

    ::shoves penguin aside for her turn::


    Now THAT should bring you some interesting search engine hits – penguin on yarn action! *giggle*

  45. Love the penguin on yarn action – too cute!

    My Sally girl does the same thing – lately it’s been with red-vines candy! I keep telling her that there’s no way she could like red-vines candy! But she’s quite insistant.

    Let’s see the hair now!!

  46. Oh lands! I’m too young to view today’s entry. My eyes! My eyes! 😉

    I’m so very bummed to have missed the excitement!

  47. OMG! The penguin/yarn love made me have to come back for more. Thank you for brightening up my day!

  48. Wow, it’s not every day you get to check out some “penguin-on-yarn” action. Hubba hubba. Waddle may be a bit perverted, but he has excellent taste.

    I could do with a cigarette myself, after seeing that gorgeous yarn.

  49. Minutes later I’m still laughing about Waddle the Penguin and the “Yarn Encounter”. You cracked me up!!! Quite unexpected … thanks for taking the time to create such fun with yarn!

  50. Maybe Waddle wants you to knit him a sweater.