My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mmmmmmm . . . Cashmere-y Goodness!

Waddle the Penguin is now sitting on top of my computer monitor at work, so he can no longer get into trouble with yarn.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t. But in a good way.

I wound one of the hanks of cashmere into a ball last night. Good thing I did it by hand instead of on the electric ball winder because it, surprisingly, tangled like all get out. But untangling cashmere has to be one of the most enjoyable arduous tasks I’ve undertaken in a while.

I started a scarf. I’m using a traditional shetland lace pattern — I think it’s called “fir cone” or something like that. It’s one of those stitch patterns that’s lodged firmly in my brain, but the name of it isn’t.



Yesterday Kristine got the new Rebecca magazine in at the shop. We were looking through it and we both gravitated towards this design:


Why, yes, I did lift the photo from Kristine’s blog. Without asking. But at least I didn’t hotlink to it.

Because Kristine and I have similarly exquisite taste in yarn, we both purchased the GGH kid mohair in this color:


And this time, I actually took the photo of my own yarn, instead of stealing her photo. Imagine that.

The Southpark patch shown is yesterday’s entry, by the way, wasn’t mine. Someone asked in the comments where to get one. I’m afraid the answer is: Iraq.


Progress is limping along.


I’ve started looking ahead to the point where I shall begin to knit the sleeves. That point of time is likely to occur within a week.

Kinsale has drop shoulders, so the tops of the sleeves are just a straight line bind-off. I am toying with the idea of picking up stitches along the body and knitting the sleeves top-down, rather then knitting the separately cuff-up and sewing them to the body. This idea appeals to me greatly.

The cons:

1. Kinsale will no longer be commuter knitting if I do this. I am not willing to drag the whole honking sweater around with me on the train whilst I knit the sleeves. The first sleeve would be bad enough. The second sleeve would be murder.

2. I’ll have to actually figure out the decreases going down, so that they will match the increases going up in the pattern as written. And I am lazy by nature.

The pros:

1. I will not have to sew the sleeves onto the body.

2. I will not have to sew the sleeves onto the body.

In my mind, the pros far outweight the cons, so I do believe I’ll knit the sleeves down.

But as I plan to do the collar next, I’ve still got a bit of time to waffle about it.

There was no knitting at lunchtime today, because instead, I got my hair cut.

(No, my appointment yesterday was not for my hair. Yesterday I went to the dentist. My hair appointment was for lunchtime today. If you had read this entry and marked your calendar, you would have known. No I didn’t expect anyone to mark his/her calendar.)

Yes, I am New Haircut Girl. After eleven months. Eleven long months.

But it was worth the wait, because my short do is grown out into my new do, which is a length I am happy with. I’ll let it get a bit longer, but I don’t think I want to go past shoulder length.

This was a doubly good time, because I had it cut by a stylist I hadn’t been to before, and it was a great experience. Can’t hate that, eh? The same salon — Celadon Spa, but a different stylist, Garland. Thanks so much, Garland! I love my new hair!

Of course, I had to go through a wind tunnel on the way home. Here’s the side view, post wind tunnel:


Here’s the front view, post brushing:


Have a good weekend!


P.S. to Mia: I’m not a southern girl, so I’m allowed to nuke my grits. (I’m sure my mom gasped in horror when she read that I was eating grits, as I certainly didn’t learn that at her knee.)


  1. Please, for those of us who can’t get to a store, what’s the number on that Rebecca magazine? I love the sweater too, but don’t want to order the wrong issue! Thanks!

  2. It’s number 29 ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Love your sexy new hair.

    Who needs a ponytail when you have such a good “just tumbled” look?

  4. My fave grits in the whole wide world are from a southern diner in Petersburg, VA. It’s called “Yankee Coffee Shop.”

    Your new ‘do looks great!

  5. Your new haircut looks great!

  6. I considered doing the same with a drop stitch pullover, but the thought of flipping over 500g of wool on my lap every row was enough to convince me to knit the sleeves wrist up (plus the ease of travel part).

  7. I also vote for knitting the sleeves separate from the sweater. If it’s just a drop-shoulder design, it shouldn’t be too time-consuming to seam. Or, you can take the coward’s way out (like I sometimes do) and get someone at the LYS to seam it for you.

  8. I love the new hair, and I think it even looks good windblown. Of course Lucy looks good at all times, and you can tell in the picture she damn well knows it.

  9. Ah ha! That’s where all the green mohair went! Go you with your new do! I liked the post-wind-tunnel look ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Your new ‘do look terrific! LOVE LOVE LOVE that sage green kid mohair. YUMMY!

  11. Oooh, now I want a copy of Rebecca Magazine; and I’ve given up buying wool and books for lent. I shall have to wait (and anyhow, my Rowan Magazine arrived yesterday). Is GGH mohair like Rowan kidsilk haze? I do like seeing how your WIPs progress. Makes me feel less bad about some of mine…

  12. must make grits this weekend. Yummmmmmm!

    Kinsale is looking lovely. Whichever way is faster is my vote on the sleeves (not that you asked for a vote.) I’d like to be able to see **steal** Kinsale before the next snap of outrageously warm weather. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Look at that fluffy girl!!! (I mean Lucy, btw.)

    I like the hair, too. I’ve been to Celadon once, but not for a haircut. Reading that was kind of like seeing a place you’ve been to in a movie or TV show — Hey, I’ve been there! Have a good weekend — there’s supposed to be a lot of wind, so go with the wind-tunnel look for a few days!

  14. Hi Wendy, we chose the same pattern from the new Rebecca! Look:

  15. hrmmm — I previewed the rebecca mag on the site and I did not see that sweater! I do have the perfect yarn already (I can only hope it’s enough) in the exact color… In addition there are tons of other fab patterns in that mag. Wonder if anyone round here has it…

  16. HI Wendy!
    great minds think alike! I also want to knit that lovely green wrap sweater. But did you buy exactly the same yarns as in the mag? My monitor’s colors must really be off, because it looks greyish, not green. To make matters worse, at www., the shade card no 76 is grayish, not a light green as no 54.. I wonder if there’s something wotng with the pattern?

    knit on!
    Mari from chilly Finland

  17. I did the same thing on a aran sweater I knitted for my father-in-law, I was dreadful at seaming at the time, so I knitted the sweater in the round instead of flat and then picked up the stitches and worked backwards from the shoulder down. It worked wonderfully! The sweater turned out perfectly, and I didn’t have to do any seaming but the shoulders for which I used 3 needle bind off by knitting into the back of one stitch and the front of the other to create a gutterless seam.

    Oh and by the way, thanks a million for the many posts of kinsale, I’ve never been drawn to that color, but this last weekend while shopping for yarn for Ragna (an Elesbeth Lavold pattern) I ketp being drawn to this burnt orange color. I didn’t buy the yarn yet, but the more I think of it, the more I think I may get the burnt orange.

    Does your kitty let you kiss her belly? Well if you want to kiss her belly. I just think belly fur is so inviting, it seems so warm and snuggly. Yes I’m odd.

  18. e j michel says:

    fabu haircut wendy!!! and kinsale looks great too….

  19. Love the hair – I wish mine would look like that after being out in the wind.

    Question from England – what are grits??


  20. Hi Wendy…..I hate to bother you with such trivial questions but I need to know before I go crazy. Is there a secret to getting the end of the yarn from the inside of the skein? When I’m knitting with 2 strands but only have one skein of yarn, use the outside end and the inside end.
    Also, how many keins of Noro Kureyon does it take to make a kitty pi for a big fat cat?
    Thanks for your help….I love your blog.

  21. Love the new do, and the Kinsale, and the scarf, and I’m developing a severe case of sweater envy! (I already have grits :O)

  22. I cried because I had no iPod. Then I met a man who had no ears…