My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.




It snowed all day.

The mere thought of it wore Lucy out.


But she did consent to pose with the “painted desert” La Luz yarn:


I have four skeins each of the two La Luz yarns. Four skeins is enough for the camisole pattern in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, which is what I had in mind when buying the yarn.

This is short, for I am currently with migraine.

I can’t spin with a migraine, but I can knit.



  1. Look after you – migraines are the worst! Kinsale is looking fabulous. I picked up Fisherman’s Sweaters in a second hand book shop last week – so maybe, just maybe….

  2. Hope the migraine goes away quickly. Kinsale is looking more and more tempting as the days go by and yours grows. The snow is hitting here now too.

  3. OMG…so cute! I have a cat too and have learned to love ’em all! Come to my site!

  4. My husband has migraines. An Imitrex injection works wonders. Feel better soon.

  5. Love the snow! I’m a “Misplaced Yankee” living in the sunny south, although it rained today, and miss seeing all that pretty white stuff.

    Hope your migraine doesn’t last long. Must be the weather. Get well soon.

    Really enjoy your blog and love the work you do. And Lucy, well, she’s just a doll!

  6. Oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry. Sending good thoughts (and stray binder clips) your way.

  7. Ouchie! May the migraine take a one-way ticket somewhere far, far away. I wonder if relaxing with a hank of La Luz across your forehead or eyelids would help you feel better??

  8. Hope your feeling better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. aww – migraines suck! My pity goes out to you! However, news of your book is…wunderbar! I can’t wait to get one of my very own. FABULOUS!! I loved the interview, too. I was hoping to hear Lucy and wondered if she has a little breathy high pitched meow like Portia. Portia’s meow is very delicate unlike her big-boned self.

  10. So when will the Starmore reunion inspiration be explained? Am I going to have to wait for the book to find out? Congrats on the book deal! I just listened to knitcast, and how cute is your voice? I now want to hear a knitcast with every person I read so I can hear their voices. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

  11. I hope you feel better soon.

  12. Yes, migraines suck. Hope you’re feeling better.

  13. You are unbelievable – you even post with a migraine! I would be in my room in the dark, for certain, although I haven’t had a migraine in awhile (fingers crossed!). Hang in there, and feel better soon!

  14. no more migraine
    no more migraine
    no more migraine

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ it’s going to work ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Hope you are feeling better soon!!
    Kinsale is looking beautiful a true work of art!
    It has snowed here in London too! Brrrr!

  16. Sending you “migraine go away” vibes.

  17. I hope you are feeling better soon!
    *no more migraine*no more migraine*no more migraine*
    I love your kinsale!
    Best wishes from snow-covered Germany

  18. Hope you soon feel better. Kinsale looks great.

  19. It’s still snowing over there, too? Please, make it stop! And your migraine, too.

  20. Wow, hard to believe you can knit so well with a migraine. The snow up here came to about 6″, but in NJ the streets are clear by the time you get up for work. As a D.C. native, that’s something I’m not used to. Hope by now the migraine is just a nasty memory.

  21. From one migraine suffer to another – I feel your pain.
    Get feeling better soon.

  22. I am now a true believer in the power of the little pill to get rid of the migraine. No more days of missed work while I lay in a dark room! No more pain so bad my vision blurs. All from the little Axert, or Imitrex.

    Go to the doctor and get a prescription now!

  23. Take 2 shots of tequila, with a squeeze of fresh lime and call the doctor in the morning. Actually call someone because I think you caught the headache from Kristine. Would it be the first migraine on history as being contagious?

  24. I’m so ready for the snow to end. I like winter (no plants growing and spewing pollen into the air and causing me to sneeze) but I’m *really* ready for spring to get here.
    Boo, hiss to your migraine. Hope it’s short, mild, and responds well to medication (I’m lucky, the OTC stuff works well for me when I get migraines).

  25. I hope you are feeling better soon. Do you take migrane prevention meds? If you don’t, I can assure you that they are worth the aggravation of daily meds. I used to get 3 or 4 migranes a month, if not more. It took a few trys to find the right medication for prevention that worked for me. Since going off the prevention meds, I now have 2 or 3 a year.

  26. Ruth in Houston says:

    BOTOX & MIGRIANES, Drs have discovered that botox patients have ceased having migraines….a study is being conducted to understand why this is happening…. perhaps they will come up with an injection that is less severe than botox and it will end migraines……. crossing my needles for a quick recovery.

  27. Susan Maurer says:

    Sending e-prayers for your migraine to go away. Pain, pain, go away. Don’t come again some other day. Btw, didja get yer Bee-YOO-tee-ful Fiesta La Luz at Knit Happens? I checked out their on-line and their retail store (on the Web) and couldn’t find it. I did do another search on-line, but thought I’d patronize YOUR local yarn shop if I could. (We don’t have a LYS where I live. The Net is my LYS.) Migraine-go-away-hugs to ya!

  28. Saw on the news last night it was snowing in DC and thought of you and Lucy. Take care of your migraine and may it end quickly.

  29. Sorry about the migraine. I hope it ends quickly. That was very nice of Lucy to pose with the beautiful yarn!

  30. Ah…I see, the La Luz you bought is really in the shade “La Luzcy”!

    ::shoos away evil migraine::

  31. Migraine? *shudder* I get migraines, though luckily they’re comparativly mild. If that’s what they call *mild*, I don’t evereverever want a bad one. You have my sympathy.

  32. Ugh! Migranes are the worst! I get allergy induced migranes. Wish I could knit while I had the headache, though, wow!

    Oh btw, I have a 2nd job interview on Monday, and if I get the position I will be able to commute on the train– and knit!! I think that’s the #1 reason why I want the job. ๐Ÿ˜‰ i have always been envious of your commute knitting!

  33. I have a request for a blog post topic, if you ever happen to find yourself without enough knitting, spinning, or Lucy to talk about.

    I’d be really interested in hearing a review of your favorite and least favorite brands of needles. Personally, I’m interested in your favorite brands and materials for skinny needles. I suppose this is a selfish request, as I am currently searching for a brand that makes bamboo or wooden needles that come in sizes smaller than 2.5mm. (My Crystal Palace 2.25mm. circs just died on me, and I’m really frustrated.)

    Kindly ignore the request if you think it is too much work or not of interest to enough of your readers, but I know that I’m really interested in what brands you prefer for your small gauge knitting.