My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Like All Swedish Knitters

I was reading one of the email lists to which I subscribe the other day and someone mentioned this website: One of Susanna’s.

I clicked on the link and had a look round the site (Susanna is a designer and knitting teacher, and a native Swede). On her “about” page she states that she learned to knit in Sweden and that she she holds the yarn in her left hand with her fingertips close to the needles. Like all Swedish knitters, she said.

Hello. That’s exactly how I knit.

I am half Swedish, and while I was not taught to knit by a Swede, clearly the Swedish knitting technique is hard-coded into my genetic make-up.

Why do I mention this? No reason, except that it made me smile.

Rebecca Wrap Cardi

I finished her Friday night. Stick a fork in her, she’s done!


Rebecca Wrap Cardi, how do I love thee? A whole heckuva lot!

I did indeed pick up stitches and knit the ties on and am pleased that I did. I’m pleased with the sweater in general (can you tell?) — I think it’s way cute!

I brought her to Knit Happens on Saturday:


She’s going to stay at the shop for a while . . . until it’s warm enough for me to wear her.

WIP Resurrection

There’s been a WIP lurking on my sidebar for a long time — the sweater being knitting from my handspun Corriedale.

I knit the front and the back and half a sleeve. Then I abandoned it. The half-completed sleeve has been lying on . . . um . . . the floor next to my bed, glaring at me balefully. So I’ve been avoiding making eye contact with it.

But finally, project guilt got the best of me, and I picked it up again. I knitted the second half of the first sleeve and all of the second sleeve on Saturday.

All that remains is to put the sweater together — see?


But instead of doing that, I started something else.


You can probably guess what it is, if I show you who it is for:


I started something else, too, but I’ll talk about it tomorrow.

About Blue Sky Organic Cotton

Susan asked:
I’m wondering if you can possibly compare the Blue Sky Organic Cotton to any other fiber (e.g., cashmere, angora, hey, a girl can dream, n’est-ce pas?, alpaca, etc).

And Mary commented:
I’m curious to hear your reactions to knitting with the Blue Sky Organic Cotton. It has a great “hand” I agree but I was disappointed though at the way the cotton shed – all over everything, in grand little puffs and fluffs. I stopped knitting with it ’cause the shedding was extremely aggravating. Perhaps it would be better after a washing?

Susan M. (above) asks about any other fiber to compare… perhaps a Rowan all seasons cotton?

I wouldn’t compare it to another fiber. It feels like cotton (duh, that’s really helpful, ain’t it?). But really soft cotton!

Softer than All Seasons Cotton I think.

I can imagine that it might do some shedding because it’s so soft, but as Mary said, washing it might help.

I guess I’ll find out.


  1. Susan Maurer says:

    Hey, cool! Thanks for answering my cotton query. Nice to know it feels like cotton . Actually, I’m gonna have to break down and buy a few skeins. You’ve peaked my curiosity. Glad it’s really really soft. And KUDOS on the Rebecca wrap-cardi. Sure looks gorgeous! Nice idea to hang it in Knit Happens, too! Sure wish I could come see it. Some day… But until then, thanks for sharing! I really enjoy your blog! Happy migraine-less knitting and spinning! Lucy sure is lucky; those are gorgeous colors for her… um… I don’t have a cat. Whatzit gonna be?

  2. Please don’t let Lucy tell Lucky she’s getting another you-know-what! He’s still waiting for his. The Wrap-Cardi looks smashing with the black dress! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The wrap cardi looks great, and so does the Corriedale sweater …. c’mon, finish it. Please?

  4. ‘becca wrap looks great wendy! what a perfect color for her. you’ll be able to rock that side tie with so many outfits.

  5. Wow! You’re so fast! I’m not surprised, just commenting out loud. The wrap is beautiful and very flattering. Lovely!

  6. So feminine, sings warm Summer evenings. I must get mine done.

  7. Wow you finished that quickly! What a beautiful wrap cardi. Very becoming on you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Rowr! That is one sexy looking cardi! If there was anything to tempt me back into knitting with mohair it would be this. Wendy, it looks fantastic on you.

  9. Michelle says:

    Come on Wendy – share the secret… how do you knit so fast?? Is it drugs, caffeine or do you have a secret knitting fairy who knits while you work??? The Rebecca cardi looks fab – am so jealous of your speed… I am stuck on a Rowan Denim sweater for my hubby and an All Seasons Cotton jumper for my 3 (nearly 4) year old and they are wearing me down!
    Happy knitting.

  10. Wow! Your Rebecca cardi is BEE-you-teeful! I am so glad you picked up those stitches for the ties rather than sew them on (because that’s exactly what I’m going to do!) I hope you will stay on the Rebecca-a-long list and continue to contribute.

  11. I must have missed it somewhere, but what is the gorgeous yarn you used for the cardi? The sweater looks so pretty over the black dress.

  12. Suzanne says:

    The Rebecca wrap-cardi is beautiful. I really like the color.

    I keep telling my kitty she is getting one of those, too but haven’t even dug out the yarn yet.

  13. Ok, duh, it’s right there on the sidebar…

  14. I appreciate your responses to questions / comments. You’re a great blogger, wonderful knitter — and I liked the vocabulary test — had to look up “balefully” to understand Corriedale’s perspective from the floor.

    Curiously, my projects are all peeking at me from my sofa and love seat wondering who I will pick up as I settle in for “knit time” each evening. Perhaps scarves aren’t able to build up to “baleful” looks, though I’ve given the basketweave a few baleful looks in the past two days. Finally got a row counter (yes a row counter to keep track of 8 rows — I’m so ashamed!!) and was faring better until I paid attention to the TV a little too long and totally lost focus for clicking row counter and then which row was I on, and then….

    Your blogs keep me sane — thanks!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Oooooo, the wrap is so pretty! Will it ever get warm enough? ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW, I didn’t realize that my style of Continental was Swedish – thanks for enlightening me. My mormor [Swedish for Mother’s mother]taught me so it’s not a surprise; I just didn’t realize my particular style was Swedish. Cool.

  16. Ooh, that wrap cardi is gorgeous! She is kind of empire-waist-looking. What sorts of things do you plan on wearing her with?

    I can’t wait to hear more on the Blue Sky yarn. I love the concept of organic cotton. Plus I’ve been wondering lately, is it worth spending more on premium cotton yarn? Sounds like perhaps it is.

    I loved hearing the Swedish knitting story. I learned to knit from a Swedish friend, although I didn’t pay much attention to how I held the yarn. I guess even something so trivial rubbed off, because I hold the yarn the same way!

  17. It seems to me that you went from learning how to spin, to making a whole sweater out of handspun in the blink of an eye. Nice!

  18. Susanna is a fantastic teacher. I’ve taken her Knitting with Color class and Finishing for the Finicky (you can see me working in her class on her website ๐Ÿ™‚ ). She is a collector of authentic Bohus sweaters and does class on the Bohus style of knitting. She borught some Bohus sweaters to our color knitting class. They are amazing. She started teaching at Stitches this year too.

  19. Cute Cardi. And it fits you so nicely.

  20. Beautiful sweater! Great job on the cardi!

  21. The wrap cardi is fabulous, absolutely wonderful! And I’m looking forward to see the finished corriedale.
    Your desription of the Swedish way to knit is also exactly how I knit, and the rest of the Finns too I think. So I think it is more a Nordic way to keep the needles and the yarn.

  22. The Rebecca wrap is GORGEOUS and you wear it well!

  23. You look fantastic in the wrap cardigan! Lovely!

  24. Hi Wendy! Um, long-time reader, first-time commenter and fellow Metro DC area resident. So now that the introductions are out of the way, that wrap is absolutely gorgeous! I am in awe of you and your incredible speed.

    Oh and about the Swedish knitting thing- it’s funny, I taught a friend of my sister’s to knit (Continental, like me), and she just naturally held her yarn like that. She is quite blonde and Swedish-looking, that must be why! It really has to be in the genes.

  25. Your wrap looks great. I wonder how many balls of Soft Kid will be sold due to that pretty of a sample. What gauge is your Corriedale sweater? I know Saturday’s not a work day, but damn that’s a lot to get done.

  26. The cardi is very cute and looks great on you!

  27. wow now I know I have to make it (you me and my wrappy top fetish and all), though I am thinking I might want to try for a substitution on the GGH Mohair…

  28. Oops I forgot to ask which size did you make, did you make any modifications and how much yarn did it take?


  29. The cardi looks great! Really inspiring me to get mine done. Happy Monday!

  30. The Rebecca wrap looks very lovely on you! Congratulations on another gorgeous FO!

  31. Wishing you WARMTH, weatherwise, so you can wear that scrumptious wrap cardie…wow!
    Giggled at the Swedish knitter reference…I apparently knit in the
    Traditional Frieslandic tradition….
    Smiling first thing on Monday mornings in March
    is a Good Thing!
    Onward toward SPRING and MSWF!

  32. Rebecca sweater: beautiful
    You: a generous soul
    Lucy: priceless

  33. Beautiful wrap cardi! I have a feeling Knit Happens is going to sell out of that yarn very quickly now! The soon-to-be-sweater from the Corriedale looks wonderful as well. From this distance (tiny photo on my screen!) it looks so evenly spun and the design at the cuffs and hem detail nicely! I hope the pattern will be in your book!

    I am still working on Maria’s kitty pi, and now Lucy’s getting another! Poor Pippin has our other two cats constantly stealing his bed, but Maria’s should be done and felted by this weekend. Worked on it a bit at the Girl Scout lock-in at Columbia mall this weekend. What else can one do while waiting for the night to go by as hundreds of girls run past giggling, and squeaking these really annoying dogbone-shaped stuffed squeaky toys? Galadriel (kitty #3) just sauntered by and stared at the picture of that lovely yarn you are using for Lucy’s new bed. She’s wondering if you could say what you used as she thinks it would go beautifully with her fur, too!

  34. That wrap is GORGEOUS!! Must make one…

  35. The top is just gorgeous and fits you so well. Thre you go…another quick job of knitting. I’m envious you got to meet TeresaC and that she got to meet you!

  36. I LOVE that wrap cardi. I need to call KH and get her to put a Rebecca aside for me b/c nobody here in the ATL stocks them.

    You look mahvelous in it, dahlink!

  37. Didn’t you just cast on for that wrap cardi? Damn. I want some o’ that knitting speed!

    The wraparound cardi looks just awesome on you. It sort of hangs on the model in the mag, but on you it’s downright sexy and flirty! I love the way you styled it, too. Very nice, W!

  38. Oh, don’t wash the cotton! That’s asking for a big mess. My mother bought some of that cotton to make herself a soft tank top. It was very soft, but it shed like mad, so she thought to wash it too…. it turned into a big pilly mess. Still soft, but looked like it had been found on the side of the road. And it STILL shed after washing and getting ucky. The problem is that the cotton isn’t spun tight enough. I’ve asked for much help on getting that yarn not to shed, and everyone says that there’s nothing really to be done but re-spin it. What I did instead is to frog it and weave it into a shawl that can’t be worn because it leaves little green fuzz all over her clothes.

  39. I love the wrap cardi!! I must make one! Where could I find the pattern? I don’t sub to Rebecca, although I desperately want to…
    Great blog. ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. Blah ! nevermind, i found it in your finished objects page. ๐Ÿ˜€ sorry to clog y our comments with my dimwittedness!

  41. Oh, the wrappy cardi thingie looks just great! I took a Bohus knitting class from Susanna at Stitches West last month. She is a really great teacher.

  42. The cardi is so pretty! May have to look into making me one of those!!!

    Maybe I knit Swedish style…it was learned from my mom who learned from her mom who was German and it’s not quite continental (but very much like Annie M.’s combination knitting). Always fun when someone asks me to teach them, lol…

  43. The wrap cardigan looks awesome!

  44. I love the cardigan! You could have worn that today, considering how warm it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Your rebecca wrap looks great!
    but I knew it would. really enjoy your blog.

  46. That is stunning. Love the color. Maybe someday I’ll be able to knit as you. Then again, maybe not.

  47. Your Rebecca Cardi is really flattering. You should consider more styles like this – they suit you!

  48. The Rebecca wrap cardi is very flattering on you. A great style and color for you.