My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Yesterday it was 68 degrees. Today it snowed. I had to scrape huge chunks of ice off the windshield before driving home. Go figure.

Susan had a coupla questions.
(1) Why do you favor the three-needle bind-off?

I think it makes a stronger join than grafting, and it looks much better than backstitching (which also makes a strong join). Clarification: it looks much better than my backstitching.

(2) How do you store your circ needles?

I store all my needles (circs and dpns) in the handy dandy thingy described and pictured in this blog entry.

Melody Update

A question from Martha:
Have you anticipated where the loops are going to loop when they get to your, as my Grandmother would say, bosom? I’m sure you’ve probably thought this out already but as soon as I saw it I thought there might an ensuing situation.

Heh. It would help to visualize, I think, if I showed you the whole width of the design, rather than just the section pictured in yesterday’s blog entry.


I am pleased to report that the cables do not fall over the boobage.

I’m Just a Big Ol’ Cheater

Because I removed Vince from my WIP list. But I did so because I plan on sewing poor ol’ Vince up tonight.

Better Late Than Never

I’m always late to the party! But lookie here:


This is my welcome gift from the Debbie Bliss Club. Oh, I do so love me some Alpaca Silk, and this is in a lovely color. The included pattern is for an extremely cute beret and cravat, which I’m betting I’ll knit next autumn. Or before then!

Knitting From the Stash

I think we should issue a proclamation that knitting something from stash yarn that’s been marinating for 90 days or more is comepletely guilt-free knitting — no matter how much the yarn cost to begin with.

And as such, said stash-knitter is entitled to buy yarn of comparable value.

Lucy agrees.


10 Things I’ve Done That You Probably Haven’t

I read Gidget’s totally awesome list on her blog today, and was inspired to attempt my own. Here goes:

(Note to Mom: Do not ask me for clarification on any of these items. I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me.)

1. Told a major league pitcher that his pitching sucked when he tried to hit on me whilst drunk in a bar.

2. Got thrown out of the Belvedere Hotel bar in Baltimore, MD for being drunk and disorderly (see #1, above).

3. Spent the evening in the company of a pub full of dock workers and drank them all under the table.

4. Got a black eye in a bar brawl and the guy who gave it to me was so upset (he was aiming for someone else) he cried.

5. Made and drank broccoli daiquiris.

Ahem. Those all seem to be alcohol related. Gee. Wonder why?

6. At the end of a joyride, ended up upside-down in a car, hanging by a seatbelt (actually not alcohol-related).

7. Ended up at the bottom of a pile of bodies after the escalator at Camden Yards collapsed.

8. Carved Halloween jack-o-lanterns with the Chevrolet bow-tie and the Ford logo.

9. Rode up front with the driver of a London Transport train.

10. Was awarded then-Vice President Al Gore’s “No Gobbledegook Award” for work on writing government regulations in plain language.

Yup, lame.

Hey Alice in Richmond — I bet you can remember at least one more, can’t you? And I’m not talking about being able to write mirror-image.

Please do not leave it in the comments. Unless you can do so in an oh-so-cryptic manner.


  1. betcha didn’t get drunk on those broccoli daiquiris! eewww!!

  2. C’mon Alice, fess up!!

  3. I am LOL over #4! Poor dude!

  4. ah, but have you made pickle martinis? it’s like a dirty martini, but with pickle juice instead of onion juice, with a little gerkin for garnish.

  5. Ok, that broc daiq sounds pretty nasty. Bleck!

  6. How drunk were you BEFORE you made the brocolli daiquiries? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. quite a list. very funny!

  8. 90 days! That’s like 3 months – that’s nearly half my knitting lifetime. …and surely anything bought on sale, gifted or otherwise cheaply acquired is exempt ipso facto?

  9. Hey, it just occured to me that your “Melody” cable pattern really look like a shoal of fish swimming head to tail…

  10. You Yarn Crazy Party Animal!!! did the guy really cry! you made a guy cry!!

  11. I tried to make a list and I only got two things on it… I am sad.

    I’m itching to make a shell with cables on it like yours. Looks nice for over a collared work shirt.

  12. I tried to make a list and I only got two things on it… I am sad.

    I’m itching to make a shell with cables on it like yours. Looks nice for over a collared work shirt.

  13. Broccoli daiquiris? Yum!

    Betcha you never had a tequila ice cream popsicle. Yes, complete with worm. Yum!

  14. We’d be a force to be reckoned with in Kilronan! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The broccoli daiquiri idea is growing on me!

  15. Alice in Richmond says:

    What? *Me* besmirch the reputation of Wendy?

  16. Well I think I’ve only ever commented once or twice though I read your blog regularly. I just had to say – I have done #10. Which I use as proof that the more “prestigious” the award is weirder it is. Nothing like a plastic triangle with a cartoon turkey on it!

  17. I personally know recipients of Al Gore’s Hammer Award. They got a teeny tiny gold hammer with their spiffy certificates. What were those for, again? Innovation or something?

  18. The weather here in DC makes me crazy. At least I think its the weather that did it. But I am SO going to get me a cart from Staples for my knitting needles. No more maddly searching 3 floors of the house for the needles I need for vacation knitting on my way out the door. No more buying yet another duplicate set from Halcyon once I get there because I couldn’t locate any of the ones I already own.

  19. Is it me? Did I miss the minion stuff early on? I’m laughing out loud! I gotta get me a shirt to wear to work at my lys so I can tell the cool people from the pretenders.

  20. Please tell me the brocolli daquiri was the result of a dare. Please?!

  21. Dear Wendy, It’s lists like “Ten Things I’ve Done That You Probably Haven’t” that make a person wonder whether you actually might design a sweater with loops over your ‘boobage’. Actually, I’m relieved that you could have such a list AND still be able to rationally design a sweater with discreet frontal loops. Thanks for the full view of the front – I KNEW you’d have thought it out. Just more proof that alcohol doesn’t really destroy brain cells. (Of course, who knows what you might’ve designed had you not had those alcohol moments?)(Wink, wink!)
    I’m seriously worried though about you having made and drank broccoli daiquiris. Hey, have you thought about a broccoli crown cable design? Might make a lovely scarf design.

  22. Ah, I love the Belvedere in B’more. Great place…

    The Alpaca Silk looks very nice. Pretty color!

  23. I was going to participate in the 10 things meme, but discovered I just hadn’t done anything interesting I wanted to fess up to.

    Your broccoli daquiri gives me the shivers. Yikes!

  24. I just love the Melody cable — could you be persuaded to share a source?
    Not only have you done 10 things I haven’t, I think I’m okay with that, although I bet for the most part they made great stories!

  25. I’m sorry, but getting a “No Goobledegook Award” from Al Gore even now would be a dream come true. Granted, a dream I didn’t know I had. But still. That rocks.

  26. Uhhhh…that wasn’t Scout. Scout couldn’t care less about Al Gore. Silly cat.

  27. Wendy, you are a unique person…glad to know ya.
    Mother Nature is more fickle than most knitters…but you knows it’s spring when she constantly changes her mind.

  28. I say #5 falls in the category of alcohol abuse. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Wendy, Imy favourite things actually ARE the alcohol-ralated-ones. Hehe! I have to try to write ten things too.

  30. i LOVE melody – to me it looks like stacked pomegranates, which i love, with a pomegranate seed border. now if i added a few baby bobbles inside of each one… and knit it in shades of red….

    circe/gaia here i come, ciao underworld! (mytho-logical ref)


  31. Beautiful cables on Mel, there.

    What would an appropriate chaser be, I wonder, for a broccoli daiquiri?

  32. Broccoli shmoccoli…imagine trying to get your in your veggies aith a spinach or brussel sprout daiquiri…ugh!