My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The One Where Wendy Does Something Totally Unheard-of

Unheard-of for me, that is.

Last night I had my recurring dream about qivuit.

I’m sorry — what’s that? Not everyone has recurring dreams about qivuit? Huh. Go figure.

Anyhow, I was thinking about qivuit when I woke up this morning. Ages ago (in my world, “ages” equals 15-20 years) I made a hat out of qivuit, using a tam pattern and fingering weight qivuit. Guess what? I’ve never worn it. I am so not a hat person, and the tam pattern was so not the right thing for qivuit.

Here is the “before” photo of the poor, offending hat.


And here it is “after.”


Yup. Ripped that bad boy out. Rip, rip, rip.

Now, you may not know this (nor may you care), but I never rip anything out. I would rather have a dentist drill at my teeth with only enough novocaine to barely take the edge off (oh, wait — I did that yesterday) than rip something out.

But this morning, before I left for work, while watching the CBS early early early early early early early early early early early news, I ripped out my qivuit hat.

This afternoon after coming home from work, I skeined said qivuit on my swift.

I’ll be washing and hanging it to dry shortly.

There’s 1.5 ounces of fingering weight qivuit there. Hmmmmm . . . what to knit? What to knit?

Any ideas? Send your suggestion to my official blog contest email addy by 5:00pm EST tomorrow (that’s Friday, March 11) to be entered in the drawing for this prize:


That’s two Addi Turbo circular needles, which were kindly donated by Lisa S. in Texas. Thanks Lisa! There’s a US 3 and a US 4, both 24″ long.

Small print: this contest is open to anyone on Planet Earth who has an address to which I can mail the prize. Please, one entry per person.


Mel has gotten short shrift over the past couple of days due to one thing and/or another. But here she is, in all her orgasmic organic cotton-y goodness:


The cable I am using (and why, yes, it does look like little fishies end to end, doesn’t it?) I got from the Harmony book of aran and fair isle patterns. Can’t remember the exact name of it and am too lazy to go look.

But I know I’ve seen this cable elsewhere, so no doubt it’s in other stitch dictionaries as well.

By the way, there has been a comment or two about the Blue Sky Organic Cotton shedding. Gotta say, so far it has shedded not a single speck o’ fluff whilst I knit. And today I knitted on it while wearing a black velour dress. Every Lucy hair was clearly showcased on this dress, but not one iota of Blue Sky Organic Cotton. I am impressed, because I am strangling the yarn a bit as I form cables.

How to Assuage Wounds to Your Psyche

1. Go to Knit Happens.

2. Purchase yarn and patterns.

Yesterday I bought the new Rowan Classic Cafe book and bought yarn to make this design:


This is “Deli” and I bought the new Rowan Cash Cotton (35% cotton, 25% polyamide, 18% viscose, 9% cashmere) in this color:


This is color #605, which Rowan calls Magenta. I guess, but it looks more Raspberry to me. There are at least two more designs in the book that are calling to me (Broadway and Empire) so I foresee those appearing in the line-up at some point in the future.

What else did I buy yesterday? This:


And this:


Four skeins of Fiesta La Luz in “Vanilla Bean” and four skeins of Lorna’s Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies in “Black Purl.”

So there.

Great Moments in History

It was a year ago today that L-B and I first set foot in Knit Happens.

And In the “You Heard It Here First” Department

Alice in Richmond and I are gonna start a girl band called “Gina and the Coffee Fund.”

Though in our case in wouldn’t be so much a girl band as a middle-aged woman band.

And Lucy is contemplating little fishies end to end.



  1. Ahhh, a Qiviut makeover! You may have the makings of a new reality series! 😉 Long Live Knit Happens! (Take that you bureaucrat bullies!) I’ll never forget your first visit,like a kid in a candy store!

  2. Susan Maurer says:

    I’m thinking about entering your contest, Wendy. Thanks for your generosity in always posting such fun contests. However, knowing the yardage of your 1.5 oz of quiviut would really help. Do you know the approx yardage or can you guesstimate? TIA! And congrats on the RIPing. Sometimes it actually feels good.

  3. OOh… Make some fingerless gloves with the flaps over them – I love them and it would feel SO nice.


  4. The picture of Lucy made me snicker a lot. Absolutely *adore* the Fiesta La Luz and the Lorna’s Laces yarn pics–gorgeous stuff!

  5. What a delicious post – that Black Purl looks divine!

  6. Well, shoot! I was going to suggest fingerless gloves too (or even fingered ones, if you have enough quiviut), but I see someone beat me.

    My cats take over my knitted things too, by the way; I have a “Kimono” shawl knitted out of Silk Garden that my best friend gave me for Christmas this year, and I never get to use it because there is always a black cat parked on it.

  7. Alice in Richmond says:

    Now I know I have to drive up to Knit Happens…but how dare you taunght me with that Fiesta yarn when you know I just started WIP #4 today. And maybe I should practice the long neglected, out of tune piano and dye my hair red. I hope you can sing better than moi. Hee Hee

  8. ooh, i love the rowan broadway sweater also.

  9. Alice in Richmond says:

    I do know how to spell taunt.

  10. Black Purl looks luscious! It seems like you’ve knit with almost every single yarn out there. What will you make this, Wendy?

  11. I thought the buying spree was justified through dental pain entitlement, but psychic wounds are worse. Sorry to hear you were bruised — remember lots of people out in the universe are literally laying in wait for your next words. Take that, oh bullies of the psyche!

    I say make a lacey smoke ring for your neck. With qivuit, you’ll never be cold again.

    Feel better!

  12. Irving told me that you should have more than enough leftover if you do the fingerless gloves to make him a luxury sweater 🙂


  13. How ’bout a qivuit moebius cowl?

    I’ve now been sitting here for five minutes repeating ‘qivuit moebius’ over and over. Try it. No, really; it’s addictive.

  14. You ripped it. I still can’t believe it. So proud of you!

  15. I think the pattern in Winter 2002 Interweave Knits by T. Durham called the Leaf Cravat would be great in qivuit.

  16. There’s those gorgeous little bags in Weekend Knits?
    Or is there enough for the cravat pattern from Debbie Bliss. I’m sure it would make a gorgeous little neck warmer of some description…

  17. Ana Cousins says:

    With Qivuit yarn I will suggest a lace knitted scarf, you can use a beautiful soft light scarf any day of the year, is simple, yet elegant.
    Enjoy the luxury of Qiviut!

  18. Alice: We need to get L-B to join our girl band — she’s probably the only one of the three of us who can sing!

    Susan: I’d guess-timate I have maybe 150 yards of qivuit.

    Everyone: Thanks for all your suggestions in the comments, but please remember to enter the contest, you need to send an email to the email address I posted the link for in my blog entry.

  19. Melody? Made with cables from a book called Harmony? Teehee, is that deliberate?

  20. Yum on the Cashcotton. When I read about that line I thought, “Ho hum. Cashmerino. Big whoop.” Then I fondled some Cashsoft at my lys last weekend. Ooooooooooooooooo.

    Happy weekend. We’re bracing for yet another snowstorm here in Boston, second one this week. Could it be that God really *isn’t* a Sox fan??

  21. Susan Maurer says:

    ok, so now you have ME waking up thinking of quiviut. My best guess is a cravat, like the one in the Debbie Bliss pattern you just received. Something light and little to tuck in around your neck and under your shirt, maybe tacked together with a little pin if needed to make you feel all soft and ooooh on cooler days. If there’s not enough quiviut, you could always add some other luxury fiber at the ends or alternate rows with a luxury fiber (say, cashmere or angora). Anywho, that’s my vote: a cravat. But I’m not thinking open and lacy, I’m thinking something solid. Happy Friday!

  22. Hi Wendy,

    I tried to send my entry using the link from today’s post, but I got a message saying that was an undeliverable address. I’m sure that it is my email program misbehaving. This has happened to me in the past when trying to use the contest addy, but I never asked about it. Would it be possible for you to email me from that address, so I could try to reply to it with the entry?

    Thank you for you help, and for the opportunity to play along with you,


  23. Jonathan says:

    I recognize that cable pattern, too. (though, I think from a totally different source). They named it “XOXO”. Could that be it? Am curious to see if it rings a bell with any one.

  24. Hej Wendy!

    My most sincere apologies for thinking you were nuts to do cables in cotton.
    A few years ago I personally went through cable-cotton-hell and I´m afraid it scarred me for life.

    Now I´m going to crawl back under my stone and remain there until I´ve mended my ways.

  25. I’m still kicking myself for not buying some quiviut when I was on my honeymoon in Alaska. Not that it was cheap, but it was a bit less expensive buying it direct up there.

  26. Wendy, because of you, I now need to get the Rowan Classic Cafe book and the Classic Garden book. I see several designs in both that I am going to need. I love trying to figure out the fishies ended up end to end. I also sent you my contest entry but forgot to add that I have this overwhelming urge to go and pet my quivit.

  27. Jonathan I also have known that cable pattern as Oxo. I recently came across it again in the book “Knitting Directory” by Alison Jenkens.

  28. I had a bad dental experience this week as well. Went in thinking I was getting my tooth built up for a crown, and came out minus one tooth. I can’t make it to Knit Happens, but see a weekend trip to a couple of local LYS’s to assuage my pain. I am entitled, right?!

  29. That sweater is beautiful! Can’t wait to hear your first album…great band name!

  30. Melody is really looking nice. I’m not much of a cotton person, but she’s making me think twice about it.

    All that gorgeous yarn you keep posting pictures of is not helping me stick to my yarn diet! That “Black Purl” is just stunning! What will you be making out of it?

  31. I covet your la luz! I have been fondling & eying that stuff every chance I get. Whatcha gunna make outta yours?

    I would make a stuffed quivit to sleep with at night, which would make your quivit dreams less strange. Of course, you would have to forgo the antler things if you were to sleep with your stuffed quivit. That could be dangerous.

  32. Oh dear, I’ll have to go to the LYS tomorrow to see whether they have this Classic Cafe mag. I have only seen a previes, but Empire looks great, so do Liberty and Manhattan. Why did you draw my attention to it? What about all the other projects on my wish-to-knit list?

  33. Spinners may be interested. Have you all seen the auction for some QIVIUT roving on eBay?

  34. qivuit dickey qivuit dickey

  35. How the heck do you pronounce Qiviut???

  36. Hey Wendy, Read your interview in the Australian Creative Knitting Magazine, you’re world famous now! 🙂

  37. QIVIUT is great! Maybe you should make something that will remind you where the QIVIUT came from… something arctic… maybe you could make up a pattern for a musk ox toy! Alas you must want to actually use this new knitted item… fingerless gloves would be nice, but think how warm your toes would be if you made the foot of a pair of socks or slippers with the QIVIUT! Simple keyhole scarf would be nice too. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  38. Susan Maurer says:

    Lelah, to the best of my knowledge, quiviut is pronounced “KIH-vee-uht,” with the em-PHA-sis on the first sy-LAH-ble. Now, how does one pronounce Lelah? My guess is LEE-lah? Are you giving away needles for correct guesses too? And quiviut dickey quiviut dickey just makes me giggle. Can’t wait to see what you decide, Wendy! This is fun!