My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Fighting City Hall

I was going to write at length about the insanity that Kristine has been going through in her attempts to set up her warehouse in the City of Alexandria for the online version of Knit Happens. But Phyllis did such a good job of it on her blog yesterday, that I will simply link to her most excellent post.

And while you’re there, give our Phyl-Phyl some love! I’m so happy to see that she’s moved her blog to Typepad — now I can subscribe to Got Gauge via Bloglines.

But back to the online store, as I mentioned last week, I went with Kristine to City Hall when she was once again trying to get some answers. I think banging our heads on the table would have been just as helpful.

If you are so inclined, please show your support for Kristine and Knit Happens in any way you can: good vibes, prayers, or if you can, build her a warehouse with a three-hour fire rating.

Phyllis has included a link in her blog entry for contact information for city officials. I know this goes without saying, but if you choose to send an email to any Alexandria city officials about this situation, please keep it positive. I don’t think sending flames (Get it? Flames? Fire rating?) will be of any help. More helpful would be calling their attention to the fact that a small business owner is doing everything she can to work with the City and comply with their rules, but is being stymied at every turn and receiving a different answer (or no answer at all) on how to move the obstacles in her way.

I know that many of you don’t know Kristine, nor have you shopped at Knit Happens. But a lot of you are her friends and customers, both “in-person” and online. I count myself lucky to be one of her “in-person” friends. She has my wholehearted support in all her ventures.

And that’s why I’m talking about this. I have no stake in this, financial or otherwise. I am simply showing support for my friend.

Knitting Knews

A couple of people asked me what I’m going to do with my Lorna’s Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies in “Black Purl.” It shall be something felted . . . but not a kitty bed.

I did go to Knit Happens yesterday, to hang out and knit with friends and to spend money. Two of my favorite pastimes. Phyl-Phyl and I decided we’d be great photo-stylists — we have posed “Baashful” the Basket Beanie lamb (who was sent to me by L-B — thanks L-B!) with a skein of Blue Sky Organic Cotton and Phyl’s sheepie tape measure.


Then Phyl fashioned a small fez out of a plastic water bottle cap and decorated it with — what else? — pink and green yarn.


What’s that? Don’t quit our day jobs? Right.

I knitted on the front of Melody in the shop and after closing, while having drinks and snacks with Kristine. Front is finished!


And I’ve just barely started a sleeve.

March Contest

In my “what should I knit with 1.5 ounces of fingering weight qivuit” contest I got lots of responses. A lot of people suggested I make a lacy scarf, a cravat, or a smoke ring. And there were a lot of suggestions for fingerless gloves and wrist warmers as well. Socks and a headband were also suggested.

And several people suggested that I should knit Lucy the most luxurious catnip mouse she is ever likely to possess.

(And Ian suggested knitting a catnip musk-ox, an idea I really liked. He exempted himself from the drawing, however.)

Anyhow, the winner is Julia of Knitting History, drawn at random from the entries. Her suggestion:

Might I suggest the Chain Mail Fingerless Gloves from the Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calendar, featured on August 29. I made a pair for myself and love them, and your quivut should make for a really luxurious pair. The eyelet cable stitch is beautiful in this pattern, and you should have enough yardage at 1.5 ounces of fingering weight yarn. The gloves are perfect for chilly offices when you need your fingers free, and lightweight enough for spring/summer wear. My completed pair are in my “Finished Projects 2005” folder on my blog if you need further convincing!

What will I knit from the qivuit? As I already have a qivuit lace scarf, I believe I will make qivuit fingerless gloves. I like the idea of doing them with a rib and cable pattern, so Julia’s suggestion will work for me, I bet. But my calendar is at work and I am at home, so I’ll check the pattern tomorrow. I actually have about 200 yards of the qivuit, by the way. And who knows? I might have enough left over for a wee qivuit mousie for you-know-who.


Why am I posting so early today? I’m up and doing laundry, then I’m going to head out to run some errands. And then I’ll go over to Knit Happens. To hang out and knit with friends and to spend money.


  1. Yay for the Baashful lamb. My friend Carrie and I both have one – purchased at separate times – mine in Jacksonville and hers in Birmingham. Hers is called “Lambertina” and mine has yet to be named. I think someone could open up a store that sold only sheep-related items, what with knitters and our penchant for sheep. As always, Lucy is lovely (and hatless!) and I can’t wait to see the fingerless gloves.

  2. Wendy, thanks for sending people to my blog entry regarding City Hall. And most excellent point about staying positive in our emails. I certainly had to wait until my hot head cooled! (keep my day job?)
    What fun yesterday! I might have to sneak out to KH today to get the yarn I left behind.
    Cheers !

  3. ooh, a qiviut mousie. Don’t let this get out; all the blogland kitties will want one.

  4. You’re right, Wendy. Phyl’s blog entry ( on the stupidity and incompetence in the Alexandria government is both objective and comprehensive! Everyone who cares about KH should read that.

  5. Thanks for the sunshine you added to my otherwise overcast weekend! You really are a sparkle of joy! =)

  6. Susan Maurer says:

    Thanks for the link to Phyl-Phyl’s page. I’ve been following the “fighting city hall” saga intermittently between your page and Digital Yarn’s blog. My prayers are with her. Anywho, I’m curious about something. Initially, when I first went to Knit Happen’s on-line store, I presumed that it was the same stock as her brick-n-mortar store, but couldn’t figure out what the problem with the fire-hazard roof situation could be, since her on-line store is, well, “on-line.” So I’m guessing, is Knit Happens’ stock for on-line sales separate from the retail store? If so, why not just list what she’s got available in the brick-n-mortar store at an on-line site (Digital Yarn), if the physical retail store is already city-hall-approved? Phyl did a great job on her blog, btw, and I loved the photo of you guys on the floor? Hah! Have a great Monday!

  7. This is very strange. I just discovered qivuit online a day or two ago and now, this morning, I read about it here. I think it must mean I’ve been destined to buy some of it and make something . . . anything.

    Anyone have an idea of where you can buy qivuit?

  8. Susan Maurer says:

    Colleen, if you can get your hands on a recent copy of Spin-Off magazine (for spinners of yarn), they usually have classified ads in the back that list quiviut. It might be as fiber, however, and not spun yarn, so you’ll have to ask about it from the seller. Perhaps they’ll spin it for you or someone else can for a price. It’s not inexpensive, so be forewarned. I’m sure you can find Spin-Off on the web, if you can’t find a copy at a local bookstore. The big bookstores (Barnes and Noble or Books-a-Million) probably carry it. I’ve never seen quiviut sold through the regular knitting magazine channels. Good luck! (Oh, Halcyon Yarn may carry it. Maybe not, but they do have a large variety. They’re in Maine, but also on the web.)

  9. The catnip musk ox idea is just too cute! Ian’s a pretty funny guy.

  10. Yes I AM a funny guy, Shelda! Thank you! At least somebody recognizes that. Jeez, now I know how Rodney Dangerfield felt (RIP). I can’t get no respect, either. ;^)