My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Merrily We Stockinette Along

Yeah, plain old stockinette stitch is boring.


So are photos of plain old stockinette stitch.

There’s a bit of gentle shaping in the body of Deli, so one does get to decrease a few stitches every coupla inches. Be still, my heart.

But I do like the yarn. It’s very pleasant to knit. At first I was wondering how exactly so much Lucy hair had gotten into it, but then realized, it’s that bit of Angora that is giving it the slightly fuzzy halo. Duh.

I’ve not had too much problem with the angora shedding — not so’s you’d notice, anyhow.

Because I’m knitting straight stockinette, in my boredom, I’m thinking ahead. The pattern directs you to knit a lace edging that is to be sewn on around the bottom, side fronts, and neck in one continuous piece — and two more pieces to edge the sleeves. I’m thinking I’ll knit the edging directly on to the sweater. The thought of sewing that much lace on the sweater makes my brain hurt.

I am having a bit of doubt about the amount of yarn I bought, too. I bought the amount called for in the directions, but I just finished the first skein and can see how far it got me. I’m thinking I might pick up an extra skein or two, for the sake of insurance. Ya know?

Yup, stockinette is boring (did I mention that?) but soothing in a way. You can knit on autopilot. And the excitement of decreasing a few stitches every couple of inches breaks the monotony.


Yesterday Marie posted a follow-up to my interview of a few weeks ago on the KnitCast blog. Just a quickie, answering a couple of questions.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We know that it’s not until tomorrow, but Lucy would like you to see the lovely St. Patrick’s Day gift she received from L-B.


It’s a catnip pillow, knitted in two shades of green (one on each side) using the center cable from my Liam sweater!


Lucy loves it. Usually she “helps” me get ready for work in the mornings, but lately she has taken to lying on her catnip pillow instead.

Hey, it just occurred to me. Since Lucy is distracted, I wonder if I can attempt liquid eyeliner again?

Speaking of Lucy

I have to tell you that she is highly insulted by the insinuation that she is resorting to extensions to make her tail look longer and more luxuriant. The very idea!

She would tell you herself how insulted she is, but she’s busy taking a nap.



  1. Liam is making quite a showing this week! And if anyone else wants to knit the catnip pillow, (or,why not go for the whole sweater?),the pattern is available at Knit Happens! [small print:this was an unsolicited shameless plug]

  2. I must move east–I want to be able to shop in person at Knit Happens!

    Wendy, I have another question for you. I’m sorry I didn’t post it when you were in Q & A mode. Have you ever met yarn you didn’t like? I have a large stash of Rowan Summer Tweed that I bought for a summer cardigan and tank, but I hate it! I forced myself to make one short-sleeve sweater and knitting with it was miserable. I can’t get gauge with the $%#$%#$ yarn–I go up a needle size, down a needle size, but it’s the same gauge continually.

    I guess I have a couple of questions in there.



    PS And my cats send lots of love and envy (I’ve got to make them beds!) to Lucy.

  3. *I* would never accuse Lucy of using extensions. All longhair cat owners know that the cats secretly sneak out around November to visit the tail store, and come home wearing the fluffier latest winter styles.

    In my case, they also invest in huge fluffy cravats to keep their neck and chest warm.

  4. Ha! See, I’m not the only one who finds stockinette excrutiatingly boring.

  5. I have found that putting the cat dish on the floor immediately before attempting eye makeup makes it infinitely more doable.

  6. I’m knitting the cardigan with the ornamental shawl collar in cashcotton. I’m wearing black tonight, and it’s shedding slightly. It’s very pleasant to work with, I’m reading whilst knitting to alleviate the boredom. It’s producing a lovely slightly fuzzy fabric. The cashsoft is even nicer to knit with!

  7. Alice in Richmond says:

    I watch movies and also read while knitting stockinette. I bought a little book weight at B&N to hold the book open on the table. The knitting seems to be done more quickly too. And I like your new hair Wendy.

  8. Wendy ,
    I just sent you an email and I dont know if it went thru or not, but I wanted to know if the pattern Luanne was for sale yet??
    I LOVE that pattern and I have been searching for a pattern something like that , in books, etc,
    I love the way it looks , I am 40 something and really cant wear skin tight tanks, in fact this is the first summer I will be able to wear tanks as I have been loosing weight and swimming daily ( even at 6 am if I have to!)
    I am wanting to treat myself to something pretty that I can wear with a lot of things and am making a trip to FLorida in May for my son’s college graduation
    I just fell in love with this, and do hope and pray that you have this for sale,,
    thank you for your time
    your knitting is fabulous, I will be there someday too! but ,,I have been doing well for only knitting 3 years!
    and one more question,is that tank knit in the round (not that it matters, ) but I was wondering
    thanks again
    your flowers are pretty too( another passion of mine,,,,gardening!) your neighbor must have thought you were very special to give you such a lovely boquet( we dont have tulips yet here in Wisconsin! but we are waiting,,,,)

  9. Love the picture of Lucy lolling on her Liam pillow….
    I *need* to click over to Knit Happens and get that pattern!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  10. I see that Lucy is still in training. I am sure tht one she gets over her snit about the insult, her training will resume without any worries.

    But you concerns about buying enough yarn for Deli has me wondering if I ordered enough for mine. I will be watching your progress over the next few days so I will know if I am going to need an extra skien or two.

  11. Lucy truly knows how to be a grrl.

  12. Oh, pretty Lucy.

    Stockinette will let you multi-task! Wait, you already ARE. 😉

  13. So, the extra skein or two = *yarn insurance.* Great concept.

    “Honey, there’s a bag in the closet that has one or two balls of, well, every color you’ve knit in the last two years! What is this?!”

    “Yarn insurance, sweetie.”

    At which point he’d give me one of those looks and suggest I knit more mittens for charity…

  14. Oh poor Lucy, to insinuate that she has extensions…the thought. Well, she does have competition though for the feline olympics, my kitty, Muzette, can sleep like no other kitty can! I think we should add an event to the olympics…the shedathon. See how much fur they can shed in a half an hour. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  15. lol, that reminds me of my cat, Chloe. Except hers was a bit more painful (or helpful). To take insulin shots in my arm, I have to push my arm against something, like a table, then push the needle into the well, arm fat that results from said pushing. Chloe, would wait till I was just about to push the needle in, jump up on the table I’d be using, and head butt my hand! Her way of helping me take care of my health, I gather. LOL

  16. Susan Maurer says:

    That’s funny, because I was just thinking of asking you the same thing. Have you ever met a yarn you hated, and if so, have you ever abandoned a project? (I’m plodding away with some chenille I can’t stand cuz it keeps kinking up. Never experienced that before. But I’m determined to get it off the needles, one way or another.) Guess you answered that Q. But here’s a follow-up: What didja do with the Svale? Is it still in the corner of a closet somewhere? Have a great knitting weekend! Can’t wait to see the stockinette progress after the weekend! Maybe ya better rent some good loooong movies….

  17. susan maurer says:

    Hey, sorry for the commenting twice in a row, but I just went to check out “Luanne,” and I noticed that it’s knit with Debbie Bliss Cashmere Cotton (or vice versa). Can you let us know if you prefer one over the other? Rowan’s CashCotton vs Debbie Bliss’, or how they differ, if you like them both for diff reasons? Okay, casting off now… Tia

  18. I love knitting plain stockinette. I love knitting lace and acbles and ribs and stuff too. Stockinette is great for watching TV or in a movie theater or reading.