My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Thank you for all your excellent suggestions in the comments for how to deal with stinky yarn! I think it’s worth collecting them all and putting them on one page so that they are available for future reference. I will do that, hopefully in the near future.

Today was a day that started in Dental Hell and ended in Knitting Nirvana.

I can think of no better way to erase memories of dental hell than to acquire yarn.


Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere (in pale pink and pale green), to knit the cute cabled sweater in the new Vogue Knitting.


I also purchased this:


A green chibi, as insurance against when they run out of green plastic and start making them in another color. *snicker*

I sucked it up and finished the left side front of Deli. Because I neglected to photograph it, you’ll have to take my word for it for now.

Lucy held down the fort at home.


Ever vigilant, she is on the lookout for pink frilly outfits and tiaras.


  1. LOVE that sweater! I’m thinking of making it in Calmer though – or the new Rowan cotton cashmere – I don’t really like DB’s cotton cashmere. I’m sure it will be gorgeous in those colors though.
    Sorry about dentist hell. I feel for you.

  2. Wouldn’t it be dandy if they came out with a lavendar chibi?

    I hope your dental visits are all done now. And you’re right, I can hardly think of a better way to soothe the owies away than to bring home more lovely yarn!

  3. Oooh, I can’t believe I’m not the only one that immediately fell for the tennis sweater! And I also, am not making it in white…purple and light blue. I’ll look forward to your progress, as you certainly knit faster than I do! Happy Knitting!

  4. I’m planning to make that sweater too. I love it!!! I can’t tell from the picture what colors you’re using (peach & sage?), but I was thinking about pale pink & dark blue or maybe cream and a bright contrast color… so many choices! I’m waiting to see the magazine before I buy my yarn. I wonder if someone will start a knit along? Or, I could start one, I suppose!

  5. oops! Just edited my entry to add that the Cotton Cashmere is pale pink and pale green!

  6. What!?! A new Vogue Knitting?!? And I *just* picked up the new Rebecca 29 today!

  7. Snort! and *snicker* indeed! re: green chibi hedge funds!

  8. Love the tennis sweater – can’t wait to see you knit it up!

    Lucy’s looking quite regal today!

  9. Your cat is so adorable!

  10. I love that sweater too ! I am think of purple + grey combination. Looking forward to your see pink + green (Knithappens colourway ??) coming out !

  11. I think they’ve already moved on from the green. I saw a cream/ivory colored chibi today.

  12. Backing up a day or so: I didn’t know Miss Kitty was a specific breed! Here is her story. She came to us after someone dumped her off at the local pet food supplier with her second litter of kittens when she was just a year old. When we admired her, (she looked just like a short haired Siamese) the owner begged us to take her. As soon as the kittens were weaned and had found homes, we picked her up and took her straight to the vet! She had the worst case of ear mites he had ever seen, in addition to worms, and all sorts of other maladies. She adapted well to our home, putting on a number of pounds and growing a long coat! Now she is about 13 years old and keeps our German Shepherd in line.

  13. Lucy looks so very confident and regal in that photo. She is thriving in your care. What an accomplishment! I enjoy reading about your knitting and spinning, but I admire you most for giving Lucy such a lovely home.

  14. A green chibi?! What will the neighbors say??

  15. Great spring pattern and good to see you are going with the perfect knitting nirvana colourway! I just had my first KH order turn up this week – v. exciting! The online store is definitely D for dangerous! Can’t wait!

  16. Shirley Gallagher says:

    Wendy, I notice that Fancy Feast now comes in delicious kibble. Has Lucy tried it yet. That white Persian with the green eyes eats it out of a crystal goblet, and seems to enjoy it.

  17. I just can’t believe that people are putting these pink chibis up on ebay with bids going up as high as 50 bucks!!!

  18. I want to thank everyone who gave me some ideas about what to do with this yarn that smells, well,,I simply cannot put my finger on it,( and I have allergies so I have a very sensitive nose and react strongly to various odors ( yea, like a MIGRAINE at times! by the way I so love scented candles on and would have them all over the house but I have had to buy only unscented so I dont get sick,,,
    but that is besides the fact here , so you all know how thankful I am for all your imput!
    I am trying varied suggestions and will let you all know just what worked the best, in other words I will report back to you all what helped the most so that if you are ever in the same situation it could help you too!
    I have decided to not wash the yarn and hang it on the line until that is my last resort.
    The reason is I need EVERY EVRY bit of it to make this work, and I will loose some yardage I think
    so, Step one:
    it is now all wrapped up in newspaper with some soap on the inside,,,,
    going to see how this works first and give it a week,,
    if this does not work I will need to continue and work hard at this as I REALLY want get this project on my neeldes ( SOON!!!!)
    thanks to all,
    knitters are THE BEST!
    Happy Knitting To All,,,,,,,,,,

  19. That’s a great sweater! I love the colours of yarn you got … I love cotton … it looks sooooo nice.

  20. pam balistreri says:

    re: new pattern book just released,,,

    has anyone viewed the brand new book just released by the TRICOTER store?? and some feedback if you did,,,,
    it looks like is has some luscious well fitted pattern in it,,,,any imput there?

    I was at my brand new LYS(they are wonderful!!) and they looked up the Debbie biss line of cottons,
    they have a lovely aquarmarine AND a coral color I just HAVE to buy!
    gotta get a handle on cotton yarns as we ( hopefully!) plan to move south in a year or two( like Georiga, the Brunswick area,,,,)
    it will affect what I knit, for many months out of the year,,,,,( I need to get away from this cold climate for real,,,,)

    knit on,,,,,
    Pam ,, or as my dear knitting friends call me,,,, purl girl

  21. I usually am not thrilled by the “Spring-Summer” issues of knitting magazines — way too many tiny tanks and knitted bikinis for my old bod. However, the new Vogue is full of really beautiful patterns. Way to go, VK!

  22. Tennis sweaters are goooooooood. Picked a winner there, Miss Wendy!

    P.S. If buying new yarn is a cure for dental hell (and I SO believe it) I’m gonna actually look forward to my next dentist appointment.

  23. Love the sweater! It’s on my list o’projects, red with cream trim to match my golf shoes.

    Hope your dentist appt went well and you are feeling great today!

  24. That sweater will look great in the official KH colors! What do yo think about using cotton cashmere for a lace project? I am working on the flower basket shawl from IK and was thinking of knitting another for summer evenings in a cotton blend. What are your opinions on cotton for lace? Specifically lace that is not knit using microscopic needles 😉 Love the Lucy training regimen.

  25. love the vigilant Lucy. ps. tell her that true Queens don’t need the royal accoutrements!

  26. And Lucy is also looking for pink chibi’s? Love the DB yarn you bought. I have some of that pink in the stash and haven’t found anything to knit as yet.