My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Today’s blog entry is brought to you by the color PINK.


Lucy says:
“Photoshop is evil. Photoshop is evil. Photoshop is evil. Little longhaired daschunds should not be allowed to use Photoshop.”

Speaking of Lucy . . .

Shirley asked:
I notice that Fancy Feast now comes in delicious kibble. Has Lucy tried it yet. That white Persian with the green eyes eats it out of a crystal goblet, and seems to enjoy it.

Shirley, we got some last weekend to give to her as treats. She loves it! And it’s funny, she’s gone off the canned Fancy Feast just recently. She flat-out refused it last night, so I’ve stopped giving it to her. She eats as her “main” food Artemis dry cat food, but I give her Science Diet Dental Formula and now the Fancy Feast kibble as “side dishes.”

Lucy gives it all “two paws up.”


In an effort to distract your attention away from Lucy’s humiliation, here is a photo of the left front of Deli:


And I’ve started the right front.

But not all is pink. For this arrived in the mail yesterday:


This is qivuit roving. I purchased it from the ebay store Mountain Shadow Ranch. I hesitate to spin it, fearing that I’ll screw it up.

Cotton Question:

Allyson asked:
What do you think about using cotton cashmere for a lace project? I am working on the flower basket shawl from IK and was thinking of knitting another for summer evenings in a cotton blend. What are your opinions on cotton for
lace? Specifically lace that is not knit using microscopic needles ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve used Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere for two sweaters: my Lucy and Luanne designs. Lucy has a lace edging and Luanne has an all-over eyelet pattern. I loved using the Cotton Cashmere for both of these sweaters. It blocks beautifully and the lace looks fabulous.

Now I’m trying to decide what to knit after Deli, which is currently the only project I have on the needles. (I finished knitting the kitty bed Tuesday night.) I’ve got some yummy La Luz that’s calling out to be knit, but I have several other alluring things as well: for example, Cashcotton 4-ply to knit Fruity (sans beads) as a couple of knitters across the pond are doing.


Have a good weekend!



  1. Oh, gorgeous Lucy! My tux is on–let’s swirl on the dance floor tonight! Meooooooowwww!

  2. No pink Chibi?

  3. Lucy: Hold your head high!!!!
    Leslie: Look more closely in the pink picture!!

  4. Those lucy pictures really made me laugh, but I wsa laughing with her not at her. Love that colour cashcotton, knits a dream too.. I can’t wait to see your fruity!

  5. Lucy looks divine!
    Now she just needs to take up poker!

  6. OMG, these picures are too funny. Poor Lucy. I’m dying to spin qivuit so you’ll have to share your thoughts on it.


  7. Love it and the sentiment behind it! Yay Wendy.

  8. you will be sent my dry cleaning bill — I have just wet my pants!!! tee-hee! while Lucy is hysterical – the framed Chibi is over the top!

  9. While taking the once over peek at the pictures before reading the WORDS, I wondered why you had a loaf of bread on your blog. Yeah, bread, qivuit roving. Same difference!
    Poor Lucy! Oh the humanity!

  10. Oh god, poor Lucy!

    That Cashcotton looks like a dream to knit. Can’t wait to see Fruity!

  11. When I first looked at your pic of the roving, I thought, “why is Wendy posting a photo of a loaf of bread?”. Then when I realized what it was, I thought – delicious!

  12. Don’t worry Lucy, I have just called PETA & the ASPCA to report this cruel and undignified (albeit HILARIOUS) photoshop-ical treatment on your behalf. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Too funny! Charles Wallace is begging me to ask you if Lucy’s free on Saturday night.

    Going back to Still Life w/ Tote Bag: 1) Which earphones are you using with your iPod; and 2)What’s become of his sweater? Can’t look up his name now–too busy laughing over Lucy.

  14. Holy cow! That’s a boatload of qiviut! I’m drooling…

    (runs off to check out the ebay seller….)

  15. I am ROFLMAO at that picture! Thank you.

  16. That picture is funnier than the picture of the knitted Last Supper (now sadly unavailable).

    I bought some qivuit yarn recently from a vendor at Stitches West,, and am loving the cowl/smoke ring I’m knitting for a friend of mine who lives in Sweden a few miles south of the Arctic Circle! Can’t wait to see what fabulousness you create with your roving.

    Lucy rocks, and so do you Wendy!

  17. Well, Lucy looks just lovely, I think. Pink is definitely her color! (And, the tiara just really makes the outfit.) As to food, has she ever tried Sojourner Farms? Chappy eats the dog-food variation and thrives on it. (And I love that you add your own meat, so you know exactly what your pet is eating.) (No affiliation, just a satisfied customer since 1999).

  18. What? Today’s blog entry wasn’t courtesy of Blush or Bashful? lol… ๐Ÿ™‚ For some reason, I’m willing to bet that Lucy is not pleased about that picture. She’s probably plotting revenge right this second. (She does look quite princess-y, though!)

  19. The best revenge is living well. You, Lucy and Chibi look like you’re doing just that. *hugs*

  20. Thanks for the smile this morning Wendy – just what I needed to cheer up a dismal British morning.

    I’m thinking of knitting Fruity without the beads too. Looks like I got the idea from the same place you did.

  21. Lucy looks lovely! She has given my entire office a chuckle this morning. Given that I work for a law firm, that takes quite a bit, so she should take her applause graciously and wait for her Oscar.

  22. Spinning qivuit: break down into strips, attenuate them even thinner and longer. This pre-drafting will enable a finer spun yarn, which is what you want, because it can be too dense and warm if you don’t. You can also spin from the fold, which will put more air into the yarn. Good luck and don’t hesitate to spin it. It makes a lovely yarn and lace project.

  23. Oh my goodness, when I first saw the pic of the new roving, I thought it was bread! I guess I’m hungry. Lucy looks marvelous in pink!

  24. The picture has me giggling so hard I can’t stop! Thanks, Wendy! But here’s another “did you know….” Today is the Jewish holiday Purim, when little girls dress up like Queen Esther to celebrate the Jews emancipation from a cruel tyrant. (There’s more to the holiday, but I won’t go into all the details.) My co-worker and I are wearing crowns today that look almost identical to Lucy’s! Your timing, as usual, is impeccable. Happy Purim, everyone!

  25. Run, Lucy…RUN!!!!!

  26. I have to point you here:

    Tell Lucy it could be worse; she could be doing it for a living.

  27. I see Lucy celebrated Purim by dressing up as the gorgeous and valiant Queen Esther. Viva la Lucy!

  28. Hilarious. Lucy is a princess .. and you are a bad-ass knitter. Thanks for always being a happy place to come and read!

  29. Woo..quivit! Lovely. What’s with pink lately? I’m trying to *quit* that color for a while since my blog’s all pink.