My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Picture

. . . is worth a thousand words.


We’re having a lazy weekend. Lucy roused herself for just a minute.


But it’s grey and rainy outside. Great sleeping weather!


I’ve got both the side fronts of Deli done at this point. And one sleeve.


I just this minute cast on for the second sleeve. If I don’t drop off asleep, I’ll do some knitting on it this afternoon.

Remember Carly?

Do you guys remember Carly, who made a guest appearance here last fall, wearing her dogasaurus sweater?

Carly would like to know if she can come to Lucy’s tea party.


And a Question

Lynn S. asked:
Going back to Still Life w/ Tote Bag: 1) Which earphones are you using with your iPod; and 2)What’s become of his sweater?

Second question first. Irving only wears his sweater when it’s cold outside. I was told that keeping the battery warm prolongs battery life. When it’s warm outside, I don’t think the sweater is necessary.

I got a pair of Bose headphones for use with Irving. They are not the noise cancelling headphones, but are the Triport model. Why didn’t I get the noise cancelling ones? I listen to Irving on my commute. If someone along the way yells “Oh my god, everyone get down! He’s got a gun!” or something like that, I want to hear it.

You may think I’m making light of this, but I’m serious. Stuff you don’t want to have to think about, but really need to. Sad, ain’t it?

I’ll think about it later. Right now, time for a nap!


  1. I have the noise-cancelling headphones (one of my best purchases EVER), and can testify that you’d still hear someone yelling like that.

  2. We napped all day, too. Lazy Easter Sunday for us. I told my BF I can’t stand the standard-issue iPod earbuds so he told me to use our Bose ones. I told him I didn’t want to look like a dork on the metro. However, if you don’t look like a dork, I suppose I might not either. =) It WOULD make for much better listening…

  3. Hmmmm, good point on the noise-cancelling headphones. I’m still jonesing for an iPod….

  4. I would like to point out that muggers across the country have started targeting people with the white standard-issue iPod earbuds. It’s a good reason not to wear the earbuds, even if they didn’t make my ears hurt like crazy.

  5. I don’t know what brand she has, but my dear Mother has a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and she says she can’t even hear herself whistle when she uses them with her iPod. She also has the Bose desktop speakers for the kitchen and those work lovely (she has them in the bay window so it can really get loud over there!!).

  6. pam aka Purl Girl says:

    Fellow knitsters,,,
    Just wanted to thank all of you who helped me address a problem I had with yarn that had an unpleasant odor ( and e bay buy)

    Since these yarns were colinette and it was really really(!) great yarn,, I, of course.. needed to get the odor out so I could get this project on my needles asap.,

    This is what worked well for me,,,
    While I think that wrapping each skein in newspaper with some lovely scented soap ( rolled in paper toweling so it would not touch the yarn) would have worked if I had been willing to wait for a few weeks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the overiding fact was that I was impatient and wanted to get going
    I have been handwashing my wool sweaters in shampoo with conditioning in it for a long time, I dont know where I had heard it said( but I did somewhere at a knitting convetion or a book) that since wool IS hair originally, it will react to shampoo as well as our hair. Besides that,,,I have an allergy to eucalytus and this is major portion of Eucalan which is what they sell at the LYS for washing of wools.
    I dove right in , and soaked each skein individually in medium cool water with shampoo added in my sink, let each skein (individually) sit for about an hour and then rolled out excess water w/o wringing at all. I went through a few towels that day !
    I hung it to dry outside to get as much freah air as possible ( rotating the area that was so all parts would be able to dry equally as fast)
    It worked beautifully!!!! I dont know if I have lost any yardage, but am prepared to add a wee bit of my stash if needed since this is an eclectic project,,I will keep you all posted and let you know if I did,
    This I knew,,,,, I could not possibly wear it the way it smelled nor spray anything strong to disguise the odor it would have bothered me that I had simply disguised the offensive odor and not elimimanted it,,, and,, for a person with allergies that cause migraines it was not a good choice for me.
    So, the good news is,,, its done and it smells heavenly, fresh and clean,,,,,, ( an added bonus is that its been prewashed so I can KNOW that this can be handwashed the same way over and over again with out fear of shrinkage or handdye colors running,,,)
    Just wanted to update you what worked forme.

    Hope you all had a lovely spring( ??) weekend, in my area of the country it was 50 degrees so for us,, it was indeed lovely,and I was able to work on three loves of mine,,knitting , cooking/baking, and my well loved gardens ,,,,,,what a nice weekend.

    Happy knitting to all,

    Pam ( aka Purl Girl,, from now on that is what I will be loging on as,,,,that is what all my friends call me since I am a jewerly designer and I work with a lot of pearls)

    ps. anyone besides me look at the new book by the gals from Tricoter? ( authors of SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL SWEATERS?)
    love this new book! ( but am going to have to knit back and forth again,,,and sew again,,,,,,,,)

  7. Soundproof Earphones: Just a month ago a boy died in Denmark because he was listening to music coming from his I-pod and did not take care of traffic, walked out right in front of a car. Morale of the story? Keep your eyes open on the streets or you will eventually get hurt.

  8. Wendy

    Just what breed of dog is that adorable pup by the tea cup?