My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Let’s Get Snappy, Slappy!

(Sorry, Becky. I couldn’t resist the “Slappy” bit.)

Ricki asked:
I just read a post from the owner of Knit Happens on the knitting review forums that the Rowan Cottoncash DK is snapping for people. Are you having any problems with it? I ordered some but am thinking of returning it if it isn’t very sturdy.

Okay, I’ve had absolutely no problems with this yarn snapping. But inquiring minds want to know, so I conducted an experiment. I cut a piece of Cashcotton approximately 16 inches long. With my hands about 4 inches apart, I pulled on it. I could not break it. (Remember, however, that I am an old lady with swollen aching hands.) I slowly moved my hands further apart, and when they were about 8 inches apart on the yarn, I could pull it apart, with some effort.

It didn’t “snap,” it just pulled apart.


Given the composition of this yarn, it doesn’t really surprise me that you can pull it apart with some effort. I’ve had absolutely no problems knitting it. BUT. . .

I have been knitting plain stockinette and doing simple increases and decreases. No cables, no ripping out and re-knitting. Nothing that would put undue stress on the yarn. Also, I’m a pretty relaxed knitter — I don’t do a lot of pulling on yarn as I knit.

So . . . your mileage may vary!


Alrighty then. Deli’s body parts are done and it’s on to the lace! The neverending lace. The lace that would not die. The lace from the Black Lagoon. The lace that ate Tokyo.


But, check out these cute little needles:


They are Aero brand needles, metal, made in the U.K., and they are about 6.75″ long. I have a set of these, in sizes 2.75mm through 4.5mm. I bought them ages ago from someone at a TKGA convention. They have their own little needle roll.


I love them to distraction. They are great for knitting small stuff like lace edgings and catnip mice.

Lucy’s Kitty Bed

I promise I’ll post a photo of Lucy in her new bed that shows her blue eyes when I can get her to pose nicely, looking at the camera. That might take some treats and coaxing though. Stay tuned.



  1. Lucy isn’t spoiled, she’s just very well taken care of!

    Thought she looked great in her new kitty bed the other day.


  2. Is Lucy being a diva? Correction, Diva! =p

  3. I love those little Aero needles! I happen to be fond of Aero needles, but have never seen such shorties before. And the lace itself is looking very nice.

  4. Sorry Wendy – I’m afraid you just don’t fit the old lady with swollen aching hands label! Even though we’ve never met you definitely strike me as keeping young and with lots of energy! I’m looking for a new project for straights – they really deserve more attention being prettier and much easier to store than circulars. Love the mini’s!

  5. Okay Wendy how old is Old? You don’t write like an old woman. I thought you were one of the new knitters in their twenties with their first pet cat. I feel old. Although at the moment the hands are not swollen

  6. I’ve been using the 4 ply cashcotton and haven’t had any problems with snapping. I’ve done lots of ripping and re-knitting (lace and conversation don’t mix) with no problems in that area either. I’m not a tight knitter though, so maybe that’s a factor.

  7. Hi Wendy.
    One of the most special people I have ever met in my whole life [ I didn’t meet her until she was past 80 and she passed on at 92 ] always said that you never say you are old, just that you are older! Deli will be beautiful.

  8. Ann McDonald says:

    Wendy, if you are looking for more Aeros (my faves) I bought a complete set of long straights from Yarn Forward in Canada. The ones I originally got years ago were from Ireland….

  9. Thanks Wendy.. I also wonder if maybe Rowan distributed some bad lots. I would think there would be more complaints by now if everyone was having problems.

  10. I love the Aero needles! My British hubby was raised by his 3 maiden aunties after his parents divorced. When Auntie Eileen passed away in 2000, he brought me back her knitting case. There were so many sets of Aero needles in there in all different sizes! I feel very blessed to have them. I only hope I do them justice.

  11. Perhaps I can help with the cashcotton snapping questions. My Cashcotton snapped like a 100 year old hip. I discovered this while knitting Chantilly. After experimenting with several balls, it seems only 1 ball is so fragile. Wendy, I think even you would be able to snap it. 😉

  12. I too am knitting witht the Cashcotton. No problems here…and I knit tighter than Wendy and Shanti.

  13. Oddly, I had some cashcotton dk break last night, for the first time. I was sewing up a seam and was rather heavy handed. I’ve knitted an entire garment, sewn in both sleeves and three seams with no breaking yarn, and although my garment is also just stocking stitch, I don’t think that I’d be too worried about its delicacy. And I’m forever being told to ‘stop!’ as I walk into the kitchen with the yarn tangled around my leg, dragging the knitting and yarn with me. The cashcotton has passed that test too!

  14. Lucy is no fool…she’ll look when she’s good and ready. Love the lace for the ‘plain’ ol’ stockinette sweater!

  15. Old? I think NOT!
    “Stay tuned” should probably be read “stay tuna-ed”, eh?

  16. I just knit up a baby hat in cashsoft DK, the wooly cousin of cashcotton, and love it. The baby hat already has a bit of fuzz halo and I recall cashcotton has some angora, which will probably pill with wear. And no snapping here. I’m a tight tight knitter and I went down to #5 needles (because Wendy did) and got 24 stitches over 4 inches instead of 22. Haven’t cabled with it yet, but I prob. will somewhere in a swatch to test for wear.

  17. I have a friend who can’t knit with Lopi without it snapping and shredding in her hands. Everybody else I know doesn’t have a problem with it. I think some people are just yarn snappers. (Although there is “bad” yarn.)

  18. I have never managed to make Cottoncash go snappy, snappy, but I am in the same boat as you. I am a nice and easy knitter and have never used it for anything that would call for any tugging.

    Hehe, I am not a cottoncash tugger.

  19. Don’t you absolutely adore the Aero needles. I have a similar set but in a zipped case that I adore. They are perfect for small take along car projects. Plus for some reason I like how the yarn slides on these metal needles compared to most US metal needles. However my all time favorite for metal still is ADdi.