My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Can Knit for Miles and Miles and Miles . . .

Correction: I’m going to have to knit for miles and miles and miles to finish the friggin’ lace edging for Deli.

I’ve knitted the two pieces of lace to edge the sleeves. And am currently working on the huge honking piece of lace that will edge the body of the sweater.


I did sew the lace to the sleeves to see how it will look. Not bad — I like it.


I’ve joined the shoulder seams on the body, so perhaps I’ll take some time out from the interminable lace knitting tonight to do some more sewing.

I gotta say — I sort of have my doubts about this sweater. The body of it right now is a soft, floppy mess. Hopefully after setting in the sleeves and sewing up the side seams it will take on some semblance of structure. I imagine it will. The knitted fabric is quite soft and the whole thing is looking shapeless at this point. We shall see.


Although I am doing some whining about the amount of lace I have to knit, it’s really quite fun and easy. The lace has a 4-row pattern repeat and is dead-simple. Easy to memorize. But the lace gauge is about 7 rows/inch and I need well over 100 inches of it, so that’s a heck of a lot of lace. Still, if I work on it exclusively, I’ll have it done in a couple of days.

Speaking of exclusively . . .

At the moment, Deli is the only project I have on the needles. I can’t remember the last time I had only one project going. So naturally, I’m thinking ahead to my next project. I think I’m going to knit the Debbie Bliss tennis sweater from the new Vogue Knitting next. (I blogged about it last week and posted a photo of the pattern, as well as the yarn I will be using.)

So. How long do you think it will be until I cave and start it?


I talked about my wee mini Aero needles yesterday. Ann, in the comments, mentioned that she has a set of the full-size ones. I do too — I bought mine in London circa 1985. They came in a red zippered vinyl case and had included a couple of cable needles, row counters and stitch holders. I think.

I haven’t used any of these needles in years (though I do use the accoutrements that came with them, which is why they are no longer with the needles) but I used to use them exclusively. I can’t remember when I switched over to circulars almost exclusively. Early 1990s, I guess.

But I do love my mini Aeros. They come in handy a lot!

Speaking of Handy

Yesterday I made a comment about having swollen aching hands. This week they have been. Swollen and aching, that is. Monday and Tuesday my fingers felt like fat little sausages when I was jamming my rings on them in the morning. But today they are back to normal, so go figure. It could have had something to do with the incredibly wet nasty weather we have been having. But we can’t complain about the weather today — it’s beautiful!

You can see how happy Lucy is about it!



  1. Do you think sewing the lace edging on will give the sweater a little more structure?

  2. Wow! Looks like most of your readers know you only too well. Maybe it’s time to change up your tactics regarding new projects and throw us all for a loop…

  3. oh, and BTW…KC needs to pull her chibi outta her butt…

  4. beautiful lace!

  5. Your sweater is looking gorgeous as usual. I can sympathize about knitting miles of lace for it. How are you sewing it on the sweater?

  6. teehee, now you’ve got me singing that endless loop….
    for MILES and Miles….
    can’t wait to see the finished objet d’art!

  7. It’s YOU who puts the shape into the sweater and I know it will be great. I too am wondering how you sewed the lace on.It looks flawless, like it had been knitted on.
    Ever considered taking some glucosamaine for those hands.It sure helps the early stages of arthritis (which starts when you are about 20) Have you reached that age yet???????

  8. Here’s an interestin glesson in traffic to comment ratio: look at how many people have taken your poll compared to the meager few (for now) that have spoken up. I second what evelyn said about you giving that baby shape: it’ll be luscious.

  9. I have to admit, when voting on the poll I had my doubts as to whether you could hold off, Miss Wendy, but I couldn’t bring myself to calling you a lying _____________.

    Thanks for the continued inspiration. I started giving Continental another go this weekend, and that darn purl is just meant to confound me. With all your picture taking skills, do you think you could share with us that crazy hand configuration you’ve mastered for your knitting wizzery?!!!

  10. Oooh, I can’t wait to see the tennis sweater! I’ll update my blog, if you’ll update yours!!! Happy knitting!

  11. I love that lace! It looks like a drapey kind of pattern so maybe being a shapeless pile of softy goodness is OK.

  12. Well, Wendy, I’m working on Miles and Miles and Miles of vegetable knitting (aka stockinette stitch) so if you wanna you could take over for me and no one could accuse you of being a “lying sack of sh*t.” In return, I’ll knit your lace, which looks like a more interesting project. You might not be as pleased with the end result, but I might be able to stay awake past 9pm. Deal?

  13. Joanna Root says:

    I’d like some explaination about sewing on the lace too … do you use yarn, thread? Butted together? right sides together ? how about a picture!

    Lucy looks warm and relaxed.

  14. Marcia Wentela says:

    Thanks for starting my day off with a big smile.
    How well we all know you…Loved the poll question (I was right there with the other 81% Ü)
    The lace is great. Can’t wait to see the completed project. You are always an inspiration to me. I am beginning to free alot of needles thanks to you.

  15. Wow, the votes are in and your readers clearly doubt your ability to be truthful with us!
    I like the tennis sweater too, my very first sweater when I was about 14 was a classic cream/navy/burgundy tennis sweater in acrylic made from, of all things, a Simplicity pattern (I still have both pattern and sweater).

  16. Not bad?? That’s GORGEOUS!! Wow!! Hopefully some day I will have the talent (and balls) to try something like that!!

  17. I am also curious about the sewing of the lace edging, please show us!

  18. Wendy, does the book say who designed Deli? That lace edging is giving me flashbacks to Audrey, but I thought that Kim Hargreaves had left Rowan. 🙁 (At least, she’s not in #37 at all, and boy do I miss her.) Not that Audrey is the only sweater out there w/lace edging, but it just looks so familiar… (The Rowan website has no information at all about the designers for that book.)

  19. Just wondering why you are knitting the lace separately and sewing it on, instead of knitting it on?

  20. Susan Maurer says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to select choice number 3 either, but it was funny for me to see you bring up the subject of the new Vogue Knitting magazine. I saw the cute little bolero on page 83, and it’s knit with La Luz (3 to 4 hanks). Weren’t you looking for some way to knit up that particular brand of yarn? And you have four hanks of each color you bought, n’est-ce pas? Sadly, the bolero is amazingly like your Deli cardi, only a shorter cropped version. The photo is even just about the same color (as your Deli cardi) in the new VK, which, btw, is a good issue, don’tcha think? Lotsa variety. Anywho, just thought of you when I saw the La Luz bolero taking only 4 hanks. And not quite so big a project to trim in lace.

  21. I also think you have already started something new. But you are inspiring me to finish up something really fast so I can start my Deli. And some things look terrible on the hanger but look great on and I think this sweater is going to be one of them. And don’t put on your rings Saturday. The weather guessers on channel 5 were saying something about heavy rains Saturday.

  22. Ha,ha,ha…I think we have your number! At least we know what WE would do. Fess up!!

  23. your lace is simply gorgeous! your kitty pics are crackin me up!

  24. Stephanie says:

    Hello Wendy,

    Beautifully finished Deli lace on your sleeves.
    I too am knitting miles of lace for Deli which I am knitting in Jaeger MM DK shade Pacific. The body is sewn up and looks lovely but crying out for the lace to join it.
    Did you do ‘anything’ to your lace before attaching as in steaming etc?

    I have just completed another gorgeous knit-jacket but with a tailored look – Veronica from Rowan 36. The Rowan 4ply Soft doubled is perfect.

    Very Best Wishes

  25. Re: next project poll:

    I took the poll, but with reservations — “lying sack – o – %&^$*(” ! Not that I think that, or that I voted on that option necessarily – but heavens! Why would any of us think that of you (or each other)?

    I agree with Evelyn (above in comments), the lace sewing is beautiful. I’m jealous! But with practice, and more practice, eventually I too might sew – never mind knit- that well.

    Does Ms. Lucy have any bones? She looks as fluid and soft as your latest sweater.

  26. Ummm, why didn’t you knit the lace edging on? Any particular reason?

  27. The lace is beautiful, and looks wonderful on the sleeve!