My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


My New Love

I’ve been holding out on you. My new love arrived Thursday afternoon. Can you guess what it is from this photo?


Yup, new computer! My desktop computer died at the end of October last year and I’ve been relying solely on my laptop (her name is Daisy) since then. While I love Daisy, I find using a laptop all the time arduous and not ergonomically sound.

So here is the new girl.


What do you suppose I named her? If you would care to hazard a guess, send it to my blog contest email address. I’ll give you a hint:

It begins with a “D.”

First person to guess right wins a fabulous yarn prize!

Edited to add: Please note that I asked for entries to be sent to the email address above, not left in the comments — thanks!

Speaking of Contests . . .

I selected two winners in my “How Hideous Were You in the ’80s?” Contest. This was really, really difficult, because there were so many excellent entries!

But the grand prize goes to Mouse, who won with this entry:

Ah, the 80s. My childhood. I’m not going to delight you with stories of mismatched socks and spiral laces, but I will share this little jem;

When I was about 10 (circa 1987) my mother’s work won a cruise to Mexico. My mother, not realizing it, brought the only kid. Everyone else brought spouses/signifigant others/call girls/rent boys. It was a party boat. My mother, in all her infinite wisdom, decides that she needs to be able to ‘see me better’, so she requires me to wear certian things at all times on the boat. The outfit?

NEON pink windbreaker with orange cuffs. NEON pink (but a different shade) SAILOR HAT. Vertically striped rainbow sweatpants. And I liked sandles. With socks. Polka-dotted socks. (I was ten, cut me some slack).

Couple this with my little round body, and the HORRIBLE perm I had (tight little spirals in naturally red hair) I looked like a clown. In fact a few patrons on the boat thought I was a clown. I made five bucks making a ballon animal (a snake) for some yuppy’s kids.

And I thought I was *so* cool.

Thank god I got to the 90’s, where I started to wear all black, all the time. Including black lipstick and sunglasses. Indoors. Yeah, I am *so* cool…

I mean . . . how could she not win with that entry?

There’s an honorable mention too, which goes to Kerry, who was one of very few brave enough to post a link to a photo of herself in the ’80s.

Wow, the 80s spans a lot of bad fashion, as someone else already mentioned. I decided to do the early 80s (84ish?) since I actually have a photo (gasp)! And besides, I kind of liked the goth look I was sporting in the late 80s. So without further ado, the “new wave” me:

I was going for a Culture Club look here. The photo’s not that great, but I’m wearing a white puffy shirt with rolled up sleeves that button and a white panel across the chest, cropped black crinkly rayon pants with white polka dots, ankle socks with Xs and Os, and black Chinese Laundry shoes. Oh, and the fedora. The FEDORA. My naturally curly hair was PERMED and BRUSHED into frizzlivion. Curled hairsprayed bangs. Long dangly earrings. I thought I was NEW WAVE! Worn with this ensemble, but not pictured, was the black parachute-material “Members Only” knockoff jacket. Because my mom wouldn’t buy me the real Members Only jacket so I had to shop at Zayre’s….

Sorry Kerry, but I have to say, I think you look awfully cute in that photo! So you win honorable mention!

If you lovely ladies will email me your snail mail addresses, some lovely non-1980s sock yarn will soon be winging its way to you.

Thanks to everyone who entered! It was fun (and only a little painful) to experience the ’80s flashback!

In the interests of fair play, here is a link to a truly hideous photo of myself.

That photo was actually from four years ago — Ian and I were attending a “Tacky Party” and that was my outfit for the event. Does it surprise any of you that I won the prize for the tackiest outfit?

Having a Wonderful Time

Yep, I’m here on Sleeve Island!


The first sleeve is done! I just cast on for the second.

And Friday night I knitted the neckband, see?


The extreme close-up of the center:


The pattern directed you to pick up the neckband stitches using the contrast color, but I elected to use the main color instead, and then work two rows with the contrast. I thnk the picked up stitches would have shown if I’d done them in the contrast.

Lucy doesn’t have an opinion.



  1. Daffodil?

  2. Wow – your tennis sweater is coming along fabulously! Love the preppy pink & green! This is the next project on my list.

    Congrats on the new computer… fun!

  3. Darla?

  4. My guess would be either Dell or Deli! Didn’t you make a sweater Deli?

    I have the Dell desktop and the Dell laptop and love them both! My back prefers the desktop since I tend to get lazy and slouch in my chair when using the laptop.

    Enjoy your new toy, whatever her name.


  5. Delia

  6. Della? She’s lovely…and the tennis sweater is gorgeous. The perfect vee-neck. I assume you’ll be hanging out by the courts, swinging your hair, attracting preppy boys and girls in hordes…
    Advantage? Ms. Wendy!

  7. My favorite is the rose tattoo on your chestal area. But, many ladies in my hometown dress that way on a regular basis. *Sob* Now I need to go call Mom.

  8. Dude! You got a Dell!!! Did you name her Delila?

  9. Wendy, thanks for answering my previous question about blocking. Now I have another, if you wouldn’t mind.
    I learned to knit more that 40 years ago (can’t even remember the circumstances), but only became passionate about it about 6 years ago. For the first time, I am doing a baby outfit with a bit of fair isle. Here is my question: how “twisted” is the new color supposed to be? I have a feeling I am twisting the new with the old too much.
    I must say, I was inspired by all of the beautiful colorwork you have done to try a little myself.
    Thanks so much. I read your blog every day.

  10. My guess is Delila (okay, I have no idea how it’s spelled, but you know, the cheesy woman who does the radio show where you call in for your dedications…)

    As for the tennis sweater – can I just say – jealousy! By the time I even finish the back, I am sure you will have finished your entire sweater, plus one for your kitty! Good tip for the stitches around the neck band…I will use that, for sure!

  11. Oh! And I forgot to tell you! I went to Knit Happens for the first time on Friday – now I can see why you love it! If only I didn’t live so far away…

  12. Daphne!

  13. Dale! ๐Ÿ˜‰ That can’t be good you said it’s a her, then it’s Dolly! LOL!

  14. Hi,
    My guess would be Denise. And I’d just like to compliment you on all your knits. They’re so pretty and you do everything so fast!

  15. margaret says:

    Dierdre? Diana in honor of Camilla? Drucilla? want more? :O)

  16. Oooh I was going to guess Delilah.

  17. Hi Wendy, you are tempting me to get start the Tennis sweater immediately ! Yours is very beautiful ! Can’t wait to see the FO comes out !

  18. Oh, I’m SO JEALOUS! My beloved baby just passed on a few days ago and and new “D” is in the cards! LOL! I can only sit here and stare in pure lust as the things to come! What timing…I can always sit and stare at your blog while waiting for mine!!!

  19. Wow, your neckband looks great, so neat. I haven’t done a v-neckband like that since I was traumatized by a vest I made for my husband — I was just picking up knitting again after many years away, and I just couldn’t make it work. (He liked the vest anyway.) I need to get past the fear and make one!

  20. Lucy *has* an opinion. Lucy always has an opinion, make no mistake. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. What about Delores?

  22. Mazel tov on the new ‘puter! And I think you’re right about the picked up stitches on the neckband, though I think DB wanted it that way, judging from the photo. I think I’ll copy what you did, though. (Again?)

    Eagerly awaiting the return of grunge, when I can get away with wearing my big-ass ripped jeans around town again…

  23. How about Della?

  24. Dingo was its Name-o.

  25. Ok, first off ~ before posting such descriptions of the 80’s outfits, please put warning “Empty bladder before reading”. I am cracking up here.

    Second – That sweater is the most perfect thing I have seen in a long time. And you know as a vest it is also a “smart” piece.

  26. PattyKnitz says:

    And your tennis sweater is beautiful!

  27. Congrats on that new beaut! I bet it feels like you’re driving a porsche on the internet highway.

    I’m so bummed that I missed your 80s contest! I would have been a good contestant with the hideousness that was my SUN-IN oranged/permed hair coupled with those horrific hawaiian print top and wraparound shorts (which, thankfully, had a short shelf life) ensembles I thought made me look cool. And I wish I could forget that I used to wear neon pink pants that look like those freaking parachute pants that M.C. Hammer wore. Heaven help me. And remember acid-wash jeans? AAAAHHHH! (And I won’t even go into my prom dress.)

  28. Your preppy sweater is turning out perfectly, just perfectly! That v-neck is fabulous!

  29. Your v-neck sweater is very nice! I love the pink.

    Your 80s contest was a lot of fun to read–those were the days! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Ingrid Clark Zavadoski says:

    The bow! The bow! I love the picture. . .

  31. Is Lucy Cross-eyed or is it just the picture? How cute is that!

  32. Hmmm, those cowboy boots look familiar. So how often does Lucy get into your vodka? Sorry but her eyes look a bit sloshed (as my mother would say).

  33. Wendy, you are killing me here. Such wonderful pics of yummy patterns you’re designing, one after the other…and sob! No availability in sight.

    Please, when will you put us out of our misery???