My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



That’s what I think about Cathay. Yum.


On Friday, Anne-Caroline made this comment:
You know, I’m still on the fence about the Cathay – when I was at Knit Happens, I loved the colors (especially that rust color), but I wasn’t huge about how the yarn “felt”. That being said, I was told by the girls there that it knits up beautifully. But let’s not kid ourselves – it’s just a matter of time before I break down. I mean, Really.

Resistance is futile, my dear. But seriously, I know what you mean about the yarn when it is “in the ball.” It doesn’t jump out and grab you (apart from the luscious colors it comes in) until you start knitting with it. When I was at Knit Happens a couple of weeks ago, Kristine kindly let me knit a swatch with her Cathay (that she’s using to knit Harriet) and I fell hopelessly in love with it.

More Questions!

The project I’m knitting right now from the Cathay is a lacy cardi, as I said in my last blog entry. It will not appear in my book, as I have that finished. Done, done, done — apart from some final tweaking. The manuscript goes to my editor at the end of this month. This month. Yikes.

However, that does not mean that the lacy cardi pattern can’t be sold as an individual pattern or go in a future book . . .

Ricki asked if I thought this design would work up in the Rowan CashCotton DK. I believe it would, nicely. I’m working at a gauge of 22 stitches and 30 rows to 4 inches, and I believe that the CashCotton DK will knit at that gauge as well.

Renada asked if I’ve used the Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora. I have! I made “Ice” (from Rown 27) from it — there’s a pic in my knitting gallery (see the link in the sidebar). I liked knitting with the Cotton Angora very much!

Here’s the cardi progress. The back she is finished.


And a side front is finished as well.


I’m working on the other side front now. And hoping that I’ll remember to reverse the shaping when I get to the armhole. I can only hope . . .

Lucy had a nice weekend. Lucy always has a nice weekend. Here she is indulging in one of her favorite pastimes: being brushed by her daddy.



  1. I just love Lucy’s little black nose!!

  2. Thanks Wendy… I love the eyelet and think I would get more use out of your cardi than the Deli cardigan (I’m only 5 ft 1″ and I tend to drown in long sweaters even tho I’m still drawn to them – go figure). Plus – its more interesting to knit. I don’t think I could tolerate so much stockinette! Let us know when you have the pattern ready to sell.

  3. your cardi looks fantastic! oh i have had to stay out of the shop just to knit a dent in my stash, but that cathay is calling me now. thanks a lot, hee, hee. hmmm, i wonder if they have any cathay books too. man why did i have to wait ’til 5:07 they just closed.

  4. I just love the lace cardi! ( oh I want it I want it,,,,I want it!!)
    I have been looking a long time for a summer cardigan and have even ( yes,, I DID THIS! ) resorted to looking at a few crochet books as I wanted something that was light and airy , definately cotton and just plain pretty with some fun texture to it. ( in other words not plain stockinette!)
    I cant believe I even attempted my hand at crochet which I did,all in an attempt to find that perfect white summer sweater! (I am not good at this ,,and I know many knitters do both successfully,I envy them,,, but I cant,,,,,)
    PLEASE let us know when the pattern is ready for sale,;;;;;,for real, I have been looking for something JUST like this!
    I hope its not too long,,, I will be watching for you to post when you are able to do this in the next few months,,
    also,, do you have the name of your book picked out yet?
    cant wait for that either!

    you are such a great knitting inspiration to some of us ( like me) who have been knitting for only 3 years but have become addicted( in a good way) and become absolutely passionate about this craft!
    havent touched my sewing machine in months now,,

    One more thing, on an old posting I saw that you made a wedding cake! I am making one this October for a wedding and am a wee bit nervous, but I do decorate cakes all the time for birthdays, other receptions etc really I am looking forward to it,its a lot of work but fun too…
    you are ONE talented person Wendy!
    thank you for sharing so much of your knitting wisdom with all of us!
    happy knitting to all,,

  5. I really like what you’re knitting these days. Is your book full of stories like the Harlot’s, or is it completely pattern-oriented? I can think of quite a few of your patterns I’d pay money for. (A few stories too.) Lucy is lovely, as always.

  6. Lucy looks so happy!!!
    The cardigan is just are such a fast knitter!

  7. One of the squares of my sampler blue afghan is of a pattern very similar to that of your lace cardi. I love that pattern because it looks beautiful but is very easy to handle. I am happy to find that the pattern looks great in a sweater or cardi too!

  8. You know its all your fault, i went to my lys, and checked out the cathay!! I didn’t fall in love w/the feel, but the sheen, and the orangy color, picked up the book and a skein “to try”!! like i needed another project..The swatch is absolutely wonderful feel!! love your cardi.

  9. It is sort of funny. The day before you showed your new Cathay sweater, I was at my yarn shop holding Cathay in my hands for a long time. I love the elegant sheen and the crispy look of the twist. I only put it back because it has microfiber in it. Having had a regrettable experience with acrylic yarn once, a hundred years ago, I have since stayed with natural fibers, except for an occasional scarf. How does microfiber wear? That is probably a silly question to ask you, since you have so many divine sweaters, none of them could really get much wear!
    I came home with a small mountain of Cashcotton, which is a real pleasure to knit, and am still wondering if two [8 ounce] hanks of the Brooks Farm mohair will make a sweater……

  10. Love the lace cardi!!! Lucy is so cute!!

  11. I am going to be in DC this Thursday, and plan on stopping by Knit Happens, if any of you happen to be there! I’m from Minnesota so I’ll be the one saying ya-a-a, shoo-re, yoo betcha — all with a bit of nasal in the tone!

  12. Brigitte says:

    Hi Wendy… Such a beauty of a design!

    Will your book be available in Canada? I’m sure I speak for alot of your Canadian fans when I say I hope so! If not, will we be able to purchase it either through you or a US retailer? Let us know!

  13. I have never met a ragdoll that doesn’t love to be brushed, my Sugar would sit for what seemed like hours if you were brushing her and purr and purr and purr. I really wish dogs could purr, my Abner snores, but there’s nothing like a kitty purr in the evening. (of course there’s my mom’s cat Scruffy that has no audible purr, I finally discovered on my last visit by holding my finger on Scruffy’s throat and pressing my ear firmly against him that he was actually purring, but you couldn’t hear him – why I’m telling you this I don’t know, I’ve been rambling all day – sorry)

  14. Claudia W says:

    Wendy, not enough can be said as to just how beautiful your lace cardi is turning out, what a great summer item to have!

    Lucy looks very happy! The photograph speaks of a very content kitty puring and kneeding her hands all while being brushed. She is too cute.

  15. I’m curious as to how the Cotton Angora is holding up, especially after wearing/laundering. I’d heard that it looks “old” rather quickly.