My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Inishmore Challenge

I’ve had in my stash for over a year some Virtual Yarns 3-ply Hebridean, in the color “Sea Ivory.” This yarn is earmarked to become Alice Starmore’s design “Inishmore.”

My knit-bud L-B and I are going to participate in our own “Inishmore Challenge.”

We will both knit the classic version of Inishmore (as opposed to the cropped version) in size small, both using Virtual Yarns 3-ply Hebridean, both in the color Sea Ivory (as it happens).

We will commence knitting on Monday May 16, 2005. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see who finishes first! We both have full-time jobs and we are both pretty fast knitters. L-B has won prizes for the speed of her knitting at the Virginia State Fair.

Anyone want to join us in knitting Inishmore? Just for fun — you don’t have to join our race, unless you want to.

By the way, there is a Yahoo Group set up, Inishknit, which is a knit-along for anyone knitting sweaters from Alice Starmore’s Fishermen’s Sweaters book. A great place to go for support and camaraderie! I joined the group when I knit Kinsale a couple of months ago. There are some lovely finished Inishmores in the group’s photo section.

Lacy Cardi Update

Here are the front ties of the Lacy Cardi, primly tied together.


I’ve not done much else on it, but I did start the second sleeve on the commute today.



The Divine Ms. Em emailed me today with the suggestion that I need these to go with my tennis sweater.

Oh my. Even my 80’s self would not have succumbed to those.

And kindly note that I managed to jam three links to three different places in one sentence. A new personal best.

Happy Weekend!


As far as I’m concerned, the weekend has begun. I’m off from work until Tuesday. Got stuff to do, ya know?

Even though what I have to do can be classified as work, working at home is far superior to working at the office.


  1. I’m up for it, I’ve got a bunch of Magpie that’s been set aside and waiting for ages. Though I won’t be done until sometime around Christmas I’m sure!

  2. No no no, you totally need these topsiders with the tennis sweater:

    Or if you don’t want the two-toned ones, it appears that Sperry sells them in just pink:

    Hehehe. Pink Topsiders. How silly (read: fantastic!) is that?

  3. OMG … I just got a copy of Fisherman Sweaters from Borders and I was so excited! I want to knit almost every pattern from the book! I don’t think I would join the challenge but count me in as an audience … cheering for both of you!
    Nice weekend to you and Lucy too!

  4. Yay for long weekends away from the office!

  5. Finally, I’ve been waiting for this since you mentioned it last year!

  6. You’re totally safe from the Floppies, Wendy.
    Those are for Polo, not Tennis. Those things used
    to take the hide right off from ‘tween my toesies.
    Great work you’re doing. I plan to make Aran sweaters myself.
    Not a first. The older I get, the harder it gets. You and L-B will be my inspiration!!

  7. I have Alice Starmore’s book for “someday”, but looks like you’ve moved up my schedule. I suppose I should do some swatches of cables to see if I can actually do them (novel concept!). Like anmiyam, I’ll mostly be “starting” with you too, and also finishing around Christmas… ahhh another project to have at my side when the “project-du-jour” wears thin.

    And I want the polo slippers, but I would have to buy absolutely everything else to wear with, since nada preppy pink and kelly green in the closet .. hmmm shopping …. must be nearing pay day!! Have a nice late-April weekend!

  8. The cardi is coming along splendidly! Nice and springy. It will no doubt get a lot of use this summer as well.

    The Inishmore looks nice and comfy. I love all the different texture to it.

    $20 for rubber flip flops? Man oh man. Where did they get the rubber from anyways? Are the Keebler Elves dabbling on the side with magic rubber trees?

    No doubt if you went to WalMart you could find ones for much cheaper to match your tenny. Heck you could even get non-matching ones and then make little sleeves to go over the thong part that would match your sweater. Then you would be stylin’. ROFL.

  9. Thank God the weekend is here, Lucy can finally relax!
    I have visions of you knitting and tossing finished objects over your shoulder into a pile as you go-kind of like when you got socks for Christmas?

  10. Those ties are pretty! I know you used dpns, but they look like something a lucet would make.

  11. heh heh now i have a reason to order the sea ivory…

  12. Looking forward to seeing your lace sweater all seamed up & finished. It’s a very pretty design.

    Enjoy your fabulous long weekend!

  13. I’m happy to hear we may have a little group going here! Wendy and I have goaded each other to a “contest” for awhile now. I won’t hold it against everyone to be rooting for Wendy to win! Hee hee!

  14. What a strange coincidence! I just received my copy of “Fishermen’s Sweaters” yesterday, and I also have “Sea Ivory” in my stash. Maybe I could finish a sleeve in the time you and L-B knit the entire sweater. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I’m with KAnne–$20 for a flip-flop?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    jaysus mahreeeah….

    I get upset when I have to pay more than $2-3 dollars for a pair.

    I really enjoy seeing your projects; you are SO fast and SOOO talented.

  16. Have fun on the Inishmore. And that’s a perfect day to start! *coughmybirthdaycough* ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love how the cardi is coming along and I can’t wait for your book. After reading so many of your posts about various projects you have designed I am thinking about trying my hand at my own simple pullover. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  17. I have been anxiously awaiting this moment when you would announce the start of your next Inishmore for weeks now! I have the back of one completed, so count me in, but even so I will be lucky to have half of the front finished by the time you two finish yours! Can’t wait for you to start posting photos.

  18. Susan Maurer says:

    I know we’ll see Wendy’s progress here, but is there anywhere we can “gauge” your progress too? This is gonna be fun! When’s the start date? (I picture you two at the starting line of the Daytona 500, needles in hand, gun going off, and smoke pouring from those needles!)
    What fun! I think I’m just gonna watch from the sidelines, though. I’m rolling in cotton yarns from Knit Happens – gonna do washcloths just to test the different new cottons out there now.
    Thanks for introducing us to KH, Wendy. Knit Happens rocks!

  19. Oooh, Inishmore. I’ve been meaning to make that for a long time. This might just get me going. Even though I stashed a specific yarn for it, I keep changing my mind. (I got Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran Tweed for it in a kind of olive green; but I also have Magpie in 2 different colors. Decisions, decisions!)

    If you do get the flip flops, I saw a pair of pants to wear with the ensemble on the metro the other day. A, um, tourist was wearing cropped pants that were light green and had small pink flamingos printed all over them. If she hadn’t been wearing a striped green top with them, I might almost have kept from laughing. (Oh, and the pink DC baseball cap.)

  20. Lucky you to work from home. Will Lucy be peeved or happy to have you there? I’m putting my money on you, grrl!

  21. Hey there. I was just looking at, and I saw a link to someone who had categorized bloglines users as a bunch of knitters! Thought you might be interested, as your site name came up in one of the images! Yay for knitting ๐Ÿ™‚ has a link to the article

  22. travelita says:

    why, of course I’ll take you up on that gracious challenge…as a matter of fact I have two sleeves of an Inishmore (well 4 rows ea of 2 sleeves) on a needle as I blog. Elann, 29 skein of Natural; lets just see how far it gets me…I’m thinking a shortie since I have long arms. How exciting! since I have no knit class to attend this summer session.

    Loved the tennis sweater. wow (I want one)

  23. LOVE those ties. Perfect, perfect…. I’m having tie thoughts now for the cardi I’m working….
    Kisses to the Luce!

  24. I’d love to do the cropped Inishmore! But I MUST use stash yarn. I don’t have the book yet, do you think Noro Cash Iroha would work?

  25. Susan Maurer says:

    Wendy, since you’re embarking on a new project and dutifully making a gauge swatch (yes?), perhaps you’ll entertain a question about meeting gauge?
    Of course, the cotton skeins I rec’d from Knit Happens are too lucious for washcloths, so I’m making gauge swatches instead and musing over projects from the Rowan Classic Cafe book. (Hello, I’m Susan, and I’m addicted…)
    Most of the gauges required are 22 stitches to 10 cm, and in swatching all the yarns (back to back, rather than separate swatches, saving time and yarn) I found in two of the best yarns (Rowan Cashsoft and DB Cathay) that I get 21 sts on one size needle and 23 on the next size down. I even got out my metric ruler since I noticed that four inches isn’t exactly 10 cm.
    What do you do when this happens?
    I figure I’m gonna have to just do the math. Figure out what final size I want the garment and cast on my own number of stitches accordingly, but that may create problems down the road. I can figure out those too, but I’m just curious if you have other thoughts on this. Of course, I could always just make the garment the next size up from what I’d like and knit at a tighter gauge, but that’s not exact either.
    Inquiring minds want to know: What would Wendy do?