My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Laci Gets Around. Hubba Hubba.

Please note that I am way too young to use expressions like “hubba hubba.” Honest.

But that Laci. Oh, Laci is racy. She does get around. In case you didn’t see her elsewhere around the knitting blogs, here she is.

She likes to par-TAY!

With our Phyl-Phyl.


With Kristine.


With Rossana.


And with Holly.


And I gotta say, you all look fabulous, dahlings!


I think Lucy is a little miffed with me after seeing the photo I posted of her yesterday. She was sitting in my lap when I took that picture — I had the camera in one hand, and with the other hand wiggled my fingers above her head to get her to look up. Poor Lucy.


And here, for Kelly, is an old photo of Lucy doing her “drape myself on the back of the chair” pose.


LaLuz Top

I got a lot of extremely cute suggestions for what to name my LaLuz sweater pattern. I’m going with Aurora, suggested by Cathy in San Diego. Thanks to everyone for the fun ideas!


Barbara asked:
Wendy, when you knit a seed stitch bottom border, do you typically cast on the full number of body stitches or fewer? The same size needle or smaller? I once knit a seed stitch border which rolled–I’ve avoided it since, but your LaLuz looks so nice, I’d like to try again. Thanks.

On Aurora, I cast on the full number of body stitches, and used the same size needle as the body. It’s worked out nicely, no rolling.

By the way, I really really like seed stitch in LaLuz. So much so that I briefly considered doing a whole sweater in LaLuz in seed stitch. But sanity (and impatience) prevailed and I discarded the idea.

Elizabeth asked:
question – i am itching to make Maidenhair but cant really wear a wool sweater at work – (too many computers in my area – its 80 degrees year round in my office). would it be sacriligious to knit it out of cotton – im thinking of BS Cotton Fleece – i have a gorgeous purple – and well, i really want to… would this be an exercise in futilty? any advice is appreciated (i love cables so i dont care if they are in cotton, and i love BS Cotton).

If you wanna, go for it! Be a bad-ass knitter! I would suggest making a fairly hefty gauge swatch first, though. Maidenhair is knitted at a fine gauge and you wanna make sure you can get the gauge and get the look you want with your suggested yarn.


  1. Susan Maurer says:

    I must say, Aurora looks much better outta the bathroom! And thanks for showing us photos of the gals at KH! A big smooch to all of ’em (MWAAA!), esp Kristine and Holly for being so patient with my orders via email. They both look smashing in Aurora, which by the way, is an appropriate name since the colors suggest “l’aurore” (French for “dawn”). That’s the color of our dawns here in Florida, anyway. Sunsets are just brilliant red.

  2. Just add my 2 cents for Elizabeth: I also agree that go for cotton if it is what suits her best … why not indeed?
    I am wondering since when did designers start using beautiful names for their designs? I remember a long long time ago those patterns were just called “pink tank top” or “black long sleeved pullover”. Giving them names really lightens up the whole thing.

  3. Susan Maurer says:

    Oops. I’m mixed up, aren’t I? I meant to say that the gals look smashing in the white lacey cardi, not Aurora (I knew that’s the colorful La Luz, obviously). Just enjoyin’ another jello-for-brains moment. Among all the others…

  4. Just a totally random comment from me tonight…Someone at KH asked Holly and me if we were sisters. We were tickled silly over that one!

    Are you wearing Laci at the office? Maybe Laci might like to take a little stroll…with Holly, Phyl Phyl or me! Hee hee hee!

  5. Oh Laci is such a hussy!!!
    But she does look great on the whole bunch!!!

  6. Thanks for the photo, Wendy! I really appreciate the time you spent looking for it.
    Lucy looks so adorable perched up there.

    I agree with Susan that Laci looks better out of the bathroom. My, she does get around, doesn’t she?

  7. Just goes to show what a great job you did, Wendy! Laci looks great on everyone. Send her over here and I’ll try her on…. lol. It was worth a shot.

  8. That sweater looks absolutely wonderful on Rossanna..!! The white really sets off her coloring.. Maybe she deserves an early Christmas gift? *evil grin*


  9. Yes, Wendy! Jean is on to something. Let’s send Laci on a road trip. Similar to the “Flat Stanleys” school children send around. I’ll take her to the USPS for you. I will, really. I will send her out for you. That’s just the helpful person that I am.

  10. Awww, poor miffed Lucy.

  11. Oh, that Laci. I think I used to date her…..

  12. Will she be shamelessly flirting at MD Sheep and Wool?
    What’s the weather forecast,
    for next weekend
    by the way?

  13. Re Maidenhair in cotton — if Cotton Fleece is too thick to get a reasonable gauge, there are other nice cotton blends that are thinner (like the Cotton Cashmere you’ve used, or Rowan Wool and Cotton, which I think is even thinner than that). I’m sure there is something out there that could do it! Have a great weekend, Wendy and Lucy!

  14. Susan Maurer says:

    Wendy, I forgot to ask: Are you and LB doing gauge swatches? I know that doesn’t count as knitting on the actual Inishmore garment, but I was just wondering… cuz you don’t wanna get into the contest only to have to backtrack and rip out later…
    You are in training for this grudge match, too, aren’t you? Resting those fingers? Drinking power drinks?
    Have a great weekend!

  15. oh my goodness – i made the blog page! thanks for the support guys – i started a swatch on the train this morning – had one of those horrible train rides that ended up being almost funny – anywho. the suggested needle is 6 for cotton fleece and i brought along a 5 and will see after a bunch of inches of moss stitch and then a cable or two.

    i guess i will be in for a bit of figuring in terms of size – this will be my first Alice sweater… oh my!

  16. The Lacy cardis just seems to look good on everyone. Everyone in it also seems to be smiling… oh I wish I was there too.

  17. I love the Laci fashion show. What size did you make the cardigan in?

  18. Wendy, I have been told by other blogger Laci looks best on me. Perhaps she needs a new home?

    **can’t help a girl from askin’ can you?**

  19. berrienisd says:

    Any chance there will be a laci pattern somewhere?