My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Coming to You Live!

. . . from a darkened room, bottle of tequila at my side.


Last night, in a fit of pique, I tossed Aurora aside. She is complete, apart from one sleeve, yet I was suddenly filled with a loathing for her that was so intense, a loathing so pure, it was alarming. Poor Aurora. She is so pretty. I assure you that she has done nothing to deserve such treatment.

She now has the status of UFO. I may return to her. I probably will, at some point. Just not now.

I think I’m just cranky and am taking it out on Aurora. Let me rephrase that: I KNOW I am cranky and I think I am taking it out on Aurora.

Why am I cranky? Real-life, non-knitting issues. Long-time readers will note that I never talk about my job, except in the most general of terms. But it is a work situation that’s making me cranky. And it shall continue for the forseeable future.

So in addition to all the other neuroses and insecurities I already call my own, I now live in fear of doing something (wrought by my own blind stupidity) to royally screw things up at work. Yikes. I am so not amused.

Clearly, retail therapy is in order.

So, anyhow, as it’s hard to see in the darkened room, I needed something bright. I cast on for a tank in Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere in a nice bright pink, color #15024, to be exact.


Seed stitch bottom band because suddenly I am a fan of the seed stitch bottom band. Shaping at the waist. There’s going to be a narrow panel of lace up the center front. A lace pattern called “Fishtail Lace.”

So this tank shall from this day forth be known as “Mahi-Mahi.”

Can’t take credit for the name — my worthy opponent L-B suggested it.

Maryland Sheep & Wool

Several people have asked me if I am going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Yes I am. I’ll be arriving there at some point on Saturday afternoon. I’ll not be there first thing in the morning, because I am so not getting up early on a Saturday. But I’ll get there eventually.

This blog entry is brought to you by the phrase “I am so not. . .”



  1. Actually I’ve been wondering what kind of work you do. (I’ve seen the view from your office window, though.)

    Whatever it is, I hope things will turn to the better!


  2. Yes, and Lucy is SO not perturbed by any of this. Boo to work-related hell. Have a faboo time at MS&W, and be extra sure to give Rachael extra hugs from me! (Oh yeah, I’m going to see her Monday…well, to hold her over, then.)

  3. Jeepers! Sorry work details are causing you grief. Anyone I can poke my addis into for ya?

  4. I can’t help to solve your problems … but I think you can use a hug … other than the tequila, I mean. (((HUG)))

  5. Juliette says:

    Did Lucy get to the tequila before you? She looks passed out. Well, she always looks sorta passed out. Maybe she really is a cat.

  6. work sure can get in the way of life..

  7. H.I.L. says:

    You know, I think Mahi-Mahi is my new favorite tank!

  8. Andrea says:

    Sorry to hear of your workin’ woes, Wendy. I highly recommend retail therapy. (I just had some, myself. Needed *something* to keep the tequila away!) But I do think I’ll join you in a Cotton Cashmere summer tank — light pink for me.

  9. Tequila is pretty good for work woes; I indulged a bit myself last weekend. Please don’t punish Arora for too long, she’s beautiful. Then again, so is the cotton cashmere. Don’t worry about screwing up at work…I do it all the time. (Now don’t you feel safe?)

  10. Yes, take it out on the knitting. (I read an article in one of the knitting mags a few years ago about young boys learning to knit and one said “When I get angry, I take it out on my knitting.” I have no idea what that entails, but it sounds good.)

  11. That is a nicely sized bottle. I wonder if it travels….


  12. I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch at work. I hope everything will work out just fine in the end. If not, there’s always, yep, retail therapy and bright cheery tank tops to chase gloomy moods away.

  13. MD. Tequila. Retail therapy. Its all good.

  14. freecia says:

    taking it out on the knitting – isn’t that a good side or main benefit of knitting? I mean, just disacknowledge all existence of UFOs.

    Hope the next knit makes you feel better. If it doesn’t. Stick it somewhere else and disacknowledge existence, then buy more yarn.

    If you get really peeved, rip out your most hated handknit after chucking it at a far wall. Hate it enough and you won’t mourn the work that went into it. You know you’ve wanted to throw things across the room… Well, I have…

  15. THREE DAYS! Three!

  16. Susan Maurer says:

    So sorry about your work situation, but retail therapy is good for whatever ails ya. Be sure to indulge a wee bit in that therapy this weekend at MS&W (as if you needed me to tell you that). Will be with you in spirit. Share the goods on-line when you get back. Please? Hugs …

  17. ๐Ÿ™ Bad work situations suck. But remember: It’s fairly difficult for a single person or a single act, no matter how “blindly stupid,” to royally screw things up. As in all such matters, involve others, talk it out, ask for help, etc. And don’t drink all that tequila before Thursday, ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I used to work for the state & I admire anyone who can put up with a state or federal job. They give you grief, call you lazy & tell you how lucky you are to have their crappy job. Keep the faith, this too shall pass. Copy Lucy’s attitide.

    Kathy in Mpls

  19. Work stuff is tough and things just don’t always go as we like. Hope the retail therapy works. LOVE DB Cotton Cashmere! I’m going to be knitting with more of this great yarn.

  20. I’m sorry about your work annoyances/dilemas, etc. I know how hard that can make our free time, and how cranky that can make us. I would prescribe lots of Lucy snuggles and wonderful yarn.

  21. Hope you feel better about work situation and soon. Sounds like you got tired of seeing calming blue and needed to focus on something more in the red hue right now. At any rate you’ll be buying more lushious yarn soon and who knows what red hot pattern you may come up with. Cheers to you!!

  22. Sorry about the sucky work situation – careful of the tequila though – it’s got a wicked bite the next day. Oh boy do I know how hard! If KnitHappens is your LYS, are you geographically close by? I’m in Burke looking for a stitch & bitch that isn’t all oldsters.

  23. Work is my least-favorite 4-letter word, especially these days. I wonder if it’s the alignment of the planets or something. I think I need not retail therapy but perhaps some beverage therapy. Well, maybe retail therapy too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Here’s hoping your book is so WILDLY popular that you can worry Much Less about that Other job…you know, so you can say, “Before I was a WORLD FAMOUS Author, I used to have a job where I worried alot.”
    Maybe we should all get together and knit YOU a bed to peer out from….

  25. I think that the darkened room, a bottle of something swell and a flashlight for making obscene finger shadow puppets for the boss are all EVER so comforting. Give me my Jamieson’s and I will tell you a story before passing right out. (cheap date) I heartily approve of the seed stitch border…long may she wave and especially in that hearty pink. Try not to step on my toe at MS&W…I’ll be the one with brown hair.