My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I’m a Knitter . . . a Knitter on the Edge

Yup, that’s me.

Why? Because after working on the Mahi-Mahi tank for less than one frigging day, I found myself yearning for Aurora again.

But then again, I’m tempted to start something else as well. As I mentioned briefly in my poll of the other day (and by the way, I do so like having my desire to sit in a darkened room with a bottle of tequila validated), I’ve worked up a fine-gauge two-color design. I almost started it the other day. I wound some yarn into balls and cast on 10 stitches before I changed my mind and pulled the stitches off the needle.

I’m once again planning on using Koigu, in a monochrome and a variegated. I really liked the way my Ingrid sweater turned out, so thought I’d do something else, with a more complex design. I’ve got my design charted out and am ready to go.

But, anyhow, I’m still working on the tank. I may return to Aurora when I fnish the tank back. Unless I change my mind yet again.

But then again . . .

I read today in her blog that Susan put up a gallery for photos of the Nantasket Basket. and I remember how cute the pattern is so I had to get it. And this would be a great “immediate gratification” project. Hmmmmmmm . . . I might be able to finish Aurora, knit this, and the tank before May 16. Hmmmmm . . .

I remember the “olden days.” Sometimes I would finish a project with no clear idea of what I was going to knit next and would go through a few attempts to start something, and fail each time. I didn’t like the way something looked, I wasn’t sure I had enough yarn, I decided I didn’t like the pattern, the planets weren’t aligned properly, etc. I had a million excuses reasons for abandoning something.

In recent years I’ve had a much clearer idea of What To Knit. So I haven’t had such project angst in a long time.

Thanks for all your kind comments about my work angst. I have completed one full day in my new situation and am pleased to report that I haven’t broken the office. Yet.

I headed over to Knit Happens after work and hung out with some of the Irregulars. The highlight was when LauraTheNurse was promoted from Minion to Sycophant in a brief but moving ceremony. I wish you coulda been there.

And Another Thing

Why do people feel the need to talk to someone who is wearing headphones? Especially at 5-frigging-30 in the a.m.?

When I’m listening to “Psycho Killer” on the pod I’m not in the mood to chat. Especially to a total stranger at 5-frigging-30 in the a.m.

And all you get is one frigging photo of Lucy.


Cuz the tank looks the same as it did yesterday, only a few inches longer.

This blog entry is brought to you by the word “frigging.”


  1. What a coinkydink…this morning’s episode of Sesame Street was also brought to us by the word “frigging.” Almost dropped my Sanka and Cremora when Cookie Monster said to Big Bird, “Where’s my frigging cookie you frigging freak of nature?”

  2. You’re so fickle, Wendy! =p j/k!

    Perhaps whenever someone bothers you again while you’re listening to your iPod, you could make sure they clearly see that you are listening to “Psycho Killer.” That oughta get them to move away rather quickly.

    I think the Nantasket Basket is quite cute, too.

  3. Hi. I love your picture of Lucy. I used to have the same cat. She passed away 5 years ago, after being with us 18 years. I saw many times my cat doing the same pose, so that I just could not resist to post my comment.

  4. Mmmmmm, Talking Heads… I just had to show my appreciation for a fellow new wave lover. And P.S., who wants to party in the Dark Room? I’ll bring the limes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I like this frigging photo of Lucy … actually, you know I like all photos of Lucy.
    I am becoming a knitter with lots of WIPs too. Sometimes the ziplock bags piling up in the basket just get on my nerves! So, I am restraining myself from starting too many projects.

  6. Cathy W says:

    Wendy–this may cheer you up-
    check this out:
    I heard a woman who about spun and knit dog, to her great dismay when she was caught in the rain. But opossum? What would Lucy think?
    Cathy, a fan of yours

  7. I like lucy. I like your blog too. But I really like lucy especailly the lucy in the basket.

  8. I’m anxiously waiting to see how your basket turns out. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Lucy may decide she likes it better than her cat bed. My cat usually loves to squeeze herself into boxes but has decided she likes the felted baskets better.

  9. Juliette says:

    Girlfriend you need a SERIOUS vacation…or a hand gun.

  10. Cats would say frigging if they could. Except for my Foley, would would say frickin’ and have a serious Noo Yawk accent. And he’d be a Yankees fan, which would, of course, break my heart.

  11. Now that’s in my head. Bah buh BAH buh, buh-buh buh BAH buh.

  12. I’m so upset. I wanted to be a sychophant, but I’ll just have to settle for head minion. Your scarf is nearly ready, Mistress.

  13. I compleatly understant the not wanting people to talk to you when wearing headphones. It seems no matter where your go, wearing headphones is a clear indication that you want to be talked to. I just make sure my ipod it turned way up so that I can’t hear a word anyone anywhere is saying, and look at them like they’re crazy when their mouth is moving but I can’t hear them. Darn frickin strangers.

  14. Kendra says:

    Now I’ve got “Psycho Killer” in my head, too, but the version I hear is by The Bobs. I somehow suspect it’s a slightly different experience!

  15. When I flit from project to project, I call it Sybil Knitting.

  16. Nantasket is fun and certainly instant gratification knitting. Frigging…a very ‘good’ word;-)