My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


And . . . They’re Off!


We have a fourth prize for the raffle, generously donated by Joanne Conklin. Joanne is donating a one-ounce ball of qivuit, in the color of the winner’s choice. You can see the colors that are available here. Wow!

Remember, you can continue to donate to the cause and get one entry in the raffle for each $1 you donate, up until the time a winner is declared. But as I post this blog entry, guesses as to who will win and when are closed. Don’t want anyone to have an unfair advantage because of the progress reported here. But you still have a chance to win wonderful prizes if you continue to donate.

So . . .

The Inishmore Challenge has officially begun.

L-B (who, as I have mentioned before, is blogless) will be emailing me with her progress, and posting in my comments as well. As she is travelling today, I don’t expect a progress report from her until tomorrow at the earliest.

Although I was awake shortly after midnight, I did not cast on until around 4:30 this morning, as I predicted. I knitted on the commute and during lunch. Here is a picture of my progress after a couple of hours of frantic at-home knitting.

I finished the ribbing and did one repeat of the body pattern.


Lucy, by the way, was remarkably helpful in the casting on process. She insisted on standing (not sitting) on my lap while I cast on. That’s not entirely accurate. She walked around in circles on my lap, ensuring that her long fluffy tail slapped me in the face on each and every circuit she completed. I think she must be on L-B’s payroll. I’ll have to ask her about that.


Of course, my prime knitting time is in the evening. I have very little time for knitting during the day. (No, I am not “sneaking in rows when I can at work.” I wish I had the luxury of enough free time at work to be able to do that!)

My day-to-day progress will be somewhat uneven, if past knitting experience is anything to go by. Some days I’m just “in the zone” and can make huge amounts of progress. Other days I seem to get nowhere. Today I have been “in the zone.”

Mahi Mahi Tank

Here it is, complete. I finished it over the weekend.


Knitted from just over 6 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere, using U.S. size 5 needles.

On Sunday, I did a wee bit of spinning. The new wool/mohair roving I bought from Tintagel Farm at MDS&W was calling to me.


I also noodled around a bit with my handspun handdyed Cormo and started (just barely) a fisherman’s rib scarf.


Yup, I finished up Aurora as well, but I’ll show it to you tomorrow. Gotta stretch out the blog fodder you know.

Okay, gotta get back to the knitting. Thanks to all for the generous donations you’ve sent!


  1. I knew I shouldn’t have looked at this as soon as I got off the plane. How demoralizing! Don’t worry,supporters, I’ll catch up—I hope!

  2. This is so exciting! Go get ’em, Wendy! And L-B! Are we allowed to cheer for both of you?

  3. Claudia W says:

    Wendy, your Irishmore sweater is amazing, I love the cable pattern. The Mahi Mahi tank turned out beautiful.

    Lucy is too cute! I guarantee that she probally just wanted your complete attention. She is too funny.

  4. You’re off to a great start, Wendy! And I’m sure Lucy’s tail slapping you in the face was just to make sure you’re paying attention. =)

  5. I am so happy that the race is on! I really looked forward to checking out the progress tonight. I love the colour.
    Thank you, my job is so tough these days, your entries are a treat at the end of the day!

  6. Oh my! I think I may have been off on my guess! I tried to add how many days for such-and-such, and if that is your daytime knitting, then I may be way off!

    Knit, girl, knit!!

  7. Wendy, check that “swatch gift” from L-B — it may have subliminal catnip messages for Lucy that were triggered as Lucy loved on the cables!!

    Tricky L-B — You Go Girls … And true to my word, I’m starting the Inishmore, too, but just got the yarn this evening — even more behind than L-B, sounds like.

    Go Go Go

  8. vanessa says:


  9. (To L-B) Don’t worry, L-B, you’ll catch up.
    (To Wendy) The progress is amazing!

    As NYC Mouse said, are we allowed to support both?

    Sharky does exactly what Lucy did whenever she senses I’m in deep concentration. Either that or sit right in front, staring straight at me until I pet her.

  10. Pretty sure Wendy and L-B have seen the Hebrides site of various Inishmore sweaters knitted by several talented knitters. For anyone who hasn’t, its your chance to be dazzaled!!! Scroll about halfway down. Grab a tissue for the drool. ๐Ÿ˜€

    GO Wendy and L-B!! What a great start…

  11. Aaah … I feel so excited! L-B … my ticket is with you … yay!

  12. OO that quivet looks DIVINE- ill be very jealous of whoever wins *that* yarn!

  13. Wow. Go, Wendy. This amazing amount of progress is why I didn’t even hazard a guess. If I had to guess based on even an approximation of the gulf between your speediness and my lack thereof, I’d have been way off. Sheesh. What fun to watch, both of you. Good Luck!!

  14. I hate to think how much you knitted AFTER this picture was taken, but I finished 2/3 of a sleeve yesterday in spite of airport running, turbulence, a stewardess who wouldn’t let me knit on takeoff and landing and falling asleep earlier than I wanted to.But, fair play to you,Wendy–you may be zonking me!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. wow! I can’ t wait to see these two sweaters
    and their happy knitters in the PHOTO finish…

  16. Simply amazing!! Do you memorize the charts before you start, or is it all in the speed of your knitting?? It looks fabulous, the yarn color looks very natural–L-B, I’m pulling for you!! You can catch up!!

  17. Lucy was just trying to make that L-B had a chance to catch up is all. Plus I am sure that she wanted some attention. I can’t wait to see the finished sweaters.

  18. Good God woman – are you knitting on crack! You’ve finished that much since 4:30 this morning! I’m amazed at your speed and am really beginning to wonder how much coffee you drink.

  19. Susan Maurer says:

    I adore the Inishmore in green (I think that’s the color, isn’t it, like an olive or sea green on my monitor). Anyway, I like it so much better than the white. Most Arans I see are in white or tan. The green makes it interesting. And Lucy’s contribution? Maybe she’s trying to keep you awake so you win.

  20. Good luck with the challenge – I am rooting for you! I love the scarf you’re making; Fisherman’s rib is absolutely one of my favorite patterns. How do I become a model in your upcoming book? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  21. I’m hoping you both finish at exactly the same moment.

    I am thrilled to pieces to “watch” you working on an A.S. They are always my favourites, and you are soooooo good at knitting them.

  22. Is that a long-tail cast-on for the Inishmore?

  23. Wendy, I have been enjoying your blog for some weeks now. You do beautiful work. Where do I go to see L-B’s work?

  24. May I add something to the raffle prizes? I have some nice 100% wool roving I’d love to share, if that qualifies as a good prize!

  25. Go LB Go LB Go LB Go.

    Alright Lucy, now Lucy tomorrow I want you to unravel Inishmore row by row. You know take the needle out, frog 5 rows, put the needle back in. I have confidence in your kitty evilness.

    There’s a bag of kitty treats in it for ya.

    (insert evil laugh here)

    Hey not everyone can root for Wendy.