My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Charitably Yours

I want to take time out from my own little self-centered world to point out other folks in the bloggy ‘hood who are involved in charity events.

Claudia and her hubby will be participating in a bike ride to raise funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. They will be riding their tandem bicycle (which, by the way, I think is wicked cool) on June 25-26th for 175 miles over two days. Claudia’s got a button in her sidebar where you can donate $$ to support them. And Claudia will be drawing for prizes! You can read about it here!

Greta designed a beautiful scarf that is one of the Autism Awareness Patterns that are available here for a donation. There are also prizes available here — check out the information on the Autism Awareness blog linked above.

Knit 4 Paws is an organization inspired by Critter Knitters. There are several ways to help out — you can donate blankets or yarn, or shop in their soon-to-be-opened store. They’ve got a knit-a-thon and knit-outs planned, so have a look around the site.

Speed Kills

Cath asked:
So, a question for an expert: what goes into speed in knitting?? Obviously, time & dedication – you’ve been knitting for how many hours a day for how many years? And technique affects speed. What other factors come into play? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Yup, all of the above.

Actually, I think my knitting technique slows me down. I’m basically self-taught, and that was long ago when I was a little kid. My knitting is pretty streamlined at this point, but my purling is very slow. Still, my tension is always great and I’m not trying to set any speed records (present situation excepted).

The number of hours per day that I knit varies quite a bit. On weekdays the absolute maximum time I can knit is about 4 hours. More on weekends. But I don’t usually knit four hours on a weekday. I am this week, though.

Another thing that speeds me up is my ability to memorize charts easily. With the Inishmore charts, I actually remember them from the last time I knitted Inishmore (July-August 2001). How’s that for good long-term memory?

And of course, I can make cables faster without a cable needle then with a cable needle.

More Prizes! More Prizes!

I have made a prize page for the Inishmore Challenge Raffle because we’ve gotten donations for prizes from several lovely people. I though we needed to have ’em all in one place!

Most recent donaters are Bob and Jenny. Thanks guys!

And I’ll be adding another prize in the morning . . .

Oh. You Wanna See Progress?

Here is L-B’s progress she made on Monday:


And a close up:


Here is my progress as of right now:


The back is seven rows from completion. Lucy is jazzed!



  1. Ack! I ran into KH shortly after you’d already left! Grrr! Oh well…I guess that’s more chocolate for me… ;-p Great progress on the Inishmore! Sorry I missed you. I hear the color of the yarn is even more gorgeous in person.

  2. *dazed* Fast….
    Did this challenge really just started on Monday?

    Anyway, Go, L-B & Wendy, Go! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I’m impressed with both of you women. Really, you two deserve the prizes. Wondering,,,when you get a minute,,,which Sizemore book is the best for patterns? Love this Inishmore. I will have one more Aran to make after the “Sandra” Mag one I’m on now. (Special Issue: Mens Sweaters, 1991) I started it on May 5 and I am about where you are now. I’m sloooowwww…..
    Hang in there both of you. C

  4. I just finished a kitty pi and it felted (after 3 wash cycles), but the sides are very floppy and won’t stand up without rolling the edge over. Does this mean I need to felt it more?

  5. Wait, you knit an entire back of a Starmore sweater in three days? (Cause I am sure that between when you posted that and the end of the night, you finished those seven rows and cast on for another part of the sweater…) I am in utter and total awe.

  6. As the mom of an Aspie ten-year old, thanks for mentioning the Autism Awareness Patterns, Wendy!
    The Inishmores are looking terrific!

  7. What a fun way to do a great thing – helping others! I sent in my support today (via my hosting addy ParLori). Thanks for inspiring ideas in me to do my share.

  8. Great progress! I can’t belive how fast you knit. Have you figured out how to knit in your sleep??

  9. My back is well under way,now. Wendy does have the advantage of having the charts memorized,but after last night’s session, I only need a random check of the charts. Preferably when Lucky isn’t sprawled across the book! I have made two careless errors and unraveled-in-place to fix them,rather than frogging the rows—a method I highly recommend learning along with the cables-without-a-cable needle! Of course, Wendy never makes mistakes,so I must be more vigilant! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. I love you, I love reading you, but lady you are the text book definition of insanity. I CANNOT imagine getting through that much knitting in such a short period of time and have it look THAT good.

    Seriously and here I am fuddling along TRYING to finish up the bits and pieces to Martha for a KIP with big bloggers here in town so someone can show the dunce with the yarn cone on her head how to seam the damn thing.

    Yeah I aint gonna read for the next week, I am just going to knit ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. You’re amazing. Do you knit continental?

  12. Bless you, for the autism awareness mention. We appreciate it EVER so much! I contemplated driving up to Knit Happens just to watch the Grudge match in person….(six hours each way would have been worth it!)
    Mother Nature sent a downpour and convinced me otherwise…so I spent a rainy night knitting and wondering how far my guess for the finishing time is off….

  13. It always makes me feel great to give for an important cause. Whatever I give will surely help! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Thanks for the mention. Go on, quit reading and knit, my favored racehorse. Are there Vegas odds for this??

  15. Susan Maurer says:

    Wendy, do you have the details about the raffle drawing? Who’s going to draw the winners and when (not date, per se, since no one knows when the grudge match will end), as in how soon after the winner has won? I’ve searched your blog, but probably missed it. Just curious…
    And yes, bless you for mentioning the other charities. My 2-yr-old daughter is so painfully anti-social and a late bloomer in speech that we started researching autism this past Spring. We now don’t think she is autistic, but there are a lot of variations of autism – much to be learned.

  16. Thanks for the links to other bloggers charitable endeavors.
    Inishmore is so beautiful…my knitting is ‘dumbed down’ with my garter/stockinette craze going on.

  17. This is like watching Nascar….only much more exciting!

  18. Ok, I’m knitting behind, waaaaay behind you and L-B and I’m curious about one of the cables in Chart B. In row 7, when you cross the seven stitches to make the figure eight the way I’m reading the chart, for the four stitches in the back you end up knitting stitches that had been purled, while knitting the previously purled stitches. This is a switch that is deliberately avoided in the ribbing cable (Chart A). Did A.S. decide it wouldn’t be noticed in the bigger cable or is it a mistake? Have you knit this cable as written or do you do something different?

  19. You guys are awesome!! What beautiful sweaters (love the colors of both of them) and a worthy cause, too.

  20. I am completey and totally in awe of your knitting speed. I just can’t imagine that you knitted that much of a sweater in just a few days. Go Wendy and L-B! May the fastest knitter win!