My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


An Open Message

To Whom It May Concern,

I do solemnly swear that next weekend (that would be Memorial Day weekend, a-three-day-weekend-but I’m-taking Friday-off-so it-is-a-four-day-weekend-for-me) I will clean my home. Honest.


Yeah, you know it’s really bad when even I am bothered by the clutter and crap present in my home. I could blame the Inishmore Challenge for my lack of interest in housework, but what’s my excuse for the weeks previous to that?

Lately all I do is run the dishwasher, do laundry, and wipe the lime juice off the kitchen counter.

So, I am optimistically expecting to have completed Inishmore before next weekend, so I shall devote some time to actually cleaning and putting stuff away.

Yeah, that’s what I say now.

Inishmore Update

Question in the comments from Leisel:
Question about the sleeve… is the center diamond pattern only done 1/2, rather than full width? That seems a little odd… it looks a little unbalanced.

The center pattern of the sleeve is a half diamond. The two sleeves are different — the half diamonds on the sleeves mirror each other. The left sleeve has the half diamond that’s on the left side of the front of the sweater, and the right sleeve has the half diamond that’s on the right side of the front of the sweater.

You may have noticed that that cables on either side of the central sleeve motif differ from the body. The body features a staghorn cable in-between the two twisty stitch cables. The sleeves have half a staghorn cable. And the half staghorn cables on each side of the center motif mirror each other.

I do so love me a well-thought-out aran design!

Here’s my progress since Thursday.


The back looks narrower than the front because I'[ve got all the back neck stitches smooshed onto a holder.

L-B’s Progress

Here is L-B’s progress on the back — late Wednesday/early Thursday:


And a close-up of the back:


She’s made a lot of progress since then — I know she has finished the back.

A Treat From L-B

L-B very kindly had some of her slides from her days in the Aran Isles made into digital pix. You can view a selection of them here.

Sigh. I wish I were there. Right now, please.

Lucy is happy where she is.



  1. Barbara says:

    I’m VERY impressed. You must be exhausted! Thanks for posting on Sunday.

  2. I swear you do not sleep!

  3. Well, please convey many thanks to L-B for the gorgeous picture tour of Aran Islands. Breathtakingly beautiful.

  4. I’m knitting my little fingers to the bone and am still lagging behind Wendy’s supernatural progress! I have a worthy opponent! 🙂

  5. Beautiful, beautiful– knitting (Wendy and L-B), Ireland, Lucy– oh be still, my heart.

  6. These pics are sort of behind this whole race. I once “bragged” to Wendy that I could knit an Aran sweater in a week during the summers I spent in Ireland. Of course, I had the luxury of sitting on those cliffs knitting most of the day. 😉

  7. oh man… this is impressive! I was feeling smug for making good progress on a stocking stitch sweater.. so now I feel well and trully humbled. go Wendy! go L-B… (oh and gorgeous photos)

  8. RE cleaning the house: it’s good to have a plan. Doesn’t mean you have to follow it. You have good intentions and that counts. And is Lucy ever UNhappy? I think not!

  9. * sigh * Those photos are just too beautiful, and I love the one of L-B at Dun Aengus. Forget the sweaters, I want the landscape! Of course I would NEED the sweater in that landscape, wouldn’t I?

    Fantastic progress on the Inishmore challenge, ladies! I would never be able to produce such fine cablework so quickly! I am in awe of your incredible celtic accomplishment!

  10. The photos are absolutely beautiful. The progress of the knitting is awesome!

  11. I have woefully underestimated the speed at which it is humanly possible to knit. I am in awe of you both.

  12. WOW! I’m obviously not going to win the guessing game — I picked a date in June! My, you ladies can knit!

    and WOW! Those pictures are incredible. Thank you, L-B, so much for showing them to us. Really makes you understand why they developed those sweaters!

  13. WOW! I am so impressed by both sweaters! It would take me months to knit an aran sweater. And I would have a lifeline every fifth row, hahaha! I bet you two don’t even need them!

  14. WOW! I am so impressed by both sweaters! It would take me months to knit an aran sweater. And I would have a lifeline every fifth row, hahaha! I bet you two don’t even need them!

  15. Lime juice is well known as a natural and organic cleaner…
    One advantage of getting older is that you can’t SEE the dust if you aren’t really LOOKING for it…
    Those pictures are gorgeous…very inspiring!
    (both of the travel and OF COURSE, the Knitting Progress)
    Lucy doesn’t look to be lacking for attention,
    so your priorities are most definitely in order…
    KNIT ON!

  16. Just curious what you did with that lime juice … margarita?
    L-B’s photos are awesome! Thanks.

  17. Out of lurking to support the cleaning up of the clutter. geez…I’ve got the same plan! Knitting is a great technique to delay getting the work done.

    Love watching/reading about the knitting and the lovely pics of the supportive kitty!

  18. Oh my Christ you are fast. Blesséd flaming fecal matter!

  19. Please thank L-B for sharing her Aran Isles photos. They reminded me of being in Orkney. Of course, don’t thank her until you’ve finished Inishmore… time is of the essence!

  20. Incredible…Both of you have done a wonderful job! Absolutely love the photos L-B. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Susan Maurer says:

    Hey, L-B’s a cutie pie! How nice to finally see what she looks like. And those photos of the Aran Isles are just gorgeous. Wendy, are your fingers down to nubs yet? Well, I don’t feel so stupid now about guessing that you would have finished the Inishmore by yesterday, the 22nd, at midnight. You’re practically there!

  22. I have to write a similar letter to whom it may concern, and it has to include a section for the garden and some other outdoor home upkeep. Argh. Where has all the energy gone?

  23. Thank goodness you are only spilling the lime juice!

  24. A note from LB’s Boss, I need her fingers in good shape for keying in all those long insurance remits, but I wish her well in her competition.

  25. Amazing, both of you are amazing! I’m really out of the money on the wager though, man was I wimpy with my finish date pick.

    Did you join the saddle shoulders by seaming them as written or did you knit them together with the live stitches on the front and the back? I did that with Little Rivers and I’m considering doing the same with Inishmore. Anything to avoid seaming vertical to horizontal pieces!

  26. Wow! L-B-now I know what heaven looks like. I hope to make it there one day. Scarlet and I are cheering you on. (Give me an L! Give me a B!…)