My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Block This

There have been a couple of questions in the comments about how to block knitted lace.

I did a Google search and came up with a few resources:

Blocking lace – from Earthheart Designs

Blocking Knitted Items – from the windy City Knitting Guild

Blocking Tips – from Heartstrings Fiber Arts

These are just a few of the many resources available online. And I will, of course, be documenting the blocking process as I do it.

But not too soon. I’ve made extremely little progress on my lace, as life is getting in the way.

Inishmore Raffle

The Inishmore Raffle will be held tomorrow, and the winners announced tomorrow evening. I’ll leave the paypal link up in the sidebar until midday tomorrow (Wednesday) in case anyone wants to make a last minute donation and be included in the raffle. And many thanks to those of you who have done so in the past couple of days!

Like I said, life is kicking me in the butt right now, so that’s all from me tonight. Over and out.



  1. I hope your life stops kicking you in the butt so you can get back to knitting as usual. I’m sure Lucy is helping as much as she can, as kitties often do.

  2. Ah, don’t you wish, especially during the life’s kicking incidents, that you could kick back with a menagerie of mice? Catnip, even?
    Life would be GOOD!

  3. Dear Life,
    Please cease and desisit with the kicking.
    Wendy needs to KNIT.
    We have sharp pointy needles and
    we’re Fierce when provoked.
    Back off.
    The Friends of Wendy

  4. Wendy, you are unbelievable! Even with butt-kicking taking place, you find the time to research lace blocking and post it on your blog, along with an absolutely adorable fuzzy face in the midst of fiber fun! Hang in there, and don’t even give life another mention if it is kicking you; it likes the attention too much and will just kick more! Pet a kitty, find the softest fiber in your stash to fondle a moment, breathe deep and carry on – we and the lace can wait. Besides, this was almost a drool-less night until I got down to the bottom of your entry and could see that gorgeous lace picture from yesterday!

  5. Hang in there, Wendy. At least Lucy is taking a break from her nap-training to help entertain and lift your spirits. I bet she’s good at it, too!

  6. Damnéd life, for getting in the way.
    I hope you regain your equilibrium soon.

  7. Play nice, Life! Stop picking on Wendy!

    Awww…..Lucy is trying to comfort you with her toys!

  8. Shame on life! Hope things turn to the better soon!!

  9. Ehhh, kick life back. Or pour a couple shots of tequila and enjoy.

  10. Dear Wendy

    Hope your life gets successfully sorted out very soon – who needs a sore butt!!
    You know we’re all (the Wendy minions) sending positive thoughts your way.

    Love and Kisses

  11. I recognize those catnip mice! 🙂 Kick back with margaritas tonight!

  12. Wendy – thanks for posting some resources for blocking lace. I am making my first lace shawl right now and it is almost completed. I had no clue about how to block it. Thanks!

  13. All work and no play makes a dull day. At least Lucy knows how to have fun! Keep smiling…it will be over soon, right?

  14. I love your picture of Lucy with her mice. I just made three mice this weekend for a friend’s cats. I’m sure they’ll like them! Thanks for the pattern.

  15. Cathy in San Diego says:

    Over $3000 in donations!!
    Wendy you and L-B are to be congratulated on a great fund raiser for Breast Cancer Research. It was fun for all of us watching you two in the “fastest Inishmore Knitter” Challenge.


  16. I would like to co-sign Greta’s letter.