My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Proof That Lace Knitting is Good For You

As I mentioned yesterday, I took Tina on the commute today.

So, I’m happily knitting along, when I notice that the train has been stopped at a station for an inordinately long time, and the doors have not opened yet. If the train is not positioned properly at a station, the doors will not open, and apparently the driver had overshot the station. (Now I’m not sure I can blame the driver — the trains run on sort of auto-pilot so it may have been the bonehead train’s fault.)

We sit at the station for at least five minutes, and then the train pulls out of the station and then sits for five minutes more. Then the driver comes through the train to go to the controls at the back end of the train and backs the train back into the station, and the doors open. She gets off the back of the train and returns to the front, and we go on our merry way, fifteen minutes late.

Usually I’m frothing at the mouth over delays like this, but this morning I just thought “Cool. I got an extra repeat of the lace done.”

Of course, to balance things out, on the way home there was standing room only on the train, so I got no knitting done.

But I’m approaching the second corner on the edging.


I feel like I’m calling a horse race: “And they’re approaching the first turn, and it’s Lacy Tina, leading by a nose!”

A couple of you mentioned in the comments that instead of flipping the shawl from side to side I ought to knit backwards. Ummm, yeah I do know how to knit backwards, but this is not a good project to do it on. The edging is garter stitch lace, so I’d actually be purling backwards. Also, the lace pattern is worked on every row and is made up of yarnovers and slanted decreases. I’m feeling woozy just thinking abut keeping track and ensuring that all the decreases are slanted in the right direction.

But if the “wrong-side” rows were just worked plain — yeah, I’d be knitting backwards.

Yesterday’s Bastardized Song Lyric

Yeah, it was Todd Rundgren’s Bang the Drum All Day. 0h, and Jon? About your comment: “I knew the song, just had never heard of this Rugrat guy before.”

This Rugrat guy?

You and me gotta talk, buddy.

And In Other News

A bill was passed in the Commonwealth of Virginia designating the Virginia big-eared bat as the official state bat. Oooh!

Lucy is not impressed.



  1. Tina is coming along beautifully!

  2. Beautiful!! Both Tina and the peacock shawl. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You’re right — totally right! Lace is awesome! I’ve just started my first lace project (Branching Out from Knitty) and I’m loving it!

  3. I am SO loving Lucy…what a gorgeous kitty she is!!

  4. Tina is looking so pretty now that you can lay her out in all her lacey glory.

  5. Tina looks beautiful even before blocking.

    Lucy is showing everyone that she has BIGGER ears. LOL!

  6. Lucy looks like she might be gearing up for a fine night’s bat hunting.

    Love the shawl.

  7. yayy! Tina doesn’t look like a crumpled rag any more! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Okay, you can take this for what it’s worth, because I have absolutely no first hand knowledge of this particular piece of information. But on the Heirloom Knitting List, Sharon Miller ( I think) recently stated that on a garter stitch edging, it doesn’t matter which way your decreases slant, you can do either one or the other. So, according to her, you could knit backwards, do whichever decrease is easiest for you depending on the circumstances, and the lace will look exactly the same. I don’t know though, I haven’t tried it.

    Your shawl is absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to do more lace!

  9. Yep. Tina is looking just beautiful, all right! Really gorgeous. . . . and that’s without being blocked yet. I can only imagine the glory that is to come.

  10. Oh, is Tina ever gorgeous! How could I have been so distracted by those peacock feathers in plumes? It will be worth all the flipping and turning soon! Very soon!

    By the way, does Virginia have so many types of bats that it is necessary to choose one above the rest? I think of the places in Texas where people gather to watch bats come out of their daytime hiding places to feed at night – by the thousands! Are the Caverns of Luray full of bat guano, too?

  11. Just awesome, Ms Wendy. And thanks a whole bunch. Now I’ve got the Runt album stuck in my mind. It is a nice diversion from The Dead, though.

  12. That shawl is incredible. I hope I’ll get to see the finished version when I’m next in DC – planning on Late Night at KH on 7-27!

    And I have to say, even though I’m allegedly a grown up, I do love the Rugrats! I do like Mr. Rundgren’s song a lot, too.

  13. I don’t remember seeing anything about it lately-
    how are things progressing with your book? Amy in Austin

  14. The shawl is fabulous. It gives me a nice goal. I’ve only just begun learning to knit lace. And I’m not doing well.

    Lucy is a cutie!

    Funny about the big eared bat. One of my (4) cats is named “Bat” because he had such freakishly large ears as a kitten.

  15. That shawl is looking great so far! And that picture of Lucy is too cute.

  16. Jacinta says:

    Once again I am in total awe of your lace knitting skills! Tina is breathtakingly beautiful!

  17. We have an official state bat? No one consulted me on this….and my furry kids are not impressed either.

  18. “Beautiful” has already been used so many times that I’ll throw in a Danish word: smukt! Really, that is some of the most gorgeous lace knitting I’ve ever seen… and it’s just a photo on my little screen!

  19. Ooooo. Maybe that was the bat that made up my chunky mail.

  20. Hee! Love it. Last time I flew on a plane the flight was delayed and all I could think was, “So glad I have my knitting with me.”

  21. Tina is truly LOVELY….
    and I have to agree with the
    calming effect lace knitting has….
    perhaps the commonwealth could pass a
    law requiring citizens to learn to knit
    Just THINK of the possibilities!

  22. Your lace knitting is awesome and inspires me to give it a try. Knitting backwards is one of those amazing techniques that is really worth mastering. I can’t believe I never know about it despite years of knitting until you mentioned it previously on your blog.


  23. My goodness, Tina is so pretty! Can I touch her?

    And Lucy looks like she’s saying “Bats? They taste like chicken.”

  24. Tina is just plain gorgeous. Knitting is VERY good for us, the process is good for us. This summer of lace is going to be very good for us. Knit on!

  25. Tina is so beautiful! But she looks painful to me. As in how do you keep track of where you are in a pattern row with your stitch count without ripping your hair out? I doing FBS and I think I frog or tink more than I knit! I use yellow stickie to move along the pattern row. 3 Stitches at a time. You can see them crossing the Grand Canyon on my blog because thats how I feel right now about FBS. It’s supposed to be a ‘nice’ knit for beginning lacers. I would be in tears with Tina! She is so pretty and beautifully complex. Like a fractal of nature.

  26. Katherine says:

    Tina is beautiful–I just took (April) a workshop on knitting Oremburg shawls from Galina Khmeleva–for what it’s worth, in Oremburg shawls, they pay no attention to direction of the decreases.

    I’ve just finished an Oremburg-style warm shawl (subject of the workshop) and have started a gossamer shawl for my future DIL to wear at her wedding.

  27. Maybe that’s why I had a dream last night about bats, or maybe it was from watching Batman over the weekend. Lucy you should be more impressed, they eat bugs, bugs are evil.

  28. Our drive from office to home-in-country takes us on a route which is crossed by a rail track. No matter how we try to vary our timing, we frequently encounter the slow freight train, which takes about 20 minutes to cross our road. DH spends his waiting time using language I can’t repeat. I see it your way – an opportunity to knit another few inches.
    Love the look of your shawl.

  29. Tina is looking gorgeous and hooray for cross-eyed lookin’ kitties! *reminded of the white cat from Fifth Element, so cute!*