My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


More Q&A

Brigitte asked:
How does Peacock Feathers compare to Tina as far as complexity and stitch repeats goes? I’ve been looking at it on Dorothy’s site for awhile now, but…me scared…!

I think that Tina is the more difficult. The construction is more complex and the stitch patterns more varied. I’d say go for the Peacock Feathers! The Fiddlesticks patterns are extremely thorough and well-written, and the charts are large and clear.

Kelly in New Mexico asked:
How do you store all your beautiful lace shawls that you’ve finished? Do you treat the yarn with anything to keep the shape of the blocking after you unpin them?

My shawls are folded gently and stored on shelves. I take them out periodically and refold them. So far, nothing has needed reblocking.

I don’t treat them with anything — just let them soak in warm water with wool wash, then rinse and squeeze out excess water before I pin them out. I knit shawls pretty much exclusively from wool, mohair, alpaca, silk, and cashmere. They all have blocked very well. I would imagine that synthetic fibers might not.

Renada asked:
Since Tina was a circular shawl, how did you start her?? I’m about fed up with my circular just feels so wrong to have 8 stitches split between three or four US7 needles…any advice??!!

Actually, Tina is a square shawl and is started by knitting the center square, then stitches are picked up all around the center square.

The only circular shawl I’ve made is the Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi shawl. And I agree with you — the beginning is really fiddly! It just occured to me that I start my Kitty Pi cat bed pattern the same way as well.

You probably already know this, but an excellent way to get started on a circular knit is to use Emily Ocker’s cast-on — Theresa of Spelling Tuesday has an excellent pictorial of that technique here.

I didn’t go to the office today — went to Knit Happens instead.

Tina went with me for a photo op.

Here she is being modeled by Holly:


And by Lara:


Don’t they look gorgeous? Thanks for modeling, you guys!

I made some progress on my Peacock Feathers.


Lucy worked at home.



  1. FYI – I am unable to look at the pictorial of the circular technique. I am curious to view and thought I’d let you know! Thanks.

  2. I want Lucy’s job!

    The shawl(s) are lovely. I am amazed at your speed and the beauty of your knitting.

  3. I’m so jealous you got to hang with H&L today at KH! Tina is so pretty!

  4. Tina turned out beautifully! I can’t wait to see your magic touch with the Peacock Shawl.

  5. Tina looks absolutely lovely, as do your models. I’m jealous that you got to spend the day at KH, but that’s what I get for living so far away. Peacock Feathers is looking fabulous and imagine you’ll have it finished by the end of the week!

  6. That Lucy!! She is such a work-a-holic!!!!I’ve never seen anything quite like it!!

  7. All this lace is fabulous. But last night when I was sitting at my wheel–going into my fourth hour, may have started to get delirious–I wondered what is happening with you and your spinning.

  8. The finished shawl is absolutely gorgeous – you are so incredibly talented…beautiful.

  9. Your “Summer of Lace” has hooked another – I just received a care package from my mother (check out photos at and it not only included 1400m of lace weight merino/cashmere blend, it included a collection of some of the best books on knitting lace that there are. I also have 1600yds of each of three colorways of hand dyed wool laceweight for practicing with. Yummy!

    I have a question for you, too. You have made an amazing collection of stunning shawls and scarves. Do they actually get wear time? Or are you more of a process knitter, and just love knowing they are safe in the closet, and there if you need them? I’m wondering if I should be cleaning out a linen closet for future shawls myself.

  10. Tina is beautiful with the models. The Peacock Feather shawl is also looking good. Can’t wait to see it finished by the end of the week!!

  11. Laura in Alameda, CA says:

    Lovely shawl! Got me back to working on my alpaca Pi shawl. You are right about the sythetics- they apear to be blocking, and then slowly revert to an unblocked state. Not worth it. Thank you for the Kitty Pi bed pattern. Although,(don’t tell Lucy), I made it for a small dog.

  12. It continues to amaze me how so little yarn can end up creating such a large intricate garment! Tina is beautiful – on and off the models!

  13. Hmmmm. I thought Tina was (is) easier, although definitely more work, quantity-wise. Her patterns seemed more predictable to me than the Peacock Feathers.

    Thanks for the fiddly-circular cast-on pointers. I’ve been struggling with one for the Frost Flowers from GoL and hadn’t found anything that came out well. (Because I need a fifth lace project going, yes I do.)

  14. Tina, Lucy…everyone is just beautiful!

  15. Ooh, lucky Holly and Lara! It looks so delicate but it must be nice and warm as well. Okay, signing up for Summer of Lace!

  16. Your shawl is gorgeous.