My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Knitting Not So Important

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I rarely talk about anything but knitting. But today, knitting is secondary.

I kept checking the CNN website all day, feeling more and more ill as reports came in about the atrocities committed in London. My heart goes out to everyone affected by today’s events.

Annie of the Going Underground blog did a great job of keeping us updated with posts throughout the day. And Annie, I’m so glad to know that you are safe.

Security was stepped up in Washington. It was a nerve-wracking day and every siren I heard made my heart skip a beat. Also unsettling to have armed transit police on the subway.

But I’ll leave you with a lighthearted image. And return to knitting talk next week.

The Knitting Bag Issue


Apparently, she wants all my knitting bags now.


  1. Lucy seems to be telling you . o O (All your bags are belong to us.)

    Fingers crossed that nothing happens in D.C. akin to what happened in London.

  2. I can hear Lucy now, “But Mom, I really like this one. And that one too. And ooh! That one looks comfortable. Remember mom, what’s yours is mine, right?”

    I too am grateful that nothing happened today in Washington. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  3. Me thinks, Lucy wants anything her Mommy has touched. Bless her little kitty heart. Gotta love her.
    May I add my prayers to those of others in the US.
    The British are strong and true. May God keep you in safety and peace. May the terrorists have no satisfaction in their hateful attack.
    Finally, may they regret this act forever.

  4. CatBookMom says:

    Thank you for the link to Annie’s Underground blog. It was helpful to about the event without the sensationalism that seems to be part of all the usual newscasts these days. Due to the innate dignity and stoicism of the English, as they showed all through the WWII Blitz, they have once again managed to take today’s horrors into calm perspective, to manage to deal with them and still get on with the other parts of life. I just wish we could truly send them all the support that they sent to us after 9/11.

    And about Lucy’s takeover of your knitting bags, well, that’s just a catly thing to do. When we had 4 cats, with black, brown, orange and white hair, they seemed quite carefully to distribute themselves and their excess hair according to which surface would best show off their coat colors. Now that we’re down to two all-black cats, they try very hard to spend their 16 hours of sleep per day so as to decorate all surfaces regardless of color without favoritism. Lucy is just reminding you that what is hers is hers and what is yours is hers, too, and she really needs all those surfaces for her sleeping areas.

  5. What you said, Wendy. Peace.

  6. Thank you for pointing me to Annie’s blog as another source of information. May your Friday at work fly by safely and swiftly. And may the weekend be gentle.

  7. I have to say, with all the people that were on those trains and the bus, and all the people who were wounded, it’s a miracle there weren’t more deaths.

    Still, I’m over here thanking God that all my British friends are expats.

  8. It’s lovely to know that life is going fine elsewhere, Lucy on her knitting bags: what’s the progress on the peacock shawl?

    Londoners do quietly defiant, although occasionally I feel the need for a yell!

    Thank you for all your good wishes ~x~

  9. Wendy, you are truly the blog queen. Thanks for pointing the way to Annie’s blog. As for cats, you’ve been trained.

  10. Thanks for being there, Wendy, in good times and bad. This action is not in keeping with the Summer of Lace!

  11. I thought of you when I heard WTOP’s metro stories.
    Nothing like guards with guns on the morning commute.
    BTW, I recognize that quilt pattern underneath Lucy. How
    sad is that! But then I also collect cat fabrics for quilts. 😎

  12. Well said, Wendy. Thanks for the link to annie’s blog.

  13. I’ll add my thanks to you for the link to Annie’s blog. Have a good and safe weekend. Love to Lucy!

  14. Lucy’s deserves all you knitting, Lucy?

  15. Lucy is just reminding you that what is your’s is her’s and wha is her’s is her’s. But would you pretty please buy some knittng bags because she doesn’t ahve quite enough yet?