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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


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Ann’s comment this morning (and Ann? sorry about the insomnia thing!) made me smile:
I think someone needs to do a study on the itsy bitsy vs. inky dinky phenomena. Where I grew up, it was itsy bitsy spider all the way — I don’t know that I could, in good conscience knit an inky dinky (even if I did possess the talent)

So . . . Inky Dinky or Itsy Bitsy?

I Googled Inky Dinky Spider.

In 1965 the song Inky Dinky Spider (sung by the Kids Next Door) was number 46 on the Canadian charts. (Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire was number 1. Just saying.)

I scrolled through the music site linked to above for a bit, overcome by waves of nostalgia. I was looking at a chart for January 1968, and there was a song listed by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. (Though they had them incorrectly called Dee, Dave, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. Jeez! Don’t these people know anything?) Hey! Have you ever been to the Official Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich website?

I have.

But, sady, I have no Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich music on my iPod. Must find a download of “Wreck of the Antoinette.” Oh! Oh! And “Mrs. Thursday”!

Am I alone here? Anyone else out there a Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich fan?

I do have a Tremeloes song on my iPod . . .

The Things You See . . .

During this morning’s commute, I saw a man wearng this tie.

Let me say here and now that I am and always have been completely and utterly creeped out by the Dancing Baby.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with a coworker years ago, in the early days of the internet:

Clueless Coworker: I have this really cute dancing baby thingie I have to email you.

Me: I’ve seen it. I think it’s creepy. Don’t send it to me.

Clueless Coworker: Where is that? I know I saved it . . .

Me: I’ve seen it. I think it’s creepy. Don’t send it to me.

Clueless Coworker: Don’t worry, I’ll find it and send it to you.


One More Thing While I’m Raving Incoherently

I am so sick of that freaking Subaru commercial that uses the song “Dust in the Wind.”

Why, Yes, There IS Knitting Content

If you’ve made it this far, I commend you.

Peacock Feathers went to work with me today, where she’ll stay for a while. I usually keep two or three shawls at the office, for that is where I wear them. One wall of my office is window, and there’s a radiator contraption along that wall that I control. If I have the a/c switched off, it’s too warm from the heat coming through the window. Switched on, it’s too cold. (Opposite problem in the winter.) Further, our conference room (the thermostat for which we cannot control) is set to “meat locker” year round. We have a lot of meetings, so I spend a lot of time in there, so the shawl is an important accessory. I’ve even had a couple of the guys beg me to loan them a shawl. Heh.

This morning I pinned the shawl out on a cubicle wall to attempt to take a full shawl photo.


Gross aside:
(please skip this paragraph if you do not appreciate discussions involving cat puke):
Note the lovely color of our cubicle walls. They are the exact color of cat puke after the cat has eaten Fancy Feast Salmon.

But the photos came out okay. Even though government offices are not really set up for fashion photography. I did complain about that to the guy who is charge of space reconfiguration. (Yep, we’uns is gonna get reconfigured at some point.)


But anyhow, I am very pleased with the shawl. And I’m glad I did all those stinking crochet loops because I think they do look nice.

Hope asked:
What was your favorite to knit, as in relaxing, yet interesting, lace shawl. I love the interest in design, but I don’t like to be married to a chart.

Do you, Hope, take this chart . . .

Get it? Married to a chart? Hahahahahaha!

I tend to like the patterns that change a lot. I get bored quickly and find myself demanding entertainment from my lace. (Dance, lace! Sing, lace!)

So I like the shawls that change a lot. Tina was fun because of that. The Shetland Garden Shawl that I’m working on right now is particularly fun, because (a) it is made up of Shetland lace motifs and I do so love me some Shetland lace motifs, (b) the further you get into the shawl, the more different motifs are knitted on each row, and (c) some of the wrong side rows have patterning. Mix it up baby!


Rebekah, while this yarn is single ply, it seems pretty strong. I think I’ll be able to block it without snapping it.

Lucy Sez


Happy Bastille Day!


  1. Tina? Change a lot? Oh, that’s right. It did before these miles of edging. Sing it with me: I can edge for miles and miles and miles…

    You know you’ve completely lost your mind when your kids give you Rorschach Tests based on the cat puke. “Hey, Mom! Doesn’t this look like George Washington?”

  2. Hi,

    I was brought up with ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ – Perhaps its a brit thing? Whatever it is I had to spend 10 mins wandering about the shop humming the tune to get ‘inky dinky’ and ‘itsy bitsy’ out of my head long enough for ‘incy wincy’ to come back. Well it is hot here, I think my brain has melted.

    Anna – Never yet been seen in a shawl but seriously tempted by Peacocks….

  3. Ah…the government cubicle. I kinda miss mine (I retired in 1997) and I didn’t have any gorgeous shawls to keep the chill out.

  4. In Australia, as in the UK, it is Incy Wincy. Inky dinky and Itsy bitsy are total unknowns to me – and sound so wrong!

  5. Itsy Bitsy, Inky Dinky, Incy Wincy? We sang about the Eency Weency spider. It must be regional. Whatever you call it, I am sure it will be a lovely project if you knit it.

  6. yup

    even in NZ – incy wincy spider.. oh well, what does it matter that dang spider was small.

  7. Heather says:

    Okay — it’s itsy bitsy, it just is, okay?

    Also, I can’t get freakin’ Meatloaf out of my head!!! thanks…NOT!

    I’d be happier if my freakin’ peakcock pattern would get here 🙁

  8. Wendy I don’t think Sherwin-Williams would hire you to name their paint — “why yes sir! We do have Fancy Feast Cat Puke Salmon!”…. LOL!!!!

    I hate that morbid zombie dancing baby too. Ick!

  9. Yup, definitely Incey Wincey here in UK.

    Peacock Feathers looks amazing – wonderful job!

    My mother bought me a DDDBM&T CD last Christmas, as a reminder of when she, my sister and I went to see them in the 60s. Her favourite is ‘Bend It’, mine is ‘Xanadu’ – don’t know about my sister.

  10. We native Southeastern Missourians do the EEnsy WEEnsy Spider, but I have heard Itsy Bitsy since I’ve had kids and have moved around several times. The other versions are news to me.

    I’m so relieved to hear that I am not the only person on earth who is UTTERLY creeped out by that dancing baby. I got a zillion of those in my email when it first came out and it was horrifying. Glad that fad has (mostly) passed. I cannot imagine the profound lack of taste someone would have to have to wear that baby on a TIE. (shudder)

  11. For all the London readers, as well as everyone interested in the cause of freedom, a site worth visiting…

  12. You are SUCH a riot Wendy. Don’t leave your day job to become a comedian. 🙂 And I hated that damn dancing baby too.

    But thanks for the answer to the shawl question.

  13. Itsy Bitsy Spider, definitely. I was very surprised the first time I heard “eensy weensy spider” on a commercial for kid’s songs. That’s just wrong. Wrong, I tell you.

  14. Over here in Singapore, it is eensie weensie spider. Goodness knows what it means though!

  15. Over here in California, I grew up with itsy bitsy. And I think it was that way on Sesame Street as well as the random Hollywood movie/tv show that would sing the spider song. Itsy Bitsy would be small, which makes sense. But, uh, what is Incy Wincy? Inky Dinky? Do they also mean small?

    And that yogurt commercial which features the “itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini” one hit wonder has probably indoctrinated me to itsy bitsy even more.

  16. We sang Eensy Weensy Spider…

  17. Ah, the age old debate continutes. Several years ago (note I said several) I was teaching my six-month old son “itsy bitsy spider”. My husband walked in the room and started singing along only he was singing “eensy weensy”. A few days later my grandmother came to visit and she sang “inky dinky”. I’m sticking to what I know and itsy bitsy it is. By the way Wendy, another beautiful creation!

  18. Itsy Bitsy Spiders are what we’ve got here in NJ, though I can accept that they’ve got inky dinky and eency weency relatives elsewhere. There’s really only so much I need to know about the geneological connections of spiders! And yes–that dancing baby freaks me out, too. Not a child I’d ever want in my house!

  19. …le jour de gloire est arrivee. (everybody sing!)

  20. Did you hear about Sponge Bob’s new gig? He’s going to be on packages of carrots, spinach, and citrus fruit! Let’s hope that your faithful blog readers will not be mailing you fruit this summer, and that you’ll see him at a grocer’s near you.

  21. I was the kid with the adenoid problem – indsy bindsy.

  22. Wendy, I’d be honored to wear one of your shawls. So I can understand why those other guys would ask you, too!

  23. I totally agree about the Subaru commercial..THAT creeps me out…the song, the cars turning to dust/trash/etc…not sure which is worse, the dancing baby or the Subaru commercial…oh!! Dancing Baby in the Subaru commecial…that would be dreadful.

  24. I HATE the Subaru commercial. I have TIVO and very rarely have to watch a commercial but I have been watching The Tour de France live every morning so I’ve had to endure that commercial about a million times a day. I’ve considered buying ad space on OLN so they won’t have to play it over and over and over again. One day they played it back to back. As always your blog brightened my day. Keep it up.

  25. Juliette says:

    Thanks everyone for the “Dust in the Dancing Baby’s Wind” I mind have to put out my mind’s eye (or ear)

  26. happy bastille day back at you 🙂
    Now lets see if I can figure out how to get the vidoe of the the fireworks up and running for you all on the blog!

    Oh yeah and I am so with you on that dancing baby. EEEK

  27. I was about to have serious envy over the fact that a fellow government employee had ANY control over their office temps, but then I saw your cubicle walls and I had to laugh. Mine are identical. Guess some things might be the same for govt. employees all over. ‘Course now, as I’m sweltering or freezing in the office and glaring with hostility at the placebo thermostat that controls nothing at all, I will also probably be thinking, “cat puke walls!”

  28. 1) Hated Dancing Baby, too. 😛
    2) Still grooving on the crocheted loops. Totally the right way to go.
    3) Vive la France! (Does the waiter race go by your office? My co-workers went downstairs to watch.)
    4) You must have had quite a day at work yesterday — this is the punchiest post I’ve seen in a while!
    5) Itsy Bitsy. NY/NJ area.
    6) Have a great weekend!!!

  29. My mom was from Missouri — spiders are eensy weensy there. (There must be a doctoral dissertation in linguistics in here somewhere.)

  30. You are just so dern cute.

  31. Just thought I’d share the first thought that came to mind as I was scrolling through your post today and saw the first picture of the peacock shawl pinned to the cubicle wall:

    Why is Wendy posting pictures of muppets in lingerie? It kinda looked like a close-up of a (hopefully) female muppet’s rear end in very nice, lacy underwear.

    Trust me, this is not something I sit around thinking about, but the first thought (allbeit strange thought) that popped in my head.

  32. The correct reference in Va is, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. It is a song by my favorite female singer, Carly Simon…

    The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout
    Down came the rain and washed the spider out
    Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
    And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again

    I believe in love
    And who knows where or when
    Bit it’s comin’ around again


    I know nothin’ stays the same
    But if you’re willing to play the game
    It’s comin’ around again


    Do we believe in love, or do we just believe in spiders? (Arachnophobia anyone?) (Yes, the “Who” reference is intentional 😉


  33. I agree, the dancing baby is very creepy – no question. You’d better watch Peacock – someone in your office might “misplace” it if you aren’t careful. Oh, and I grew up with itsy bitsy spider, for whatever that’s worth.

  34. Yeah.. itsy bitsy spider here and I still listen to a version of it by Little Richard sometimes when I need cheering up, he mini-raps and one part is “no no no no, he did not try again” and then he sings “oh but he did!” and that goes for like 3 times.

    I think nearly any commerical I see more than 2x a day, I get sick of.. dancing baby? no thanks!

    (for the next entry, wanna try the grey duck vs grey goose debate?? >;) )

  35. It was the itsy bitsy spider when I sang it as a child. But I would swear that my son’s nursery school version was the “eensy beensy” spider. Maybe it was “eensy weency” and I just remember it wrong? This will bother me until I call my son (age 30!) and ask him.

  36. Itsy bitsy spider in Texas, which is kind of odd since most of our spiders are huge.

  37. Wendy thanks. I think next time I attempt a single play yarn I’ll give it a bit of a test, the single ply I had used was terribly weak.

    Lucy your as cute as always.

  38. Our version (the one I taught my kids) was an inchy-winchy spider. Inch long, winching his way up the water spout. Just sayin’. Maybe all Mass. Canucks are this weird.
    Love the peacock. Congrats on another great job!
    My cats won’t touch FF Salmon. Or any of the fish flavors. At least, not this month. They are on a poultry binge. Except for the Maine coon, who can’t understand why his sibs like that wet stuff–he’s a Chow Chow Chow boy, all the way!

  39. Brigitte says:

    Hey Wendy… I didn’t even learn the rhyme until I became a nanny in Europe 20 years ago! I went to all french schools here in Canada, and even though we spoke 50/50 english/french at home, any of those rhymes were all in french.

    Can I ask you something? How do you SSK on the wrong (purl) side? I’m giving my Fiddlesticks Ginko Leaf tunic the cold shoulder because I can’t get them to look half decent!!! 🙁

  40. As for the TV commercial – that’s why I don’t have TV. Too much mind pollution in the world as it is – eg the dancing baby stuff.

    Still working on Marina and loving it,

  41. That baby thing always creeped me out too–I could not watch it… borderline disgusting to me!

  42. That looks like a good description of the cube wall. Isn’t there a redder Fancy Feast? Possibly Mackerel? I remember some lovely red “hairballs” on my cork colored carpet.

    Yup. Dancing Baby creeps me out, too. How that could have made Ally McBeal WANT a baby, I have no idea.

  43. Dorothy Peacock says:

    What a nice shawl! I really must get to work on mine again – the kit was a Christmas gift. You’ve got me wanting to work on it again. (my last name says why I NEEDED it)

  44. Eensy Weensy Spider here (in California). Never heard Inky Dinky until I read it here.

  45. Beautiful shawl, as always. What do your co-workers think seeing shawls hanging on your cubicle wall?

    Also, I agree with you on the Dancing Baby. It was Just Wrong. And there was a while where people applied that motion to tons of things so there was Dancing Random Thing. Ugh.

    And I never fed a cat anything that made cat puke that light, there is still that awful red mulch that people use that reminds me of cat puke after the cat has eaten cat tuna.

  46. That dancing baby creeped me out so much I almost stopped watching Ally McBeal. I had to leave the room when he showed up.

    Tried making a shawl, you make it sound so easy/fun-what a mess. I bought the Peace shawl pattern and can’t get past the first row of trees. I’m being so careful and yet I keep having the wrong stitch count, and ripping rows and rows. Can you recommend an easy starter pattern? I love the nitpickiness of charts and can’t figure out why I can’t do this!

    I LOVE LUCY. Sic her on the dancing baby, if she isn’t resting.

  47. I’m afraid I’ve never heard of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. However, I consider myself a fan of Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds, if that redeems me at all. (I’m betting not.) 🙂