My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Promise

The next time you see this:


Will be when I show you blocking photos. A rash promise, I realize, but hopefully one I can keep.

In thinking ahead, I wound my Java Suri Alpaca into a ball.


As you can see from that photo, the resident yarn inspector has checked it out thoroughly. She pronounces it fit to use for the Inky Dinky Spider Stole.

Said Yarn Inspector is just plumb tuckered out from her battles with the evil emery board.


I know how she feels. I do believe I’ll join her.

Toodles til next week!


  1. Oh, my – that alpaca looks gorgeous! How well does varigated laceweight usually work with such a complex pattern? I’d think the colorway and the lace might compete.

  2. Priscilla says:

    All your knitting looks wonderful, especially the lace. I am new to this blog, but I’ve already found lots of helpful tips from everyone. Speaking of cats, I am a big cat fan. Ever seen the EDS commercial “Herding Cats?”

  3. What exactly was it about today that was just so bone-draining tiring? My office mate and I each could’ve just crawled under our desks today and siesta’ed. Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I love your Norwegian baby sweater @ and will send you a photo when I have time to do it. It made me think you might be a good source to explain what Debbie McComber means by “Norwegian casting on” in A Good Yarn. Just realized I could go to her website and ask her, too. But do you know?

  5. Watch out, Lucy! The Java Spider is coming!

  6. I’ve tried and tried and I can’t get my cat, also Lucy, interested in emery boards. She just wants a little dixie cup of water in every room! Jane

  7. Where did you get the ball winder attachment for your laptop?

  8. She certainly likes that bag, doesn’t she?

  9. Maybe Lucy was checking to make sure there were no real spiders involved in the knitting of the inky dinky spider shawl?? 😉

  10. I’m glad the pretty yarn passed inspection! Can’t wait to see blocking pictures.

  11. Wendy – I love that olive green yarn. Do you remember where you got it? The shawl is gorgeous! I love to see the shawls in more unusual colors.


  12. Hope you are finding a way to stay cool…
    Lucy is an EXCELLENT Yarn Judge!
    We need to make her some teensy tiny glasses
    she can perch on the end of her nose….

  13. Okay, I’ll admit that I thought you were a bit daft about cats and emery boards. But I also believe that everything is potentially a cat toy. So, I gave an emery board to my girly kitty. It was love. Then I had to get another one for the boy kitty to avoid a feline war.

    Once again, I bow to your wisdom.