My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mmmmmm . . . Toast!

Last night I dreamed about buttered toast. (As I usually dream about yarn, I find this mildly alarming.)

I forgot all about the dream until I saw a coworker this morning with some buttered toast. I felt a sudden surge of desire and had to fight the impulse to grab the toast from her unsuspecting fingers. Because that would have been Wrong.

What does this have to do with knitting? Well . . . nothing, really. Except I’ve been yearning for buttered toast all day.


Yah, I got knitting. But how many times can I show you the pre-blocked Inky Dinky Spider Stole and say “Ooh! Look at my progress.”


At least several more times.

This is boring. The patterns I’m knitting now are the same patterns I knitted on the other side of the center.

(Insert big yawn)

But I am hoping to finish this dratted thing lovely stole within one more week. And then . . . the blocking! I dearly love blocking lace!


Yup, I do believe Inox Greys and Aero circulars are the same needle. Here is one of each, side by side.

The points:


The joins:


Babes in Blogland

I stumbled across a couple more Baby Norgis in progress in Blogland:

Felica’s and Diana’s. Looking good, ladies!

This Just In

Why, yes, I did order “Dew” from the Kim Hargreaves site. In the “Meadow” colorway.

Coming Tomorrow . . .

Stash enhancements pix. Lucy can’t wait!



  1. How is the cord on the Inox circular? It looks like the stiffer type. Does it impede your knitting or do you have some secret trick to straighten stubborn circulars?

  2. Ah, Stash enhancements – can’t wait. I was in Durango, Colorado, this weekend and visited Gossamer Webs. Some yarn found it’s way into my car. I got some cashmere & silk yarn on sale! My husband wanted to buy all they had….but I have limited use for pale pink. Talk about enablers! He can be really dangerous.

  3. Oh I love that Meadow KSH. I have some for the short version of Marianne in Rowan 37. Mmmmm…

  4. I’m coming out of occasional lurkdom to recommend this butter to you…

    Country Crock Cinnamon spread. So.Good. So. Addicting.

    I just had that buttered toast craving Sunday evening…nothing like thin pepperidge farm bread…with that cinnamon butter! mmmm. enjoy!

    Summer of lace…your lace knits have been stunning and inspring…I’m about to start my second lace for the summer…the FBS!

  5. Sometimes it’s better to give in to the craving, whether it be chocolate, buttered toast, yarn…sushi! Mmmm….freshly buttered warm cinnamon raisin bread on a cold morning. Mmmm…

  6. Oh, crap!! Why did someone have to say warm cinnamon raisin bread? I feel a trip to the store coming on.

  7. I always give in to the call of buttered toast with cinnamon! I have heard it said that if you crave it, your body needs it, and I will remember that later this week at Stitches Midwest. I will crave more yarn. Also – my Baby Norgi turned out well but my grandson has already outgrown it. Bummer.

  8. Hee hee. I knew you would. Hee hee. I knew you would!!!

  9. I am not positive, but I believe that Inox bought Aero a fews years ago. This may be why the needles are the same.

  10. I think the joins on the smaller sizes are different. I am knitting some lace on a #1 and the aero join doesn’t catch as much as the inox join. I really wish I had the aero finish on an addi #1 (I can’t use the addi for this – too much glare).

    Someday somebody will make circs that are perfect for fine lace knitting.

    BTW – aero #0 dps are my favorite sock needles – I have 8 sets of them. Some people hoard yarn, I hoard sock needles.

  11. Mmm … Inox is Aero? I have some small Aero circulars to supplement the Denise set … and I like them. They are not expensive either.

  12. Hmm, they DO look an awful lot alike, don’t they?

  13. kelly_tsari says:

    Ahh..buttered toast… *sighs dreamily*
    Love the Lucy back-arch pic ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve been using Pony circulars all this while. Is Aero better? If it is, I might as well get them since they’re just a couple dollars more each. Thanks in advance!

  14. Oh, dear. At first I was wondering why you were showing us an extreme closeup of a black, three-tined fork. Then I actually read the relevant part of the blog entry and realised that the item being photographed was the grey stuff, not the black stuff. I think I need some help. Or some sleep. Possibly both…

  15. GREAT! now *I* want some goddamned buttered toast!! thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Well if they are the bloody same, do they cost the same as well?

  17. Try Jelly Bellys in the buttered toast flavor. Heaven. A little cup of those on your desk… MMM!

  18. Jocelyne says:

    MMM ! For me, it’s home made pancakes this morning, with lavender honey from my father’s bees!
    And i’m going back to Provence ….without computer again …No more knitting blogs for a while !

  19. Ah,Lucy! Today’s pic is so alluring! I won’t give a second glance to the flirtatious calico now! Purrrr!

  20. Not only are you a yarn enabler (and needles), but now food! Toast sounds fabulous right now.

  21. I remember reading somewhere that Julia Child once said that her favorite food was hot buttered toast–something perfectly simple, yet sublime. I can understand the craving. This may be the first time I’ve posted–I’m not sure. I’ve been following your knitting for a while. I almost posted a while ago about an exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art. There is an amazing exhibit of lace items (though none knitted) from the Cone collection–well worth seeing. The “lace” installations of a contemporary artist are also featured–this woman creates huge panels of “lace” using prepared fabric and a knife. The panels are reminiscent of stained glass, albeit in black and white.

    Thanks for the beautiful knitting!

  22. Glad to hear that I’m not the only person sitting in a toasterless office craving buttered toast (or with brandied honey!)

  23. libwitch says:

    Yum, hot buttered toast with a cup of hot tea – great comfort foo. Better yet, with a little sugar and cinammon on it (although I must confess I don’t eat this enough to buy the premade sugar mixes, much elss cin. butter. I didn’t even know they made that!)

  24. Oh, great. Now I’m craving buttered toast, too.

  25. Somehow I equate toast with fall. You know, the warmth. I think you’re thinking ahead to fall. And to fall shawls. Or maybe I’m just going further on the toast tangent than is necessary…

    I wonder how big the stole will come out. Have you ever blocked on cork boards on a wall?

  26. A while ago my mom gave me a whole pile of old knitting needles. Recently I needed a particular size, so I went to my bag of needles and pulled out some old Boye plastic needles. Turns out I love them!!! They are flexible, kind of soft and really pointy. I have also used some of the old circular plastic needles and I love them, too. They are sort of molded all in one piece so the joint is very smooth. I think they might be Boye, too, but they are not marked. Have you used those ole plastic needles? Vicki