My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Pledge to Oliver’s Fund!

Kindly note the Paypal button over in the sidebar. Our blog friend Emma has a beautiful little boy, Oliver, who needs some equipment so his family can give him the best care they can. If you would like to help, you can click on the button to donate via Paypal. Thank you!

Oh, and Claudia? I totally stole the button code off your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

I Have It On Good Authority . . .

. . . that Helen’s Laces and Jaggerspun Zephyr are the same base yarn.

Helen’s Laces is two-ply, btw (in answer to a comments question).

To Wrap or To Tie? That is the Question.

Becky asked:
I’m curious: How do you wear triangular shawls? Do you wrap them casually around your shoulders and keep the ends loose, or do you wear them snug by tying the ends together? (I’m of the wrap variety.)

I’m a wrap girl myself, Becky! I generally wear my shawls when I’m sitting in my office at work. The temperature there fluctuates dramatically, so a shawl is perfect — I can put in on and take it off easily without messing with sleeves or fasteners.

I do have a pretty shawl pin that I’ve never used.

To Variegate or Not to Variegate? That is the Question.

Mary asked:
While I adore the colors of your new shawl, I’m wondering about using variegated yarn for lace projects. It looks like the changing colors sort of obliterate the effect of the lace patterning action going; or is it just that the lace pattern doesn’t show up well on the computer? I’ve never watched anyone up close working on variegated lace, that’s why I’m asking. It’s that overpowering effect on the computer that stops me from using vg yarn.

Well yeah, variegated yarn can obscure a pattern if you’re not careful. But Inky Dinky was knitted in variegated and looks just fine I think.

Remember, the photo I posted of my current shawl yesterday shows it pre-blocking. The lace pattern opens up a lot after it’s blocked.

I think a variegated looks better if your lace isn’t too complicated. The Woodland Shawl fits that description — the top part of it is an all-over leaf lace, and then the bottom has trees. But the final test will be after it’s blocked.

Speaking of Inky Dinky

I took Inky Dinky to Late Night tonight. Holly and Maeve kindly held Inky out to its full width. Here it is, full frontal!

(Anyone googling “full frontal” is gonna be so disappointed when they get this page.)


Holly tried it on. Cute!


4-ply Katie tried it on. Cute!


And our Phyl-Phyl tried it on.


We love our Phyl-Phyl.


P.S. to Christina

Lucy says “That’s okay — as long as you know now that I am a girl!”



  1. Inky Dinky looks great. Those Late Nights look like a lot of fun.

  2. I also think that Inky Dinky looks great. What length needle do you use with your lace shawls?

  3. The B.O.W. says:

    Inky dinky is wonderful but now that The Wendy has done it, it has been done. There’s no point in continuing onward with life and lace.

  4. Steal my buttons anytime.


  5. Another amazing lace shawl! I always loved seeing them modeled because you get a good sense of how fine they really are.

  6. I love Phyl-phyl too … she looks so cute with the skein-hat!

  7. ::blushes:: Thanks, Lucy!

  8. Stunning shawl!

    Isn’t it grand the way the knitting community is taking hold of Oliver’s Fund?! Love it! I also did a button for the fund which Claudia was gracious enough to put on her blog.

  9. Good heavens, Inky is GORGEOUS. I love how Phyl-Phyl is wearing it. Reminds me of Prince’s “Kiss” video. Hehe.

  10. I’ve been trying to think of the word to describe your shawl – now I’ve got it – ethereal (sp?). It is So beautiful. Love to Lucy.

  11. Oh lands! I must remember that cameras are present at Late Night.

  12. I like to see the shawls modeled :0) No worries about fit. As soon as it cools down here in the Colorado desert, I am casting on. What happened to the scarf that was on the works in progress list – I meant to ask about it before, but see it is not there now.

    and thanks for the Oliver’s fund link.

  13. I love it! The one of it being held up is so pretty- I just love how it’s so delicate and transparent!

    I am going to put a Paypal button for Oliver on my blog, too– Emma seems like such a sweet person and good mother. I love how the knitting community loves to help out!!

    And I saw a Fancy Feast commercial this morning that reminded me of Lucy. The fluffy kitty was sitting on a pillow, staring into the mirror, and the voice-over says, “Imagine living in a world where you are told you are pretty, oh so pretty, 50 times a day…” It was really cute. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Inky dinky is the biggest shawl I’ve seen so far! WOW.

  15. I found a book called “A Gathering of Lace” at my local library, it has some beautiful shawls, even ones that include near-sleeves. However, I can’t even figure out the first shawl, called the “Beginninger’s Triangle” between the supposed repetition and the loop for each end of the diamond, I’m lost. It’s a good thing it’s a library book, else it would have been OUT the window by now!

    but I love all the shawls you’ve done lately and I thought they would be so perfect for my workplace since they have AC on and it’s nearly fall-like weather! oh well.

  16. Are you sure they’re holding something up? Seriously though, the Inky Dinky is so transparent, what fine work. I think it is much more beautiful on your models than by itself.

  17. I love your shawls. I’ve been lurking most of the summer. Um, can I blame you that I have two started and two planned with yarn in stash. LOL

    I prefer to use variegated yarns when I can. Keeps the knitting more interesting for me.