My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


We Are Not JLo

Stinkerbell asked:
Why the triangle shawl? Living in Euro-Land people here wear the scarf style/pashmina/stoles all the time. And I am tempted to make one in that style. But triangle…. I don’t know how to wear it. I mean it points in a direction and at an anatomical part that I am not sure I should be drawing attention to anymore… Non?

My dear Tink, you do make an excellent point. We are not JLo. We do not make a habit of featuring . . . ahem . . . that part of our anatomy. Nor (at least in my particular case) should we.

However, I do love triangular shawls. Fortunately, most of the triangular shawls that I have made are long enough so they adequately cover the derriere.

Marlena asked:
Seeing your hank of Helen’s Lace reminded me of a question: how do you wind your laceweight yarn? I am about to embark on my first lace projects (inspired by your summer of lace), and don’t know if it would be wise to use my ballwinder and swift for the task.

Not only do I use my swift and ballwinder to wind laceweight yarn, but I use an electric ballwinder. And have had no problems whatsoever. (My ballwinder is the Schacht 8 oz ballwinder shown here.) I use the electric winder for almost everything. Exceptions are skeins that are tangled, very fragile yarns, or mohair.

Jon asked:
I won 1000 yds of laceweight cashmere at Stitches Midwest and want to knit some lace for my mother. I’ve never really done lace knitting before and I want some thing extra-ordinary for her.

Do you have any suggestions for a pattern that’s fairly easy and will use that amount?

1000 yards of laceweight cashmere . . . sigh . . .

How about the Flower Basket Shawl from Fiber Trends? According to the pattern, for a small shawl 34″ deep by 68 ” across the top you need 750 yards of laceweight and for the large shawl 45″ deep by 90″ across the top you need 1100 yards. The large size seems pretty huge to me — if your mom is petite, you could definitely get away with making the smaller shawl. Or you could possibly do one in-between small and large.

Another idea is the Leaf Lace shawl — also from Fiber Trends.

Even More Stash Enhancement

Last week I got my kit to knit Dew that I ordered from Kim Hargreaves. Mailed from the U.K. on August 9, it reached my post office (package was registered so I went to the P.O. to sign for it) on August 17. Pretty speedy shipping.

The kit came packed in a nice white box, lined with tissue paper and tied with white ribbon — lovely presentation!

It includes the pattern printed on nice heavy stock, the yarn in the “meadow” colorway that I selected, a Kim Hargreaves label, and matching beads, which are used in the flower corsage. It looks lovely and I’m bettng I’ll start knitting it as soon as the weather cools down some.


In the meantime, I am knitting away on the Woodland Shawl.


And Lucy cares not one bit whether her butt looks big.



  1. Ahhhh — but Lucy has a beautiful tail to take care of any derriere comments. Meadow will be terrific for Spring and Summer 2006! And did you say Stash Enhancement — that seems to be an infectious disease lately — but I do love those packages!

  2. Lucy surrounded by Colinette and Manos? Does it get any better than that?

  3. The colors in your Woodland shawl . . . wow, they’re just lovely!

  4. I LOVE this shot of Lucy … I can see her eyes so clearly this time … and they are gorgeous!

  5. I love your woodland shawl, and I really like the Dew kit.
    Which makes me have to ask, my youngest daughter has to wear uniforms to school this year, which cuts out her signature color of purple. I’ve been looking like mad for a cardigan to fit a 7 year old, that’s somewhat light and lacy and can be knit in purple. I can find tons of adult ones-and I’m not so good at adjusting patterns for a smaller size. Or a larger.
    Can you suggest a pattern? She really wants something lacy, but not kiddish. We find lots of kiddie looking stuff. That she dismisses.

  6. Dew is such a lovely design and you’ve selected a great color for it. I’m trying ever so desperately to curtail yarn purchases, but I’m afraid you are a very bad influence! While checking out Kim Hargreave’s site, I too found something very hard to resist. Must stop buying yarn, must stop buying yarn, must stop buying yarn…well, maybe next week I’ll stop buying yarn.

  7. Yes, but Lucy is lovely and petite. I too am thinking I need a few of the Hargreaves designs — I wonder if that curly scarf is going to be all over the place?

  8. Do I spy your kitty bed pattern as well as an ab fab in the background? I am a geek!

  9. your shawl is gorgeous! i must pull out the lace! and electric that’s what i’m talking about. i’ve never seen one of those.

  10. Oooh, love the colors on the Woodland shawl. I was a bit suspicious when I saw the pictures of it on the ball, but it looks like it’s coming out beautifully. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. This is not fair!! Finally found knitting blogs and (following your link) a knitting shop with lovely yarn and young modern patterns… and I find that up to six month ago I lived 1/2 hour away from where that shop is based!!! It’s not fair! Now I’m in Mexico and need my computer to keep me with knitting company. At least I am gettin my fill of what’s available for knitters in the USA (since I am living quite nearby by still in Mexico). Cheers for your excellent blog!

  12. The Woodland Shawl’s colors are so lovely. Puts me very much in mind of fall, and apple picking for some reason ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. thank you ever so brillaint Wendy for making my question funny ๐Ÿ™‚

    Even with it covering the bum I am not sure I would know how to pull of the triangluar deal, but at least I guess I can think about it…

  14. My favorite way to wear a triangle shawl is to wear it sideways (say, on my left shoulder), across the back over the (right) shoulder. Then I flip the end of the shawl hanging and flip the front point over the opposite shoulder (in this case the right shoulder. This will twist the shawl and show the wrong side. Depending on what your wrong side looks like, the contrast can look very nice. The other way is to fold up the shawl at the top of the shoulders, making the point sit higher up on my back.

  15. Wendy, you’ll have to let us in on how the Kim Hargreaves kit goes. I am wanting to make Joy (in the summer collection), Hawthorn in blue, and Flourish (though I’ve never crocheted!). I am not a fan of Kidsilk Haze though, and I want someone else to finish one of her patterns and make sure it’s all error free before I spend my budgeted yarn money. I really don’t want a bunch of KSH sitting around with a pattern I can’t use…

  16. All this talk about covering your butt (literally) and shawl lengths has me wondering: is there a standard width that you should shoot for on shawls? I’m getting close to finishing the Os and Vs shawl from Martha Waterman’s Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls, and she says her circle was 34″ across, which seems a bit small to me. Mine looks like it will end up closer to 42-44″ across. How do you know what sizes to shoot for?

  17. Do you wind your whole hank on your ball winder? Is yours bigger than the Brother/Royal one that’s everywhere, including my house?

    I had a large hank of lace (maybe it was fingering) yarn for a stole, and had to split it into four balls (!), and then rejoin (!!) in the stole. Now I have a hank from Nadia Cashmere and want to knit with no ends, but have it come from a center-pull ball.

  18. Must…have self…control…must not…go to…Kim Hargreaves site….


  19. I am waiting for my Dew kit to arrive as well. Did they send you a pattern for the flower or is it pre-made? (In the description, it sounded pre-made… which made me a little nervous, dye-lot wise and all.)

  20. I’m liking your Woodland Shawl more and more every day. Are you going to make the pattern available to us?