My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Another thrilling blog entry title, no?

And it’s another thrilling day chez Wendyknits. We went to work, we knitted on the train and at lunchtime.

But we did head over to Knit Happens after work.

4-ply Katie modeled the Woodland shawl.


4-ply Katie is a great model. Hmmmmm . . . must remember that . . .

We did get some good news at the office today. All of the people who staff our field office in New Orleans are safe. Needless to say, the office is currently closed. In fact, we don’t yet know if there still is a field office in New Orleans. And most of our staff in that office don’t know if they still have homes. Sitting here in the cozy comfort of our homes in the D.C. area it is hard to comprehend the horror and the enormity of the effect of Katrina. (Pretty much all we had were was an ominous looking sky, spots of rain, and some breezes.) So, I donated some of my yarn money to the Red Cross to do my little bit. Cuz every little bit helps, right?

And L-B sent me this link: PetsMART Charities Disaster Relief.

So Lucy (with a bit of help from me) donated her catnip money.



  1. Your work is stunning! How are your wrists holding up with all this lace?

  2. Gorgeous shawl!

  3. the more i see the woodland lace, the more it intrigues me.

  4. I am glad to hear that someone has gotten good new from New Orleans. I lived there for 3 years and am sick to death over what is happening to that beautiful place. Sigh. My DH and I are really regretting not having gone back there since we left. We both know that it will NEVER be the same. Those buildings are too old and made of alot of plaster. They just won’t hold up underneath all that water. But, the important thing to remember are the people. Thankfully, your coworkers are safe. We will hopefully get a lot of people donating and assisting the cause for the poor people of the south. Let’s pray for them all.

  5. I love those colors. Your work is amazing.

  6. Katie is indeed a beautiful model. Sorry I missed it tonight. Glad to hear your co-workers are safe.

  7. Wendy, thanks so much for that link – I confess my thoughts today had turned to the welfare of companion and shelter animals down there! And Lucy, thank you for donating your catnip money – Abby and Dill will follow your very good example.

    The shawl and model are both lovely.

    I blame you completely for my new laceknitting addiction.

  8. Wendy, I apologize for posting again but I can’t find your e-mail. The Louisiana SPCA moved their animals to Houston via climate-controlled trucks; the Houston shelter is in need of donations to help house the over 260 new animals, since there is obviously no building for the animals to be sent back to. For more info:

  9. And a lovely shawl it is, and particularly on the Kate-ster.

  10. Of course another beauty made from your hands and mind!!!!! The pattern is simply gorgeous and I love the color way of yarn you chose. I have one question about the yarn….
    Do you find the lace yarn from KnitPicks as good as others??? The only reason I ask is because I have bought yarn from them and have been happy with it but I am new to lace knitting and have not purchased any of there lace yarn yet?! I’d like to save $ since gas is sooo expensive, but don’t want to go to so much work to find the yarn not a good quality. Thanks!!

  11. Wendy, thanks for the link to PetSmart Charities. My cats were happy to send off their catnip money also ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. You and Lucy are both to be commended for your charity, and your shawl is GORGEOUS.

  13. Your work is actually amazing ! Your Woodland Shawl is so so… well my english is not extented enough to find the good word but I love it. You really should sell the pattern !

    Val from Brittany in France

  14. JerseyGirl says:

    The shawl is just gorgeous. I feel much better now knowing that I wasn’t the only one donating the cat’s stash of money. Kitty asked me to pony up to the SPCA on her behalf of course. Her and Lucy make me proud!

  15. Stunning shawl!

    Thanks for link re: pets and NO.

  16. Hi Wendy-Glad your co-workers are safe. You might know I grew up in New Orleans-my niece goes to Tulane and made it out. I first grew to love fiber at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (where I went to high school) and took a weaving and spinning class. I have so many memories of places-smells of the food and coffee-and of course the truely wonderfully friendly folks. And the music! How can such richness be lost? I play Zydeco in mourning as I skein the latest batch of yarn…Kathy

  17. Beautiful shawl. Yep, every little bit helps so it was nice of you and Lucy to donate your fun money to the red cross. You’re a very thoughtful bunch.

  18. The Woodland Shawl looks even prettier being modeled than it did in its solo pictures. Brava, Brava!!!

  19. > So Lucy (with a bit of help from me) donated her catnip money.

    And knowing cats, she’s going forget and ask tomorrow “Hey, where’s my catnip”? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gorgeous shawl. I can’t wait for a pattern to become available!

  20. I have waived chocolate and clothing for donations to help the people AND animals in LA, AL and MS. Don’t forget the pets/animals that also have lost their homes and their people. Humane Society of the United States has a mobile unit and people on site, to help with relocating, reconnecting with people and medical aide.

  21. Wendy your own designs shawls are every bit as stunning as the ones you knit from other designers. Maybe you should publish a booklet of seasonal lace shawls (maybe 4 or 8 patterns).

  22. And you other federales out there, don’t forget the FEEA in the combined federal campaign. That’s the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund…..helping your fellow workers out in emergencies and tragedies…..

  23. Long time lurker here….

    Your lace is inspirational. Seriously amazing. The Woodland Shawl takes my breath away. The colors, the pattern…I’m drooling.

    For all the animal lovers out there, you can also donate to the Humane Society online, at

  24. Wendy it’s been ages since I’ve posted to your blog. Today I was sitting here reading with tears in my eyes because my daughter is in Biloxi Mississippi stuck in hurricane hell. I’ve gotten word from the Military finally that she is safe, but conditions are awful there without power and food and water are running out for the whole Air Force base (Keesler). They’ve all been detained to the shelter until further notice. It hurts so much because I was thinking there wasn’t a damn thing I coild do to help her, that is until I read your blog today. I guess it didn’t occur to me there were other ways to help all the victims in both areas. Thanks for reaching out and smacking me in the head! I needed it today of all days.

  25. Thank you for the link to PetSmart Charities – my boys just sent a couple months’ catnip money off to them as well.