My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Give a Little

If you haven’t already read Margene’s and/or Susan’s blog entries from this morning, please do so.

When I was going in to work this morning I was thinking about what else I could do to help the victims of Katrina. Then I discovered that Margene and Susan are already doing it.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Donate online or by phone (1-800-HELP-NOW) to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

2. Let Margene and Susan know the amount of your donation by sending them an email at givealittle AT Put your name and the amount donated in the subject line.

3. If you would like to donate a prize to the cause, send an email to the ladies at the same address, givealittle AT, and put “prize” in the subject line. (I have donated my recently-completed Peacock Feathers shawl as a prize for this cause. Margene tells me that they will set up an auction for it — I’ll be sure and post the link when the auction is set up.)

Margene and Susan will keep a tally in their sidebars to keep us current on the amount donated. And they’ve got a new blog up, with the prizes they’ve received thus far listed.

You ladies are wonderful. Period.

I was thinking about all this on my way home this afternoon. I got off the air-conditioned train and into my air-conditioned car. I stopped at the clean, well-stocked grocery store to pick up a few things before heading home to my sleek, well-cared for kitty in my comfortable air-conditioned home. All things I mostly take for granted.


Yeah, I think I need to give a little. And then a little more on top of that.


Still working away on the Vårblommor shawl. I’m happily working away on the border pattern (not to be confused with the edging pattern), however, it still looks like a crumpled pile o’ crap.


Will this crumpled pile o’ crap magically turn into lace when I block it? Will the pattern emerge into loveliness? Or will it remain crap? The suspense is killing you, I know.

I have my doubts about the border pattern. Only time and blocking will tell. Of course, if I were a good girl, I would have swatched the border pattern and blocked it so I could see how it would work.

But really. Where’s the excitement in that?


  1. Right…what is the fun in blocking???

    I never do..just fly by the seat of my knitting needles.

  2. The generosity of so many have just brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your beautiful and enormous gift, Wendy. Every little thing we can do will help so many.

  3. Wendy, you are amazing to donate your shawl and rally your readers. I just don’t feel that Margene and I can thank you enough. And I pushed Margene to auction your shawl, since that’s the only way I had a chance at it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I think this is a great idea!! My extended family in the Gulf lost everything, but are very thankful that they still are alive. I visited my relatives in New Orleans and along the Gulf coast in February of this year and had a great time. I just cannot believe that within a week’s time, it has been totally destroyed. I live in N.J. I told my husband that if I win the lottery tomorrow, every dollar of it will be spent to help everyone rebuild some of what they lost, although I know I can’t rebuild their spirit. Every little bit does make a difference. Thanks again for a wonderful idea!!

  5. Thanks for promoting this.

    I’m off work for a few weeks after surgery. The TV channels are heavily promoting some Red Cross drive through donation points (money only), but really! Let’s save gas; it’s already almost $3.00 a gallon here! I should drive 30 miles to the Rose Bowl to drop off a donation?

  6. Susan G. Komen, Oliver’s Fund, American Red Cross — you do more than inspire me to knit, you inspire me to give. Thanks, Wendy, for being so much more!!

  7. Thank you, Wendy, for the ARC Disaster information. I’m going there now. Like you, and many others, I have been so saddened by all this. I was looking around at my house over the weekend complaining because I need to paint or wallpaper. Jeez — at least I have walls! I’m not going to take it for granted anymore. Thanks for inspiring me!!!

  8. Another great place thats doing a relief effort for people who like to get soemthing back is craftrevolution:
    They have a shop up to sell items, all donated by indie designers and the money goes to the red cross:

    (and they even have yarn)

  9. People who want to donate to the Red Cross should know that they can give through their local chapters as well as the national website and donation number. The national site is sometimes very busy while local chapters have volunteers ready to take donations to pass on to the hurricane fund. I know, I work at one ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Knitting without swatching. Extreme knitting at its finest!

    The Red Cross and the Humane Society both need our help desperately. To be stranded AND worried about my cats? Unfathomable.

  11. why ruin the spontaneity by doing a swatch? this is far more exciting.

  12. I’m there with you…Margene and Susan are great for getting the ball rolling…and with such great coordination too!

  13. thanks for letting folks know about Margene and Susan’s efforts and it is quite generous of you to donate the shawl.

  14. Lorraine Magrath says:

    Hi Wendy.

    I am a former resident of the Gulf in US. I left in 1994 when I decided to pursue a second career as an educator. I am now a professor living in Alabama. But, everyone I hold dear still lives in South Mississippi.

    I am deeply moved by your call for those who read your blog to donate to the Red Cross. Thank you for your kindness and your efforts and your concern.

    However, I know from communicating with people on the Coast of Mississippi (and from the news stories on TV) that the Red Cross did not arrive in Mississippi until yesterday! And FEMA is not there yet. The Red Cross has a very limited presence in Mississippi and has not yet arrived in Louisiana. When interviewed, the current head of the Red Cross indicated that the Red Cross was not there because it was too difficult to “get in.” However, news crews and citizens have not had trouble returning. (As an example, some of my family evacuated to my home in Troy. They have returned to the Coast of Mississippi without problem. Other family members evacuated to other places and have returned.) If my family and other “citizens” can “get in,” I am puzzled as to why the Red Cross could not. I am puzzled as to why the Red Cross could not air lift food and water to people who had none. (I am also confused as to why FEMA (and the amazingly inefficient and inept Homeland Security Agency) could not provide any relief. But I suppose that is another story.) While I applaud your effort and your concern, I am not sure that those who donote to the Red Cross to aid hurricane victims will see their dollars put to use in an effective manner.

    I ask that anyone who reads this take a minute to email their government representatives and ask those representatives to take action immediately to help the victims in Mississippi and, more importantly, those victims in New Orleans, LA who are dying because the Red Cross and FEMA will not air lift or otherwise supply food and water. (Please notice that I did not say “cannot” air lift because conditions are such that air lifts are possible. In fact, air lifts have been possible since immediately after the hurricane.)

    Again, we all appreciate your concern. But please turn on CNN (or another national network) and watch what is happening. Listen to politicians applauding each other. And listen to people asking “Where is the Red Cross?” Please ask your readers to respond to this tragedy by asking “Why?”

    Thank you.

  15. Wendy – regarding your current knitting project – you are wondering if it will look like a heap of crap when you are finished . . . have you EVER knitted anything that looked like crap? I just can’t believe it. I’m covering my ears and not listening! You are inspiration in knitting and in giving. I will be looking for your shawl as an auction item! I know so many people need help and I, for one, am happy to do so. I pray for all these people.

  16. P.S. Does Lucy ever take a bad photograph. She’s always ready for her closeup!

  17. Wendy, would you mind please gettin the word out on your blog to make sure people who work and are donating for Hurricane relief to check to see if their companies will match their contributions. Every extra bit will help! Thanks!!!! Lynn

  18. To a fellow Fed – Happy Labor Day! And, Bravo for the information to donate to ARC. I gave my donation in your honor. And Love to Lucy. She can “splain” to me any time any where.

  19. Kudos on your efforts to bring relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. There is another way bloggers and other thoughtful people can help:

    I have opened forums at for the discussion of ideas to aid disaster relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I am not soliciting donations, only ideas. Experts in aspects of disaster relief (housing, healthcare, rebuilding, etc.) are also able to rate these ideas, giving us a means of identifying the most promising ones, which will be shared with disaster relief professionals and persons in authority. Please help our society by contributing your ideas, especially if you are unable to contribute financially to relief efforts.

  20. Donate, for sure, but still watch out for opportunistic cyberscams. Here’s a good USA Today article:

  21. Sigh. Like anything you knit could even remotely be considered as crap. Silly woman. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m definitely going to contribute, but am not so sure about the American Red Cross. The one time anyone in my or my husband’s family needed real help (everything was destroyed in a flood), the Red Cross refused to help.

  22. I am so very tired of all the senseless criticism and hate I read all over the net. It appears so many folk would rather gripe and whine about oil prices,the government, and all else, instead of help the victims of this terrible event. Thank you Wendy, for pointing the way on your blog. This situation should bring the Country together in all areas, while I see much that disturbs me greatly, I also don’t know what in the world I would do if faced with this…so I can’t very well rock throw. My heart is heavy for these people, and that city…only by the grace of God go I , or any of us. All our support, prayers, donations, help need to be directed to being part of the solution and helping our fellow man.Those who want to whine and bitch need to go live in another Country.

  23. I wanted to come to you to help get the word out – while I just returned to college and am in debt up to my eyeballs, I can’t help looking around my city (I live in Houston) and seeing all of the refugees that are here. We may actually have 100,000 people in our city.

    As a knitter, I wanted to put my talents to use. So I’m asking people to knit for the children. I’m collecting baby bootees initially because at 92 degrees today, kids need shoes more than anything else. As time goes on (it will get cool before people leave), I will collect baby blankets, sweaters, or anything else people want to send. I will deliver them all to the local group handling distribution to the victims of the storm.

    The Knit at Night Guild is also collecting yarn stash – needles, anything – to distribute to people who want to make things themselves to pass the time.

    Please help get the word out. I truly appreciate it.

  24. this is the first knitting blog i have read in over a week. i moved on monday and tuesday woke up to start unpacking and in the middle of the day found out about the flooding… one of my sisters has(d) a house in the affected area of New Orleans. we have subsequently found out that it is totally underwater and thus she and her husband and their three year old son have lost everything… please see my blog for more information.

    we are devastated. its been a rather horrible week – instead of happily settling into a new home, i am fighting emotions of grief and despair for my sister while i organize my belongings.

    there is more on my blog about my feelings as i grew up in new orleans and baton rouge and we spent summers on the gulf coast at pass christian… not only is there the loss of life and property that is so horrible for those residents of the affected city but the destruction of the places that many of us love.