My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Do the Dew

I started knitting Dew the latter part of last week. Confession:

This is the first time I have knit with Rowan Kidsilk Haze.

I have a lot of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in my stash, mind you, but this is the first time I have flung it around a needle.

Yes, it is mighty fine.

Yes, I am enjoying it, very very much.

So . . . here’s the back of Dew.


And the start of a sleeve.


The pattern is great — very detailed, clear instructions. My one complaint is that the charts are wee tiny, and most of the symbols are printed in pale grey. Unreadable, at least to my aging eyes. (The pattern is, however, also completely written out, so one can follow from that.)

The back and the sleeves are both done in a very easy lace pattern, so I don’t really need the charts for those.

Here’s a close-up:


The side fronts are another matter. I could knit them from the written directions, but I vastly prefer to work from charts. I tried enlarging the charts on a photocopier but the faint grey symbols disappeared entirely.

I sent an email to the address listed on Kim Hargreaves’ website, explaining my problem and asking if it was possible to get larger charts in black rather than grey.

I got a response from Kim 11 minutes later. How’s that for customer service? She stated in her email that they would get a better chart to me if I could give them a couple of days.

Can’t ask for better than that!

Debbie Bliss Club Sweater

A couple of you asked in the comments what the pattern that I bought my chocolate brown Silk Alpaca for looks like. I noticed that Kristine had the photo on her blog the other day so I stole her photo (but I downloaded it and put it on my own server, Kristine — no bandwidth thief am I , no-siree-bob!)


It looks like such a comfy cosy sweater, and it will be so luxurious and soft in the Alpaca Silk. A sweater that I will want to live in this winter.

Speaking of this winter, Miss Lucy is starting to get her winter coat.



  1. Kathy in San Jose says:

    When you photocopied the pattern, did you also change the dark/light setting? I’ve found that if you enlarge and darken, you’re more likely to be able to read the copy.

    I’m in awe of your speed – that Dew is looking beautiful – as is Lucy, of course!

  2. I’ve been seeing the debbie bliss sweater pattern around the last few days. Question…what’s the sizing like? The girl/woman wearing it looks like she’s 11!!

  3. This customer service fanatic thanks you for the Debbie Bliss recommendation.

    I’m just thankful she’s now offering charts as well as written instructions and wonder if she’ll chart out some of the older Aran patterns.

    Who’s the pretty girl, then, Lucy?

  4. Dew is lovely!

    I started swatching today for my Debbie Bliss Ribbed Sweater. Funny that it now looks exactly like a sleeve! I am loving it.

    Have a great week!

  5. Thanks for the link to the Debbie Bliss Club, Wendy! I’ve just joined and am looking forward to making that sweater, too! It looks like the perfect, comfortable, wear-all-winter-long sweater.
    Also, I’d like to thank you for sharing Lucy and all your beautiful projects with us through your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading it for a while now and you always inspire me to knit something new.

  6. How many balls of KSH came in your Dew kit? That’s the one Kim design that I am seriously considering. And thanks for the heads up on the charts. If, I mean, when I order it, I will ask for the new version of the charts too.

  7. ok. where can I find the “dew” pattern?

  8. Your Dew looks fabulous – and I am so jealous you’re already on sleeve island!! Mine is sitting in her little box all waiting for me to finish Butterfly and Birch. (Just a bit of a KSH thing going on right now…) Hopefully, I’ll get to cast on next weekend – and thanks for the heads up about the chart – if KH does send you a larger one, would you let us know? I’d definitely send for that as well if she’s going to make it available.

  9. If those KH kits didn’t come so small, I’d seriously contemplate buying one. It looks lovely already…can’t wait to see it all knit up! Maybe after seeing yours, I’d buckle down and buy the large and “just see what happens”…

  10. Your Dew looks beautiful – by coincidence I began mine on Saturday in ‘Dewberry’. I have only got up to the start of the armhole shaping on a sleeve. I agree with you about the charts, but as you say, the main pattern is easy to remember. I also look at the charts for the fronts and think I’ll keep to the arms and back in the meantime! I’ll maybe contact Kim and see if she will send me a copy of the new chart too.

    It’s only my second KSH pattern – after knitting the Rowan free gift scarf I thought – I may be able to knit with this after all! Will keep checking for more of you lovely photos of Dew for inspiration.

  11. I’m such a sucker for good customer service. I hope the new charts come soon. The DB will be wonderful in chocolate – yummy.

  12. The sweater is coming along beautifully. I totally understand about living in a sweater for the winter, one usually develops in my closet also. . . It would be nice to have the one you pictured. . . hum……

  13. Hey Wendy — have you seen ? I just submitted a photo of my yarnaholic kitty Chloe … I wonder if Lucy can make it in as well?? 🙂 Take care, I always love peeking into your knitting world.

    (Formerly knitting at 5337)

  14. What a beautiful pattern! The color is luverly. Lucy looks so fluffy and soft, like a perfect supermodel cat.

  15. That’s *great* customer service, good for them! It’s hard to believe it’s your first time with KSH, Wendy. It’s good yarn. Don’t forget to try KSH Night (metallic fabric) and Spray (variegated)…

  16. I have actually felt up the Debbie Bliss sweater in person when she was at my lys and I must warn you that sucker is HEAVY. Nice pattern, but the alpaca silk…just sayin’

  17. what a sweet kittie!