My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Knitting Etiquette

Ru asked a good question in the comments today:
Speaking of guilt- there was a comment about knitting in church. I am always afraid to bring my knitting to church or anywhere that people might (mistakenly) think I wasn’t paying attention because I was knitting. I’d love to hear you address this- is there anywhere it’s not okay to knit? And if not, do you ever have to explain that you really are following along?

A very good question indeed!

Me? I would not knit in church. I do not knit in meetings at work . . . ever. I’d love to be in a workplace where knitting in meetings was acceptable, but sadly, here I know it is not, without asking. (But hey! Maybe that would be one way to get them to demote me! Hmmmm . . . )

I do, however, knit during evacuation drills. Last time I did, the head of our agency watched me in fascination and asked a lot of questions.

I do knit at my desk at lunchtime, but I never take a knitting break at any other time.

I did once knit during a film presentation that was given in the Departmental auditorium. I figured that if the lights were low, no one would see me and be distracted by it.

And I recall that a few years ago I took a week-long course at the Government Printing Office on getting stuff printed through GPO. (A WEEK long course. Don’t you envy me, people?) I knitted during that course, but only after clearing it with the instructor (who, as it happens, had a small farm with fiber animals — his wife was into it!)

So how about you all?

Dewy Knitting

I didn’t spend too much time knitting last night as I was involved in other things. But here is the second Dew sleeve’s progress:


The sleeves go very quickly, so it will be on to a side front very soon. And the side fronts will go smoothly, because today I received via email from Kim Hargreaves a pdf enlargement of the Dew charts that is very clear and easy to read.

So there you have it: The design is lovely, the pattern very clear and easy to follow, and the customer service is excellent. WendyKnits gives Kim Hargreaves an all-round, wholehearted two thumbs up!

One of the Reasons I Didn’t Spend A Whole Lot of Time Knitting Last Night

I was playing with this:


The little guy on the left is Neville, my new iPod nano, Irving’s baby brother. I love him beyond reason.


(In case you are worried about sibling rivalry, The King of All Remote Controls will be spending more time with Irving to compensate for any hurt feelings.)

Lucy Sez:

To Anne:

Why, yes, that is my very dainty paw in yesterday’s WIP photo. I was helping to make sure it didn’t escape!

To Snow:

Hmmm, my special places to lurk? There’s a lamp in the bedroom under which I like to bask. Other than that, I just need to be where the action is! You know, to help with knitting and stuff like that.


And savaging plastic bags, of course.


  1. There are some meetings at which I INSIST upon knitting. Homeowner association meetings, for example. No better way to keep one’s blood pressure from going through the roof. And there’s a pointy weapon handy if the meeting really gets out of hand.

  2. Ingrid Clark Zavadoski says:

    Hmmm, I love to knit in church, but then again, I am a Unitarian, so we don’t stand much on convention. I hope no one is offended, but it is not like I am talking or being disruptive. I find it a great way to keep myself occupied while I listen to the sermon.

  3. I kind of don’t agree with the knitting in church thing. I find that it helps me focus, so I don’t really worry about it. I’m a Presbyterian, but I think it might be more your comfort level and your pastor’s comfort level. The meeting thing I totally agree with. We have to at least pretend that it’s so interesting we don’t want to do anything else, right?

  4. I don’t think I’d knit in church either, but I do knit in meetings where all I have to do is listen and where I don’t feel I’d distract others such as new school year orientation and procedural classes about volunteering at school, etc. I too find I concentrate on what is being said more effectively if my hands are occupied. Keeps me in the moment, not day-dreaming.

    The sweater is lovely. I really like the Kidsilk Haze.

  5. Good Question Wendy-
    I also knit (or spin on a drop spindle) during Home Association meetings. My husband says it keeps my mouth shut-thus keeping the peace. Strangest place I’ve knitted?…mmm maybe in the ice palace sitting on
    c c cold bleachers watching my son’s hocky game at 4:30AM using fingerless gloves. Lucy always seems to find a way to stay involved. Scarlet loves to nap on my yarn stash. ..take care!

  6. I was able to knit during meetings over the summer, but I worked with a closely knit (pun intended) workgroup of 16 people, most of whom did not show up to meetings. Now I knit during most of my classes and when I’m home at night while watching The Daily Show.

    Lucy: My Oliver says that he likes to sit on plastic bags (and pieces of paper, and pieces of string, and dirty clothes, and just about anything else) and was wondering if you sit on your bags after you finish playing or if you hide them under your mommy’s pillow like he sometimes does.

  7. (sorry I don’t have access to a spell checker, I’m doing this while Office re-builds…)

    I definatly knit at meetings! We have a required meeting every morning for which <1% of the topic is related to my job. Knitting allow me to listen, ignore the whining, and not fret about ‘lost time’.

    As to church, I will take knitting into any situation where I have to pay attention otherwise my mind wanders and I start loooooking around or being otherwise potentially distractive. I keep 1-2 very simple projects at hand where I don’t need the pattern in front of me…mainly socks and if I don’t know the setting I’ll ask.

    As a trainer I don’t mind when people knit as long as they continue to participate and will let me see what they are doing at break time!!

  8. During the church service? No. During every other church activity? Absolutely. It’s gotten to the point where women at church ask what’s on the needles, cause every time I’m on a different project. It’s opened a lot of conversation windows. Sadly, work is off limits (I work at a manufacturing facility with oily stuff and metal shards floating about).

  9. I have never knitted in church. I’m a stay at home mom so I’m always knitting in my meetings. I checked with the CEO (me) and said sure! I knit in carpool line and get the strangest looks! I carry my knitting everywhere – doctor’s offices, kid’s events, etc. It’s productive time. Kisses to Lucy.

  10. very interesting knitting etiquette. i must say that i knit just about everywhere, but sometimes you just feel its a no based on those present. my last job it was a-okay. this new one ehh..i don’t think so. i’m going through knitting lunch withdrawls.

  11. Church (Catholic) no.

    Work meetings – I have some meetings that are peer-level, those I knit at.

    Training sessions/class – yes, but I make sure to keep good eye contact with the teacher/trainer, and only work on socks/garter/stockinette stuff. If I make a mistake or get to a point where I need to look at the pattern, the knitting gets tucked away. I also put out a notepad and pen, and make a point to take notes occasionally. I once had a professor comment on my knitting, with a slightly disapproving air. I showed him that I could walk and knit at the same time. He was impressed, and said the knitting wouldn’t be a problem.

  12. I’ve polled people at my new church, and they all seem to have no problem with my knitting in church; I explained how it keeps me more present than not knitting because the wandering part of my brain has something to focus on.

    I wouldn’t knit in meetings at work, but I do phone tech support, and I have been known to knit when on a particularly long or painful (for me) call. The kind where I’m walking someone through something very simple and it’s taking forever, or where we’re waiting for processes to run and the customer won’t let me off the phone.

    I’m generally uncomfortable knitting at social gatherings. Ironic, because I tend to have lots of anxiety in social settings, and knitting would calm that, but since I’m anxious, I don’t feel comfortable enough whipping my knitting out.

  13. I knit in class, as most of my classes are seminar style with few people. They know I’m paying attention. I work on stocking stitch type things, mostly socks, so I don’t have to look at my knitting often. If I would attend church more frequently, I’d say yes (Methodist church).

  14. No knitting during Catholic mass. I’d be afraid to, I might drop a stitch during all the aerobics (sit, stand, sit, kneel, sit, stand, shake, kneel, sit, stand).

    At work I knit during conference calls and webinars. As for in person meetings and training sessions it depends on the purpose, who the audience is and what my role is.

  15. I, too, considered the knitting in church thing and decided against it because I didn’t want to offend others. I do knit at conferences…. I sit in the back row in hopes of not distracting other conference goers or the speaker.

    Lucy is such a cutie. The day isn’t complete without a pic of Lucy.

  16. I would not knit during an actual church service because attending church is voluntary and, if you want to be doing something else, you should go do it and not attend that service. Of course, it does depend on the church, but I find that, regardless of the reality of knitting, most people assume that if you are knitting, you aren’t paying attention to anything else. I tend not to knit in arenas where that might offend someone out of respect for others. I know I hate it when I’m speaking and think people aren’t paying attention so it’s one of those “Do unto others” situations.

  17. Not in church, but that may be because I rarely attend beyond special occasions. And never at work or even the buses that go around the Capital Region. When I was working on my Masters I knit in all but one class – I knew the prof would not approve. I got comments in some of the others, but nothing that indicated the profs were disturbed. I did find mysef explaining to classmates that I focused bettwe when I was doing something with my hands and that I thought knitting was more productive than doodling.

  18. Neville is so teeeny. Wow! I don’t knit in meetings or classes, because I’m either running them or teaching them. I did knit during an all-day seminar, though, and no one seemed stressed about it.

  19. I knit in church, but my friend (who also knits) sit in the back pew and are very quiet about it. It helps keep me focused, otherwise I’m more likely to start woolgathering or worse yet, fall asleep (our AC doesn’t work so great – it’s a very old building).

    I would never, however, knit in any work-related meeting – I don’t see that being condoned at all. And I wouldn’t knit during lunch either – although that may be more because we don’t have a breakroom so I’d basically be knitting at my desk.

  20. I used to knit in class (I am in grad school) but had to stop. Some lectures were just too … uh. less than entertaining so I’d pay more attention to my knitting. I just gave it up since I pay $120 a class to learn something, or rather have the opportunity to learn something. That could buy a lot of yarn.
    Knitting at work, during work time, probably not. It just doesn’t seem like everyone would understand and even if they did understand it didn’t distract me much, other coworkers might be distracted.
    Self-Control is when you make yourself put your knitting away.

  21. I went to church with a friend once and had my knitting in my purse. After the first part of the service she told me I could knit if I wanted, so I did. It was a less formal service than some I’ve been to, but still I felt a bit guilty about knitting in God’s house. So I’ve never done that again. Also, I could probably knit in most of my large lecture classes, but I try to sit up front and interact with the professor a lot, so I feel it would be rude to even ask. And I would never bring knitting to class, not even a large class, without asking the professor first!

    Wendy, I hadn’t read your blog for a while, so I completely missed the Vårblommor shawl. It is so lovely! Definitely my favorite of all your recent lace projects. I also love the season-themed shawl designs. They really are such a year-round garment! When are you going to do the next one?

  22. I knit in the car while going to dr’s appointments (it takes over an hour to get there). Add several hours waiting to see the doc, waiting for x-rays, etc., I make a lot of progress. I just pray we don’t have a car accident or the needles will turn into missles.
    The ER is also a good place to knit. You can spend hours and hours there. I suggested to one hospital that they should have a work basket that people can pickup, knit or crochet a bit and then leave for the next person. This would work for squares for Warm Up America. She just looked at me as if I were nuts. I guess she thought everyone loves to sit in a hard plastic chair for hours and hours worrying about a loved one while doing nothing.
    I also knit while on the phone – I use a headset. I am practicing knitting while watching TV, great for socks, but not the heel:-)

  23. I was thinking back to that wonderful photo of Tina hanging in front of a window. Have you ever knitted a curtain? I am wondering if you think the size and weight of the yarn used for a large window would distort the design?

  24. I’d never knit at work. I talk about knitting and sometimes bring it in, but coudn’t get away with actually knitting during work time 🙂

  25. It never occurred to me that one could knit in church. I grew up with a very oldfashioned grandmother who said one shouldn’t knit on Sundays, because knitting was considered work. For me obviously it is not work, but recreation, and like many others i find it helps me focus. But I still wouldn’t knit in church, because I believe some would find it offensive,and others would lose their focus by seeing the little movements in the corner of their eyes.

  26. I knit at conferences and off-site trainings but never at on-site meetings.

    I do knit on my lunch nearly everyday and in the summer, I eat in our outside courtyard. I get plenty of questions about what I’m knitting and comments on finished projects when I wear them.

  27. Although I don’t attend Church, I am somewhat of a knitting missionary (See blog entry Sept 13, ’05).
    I’d think you could easily solve the needle dropping in church by simply using circulars?

    I’m a fashion designer and design some knit accessories – so you’d think I knit at work right. Blah. I’m also one of the 2 bosses so I run what few meetings we have (we have a solid policy of damn near no meetings – meetings suck.) I knit on all forms of transportation including the 16hr flights to and from China that do 5-7x/yr. I always have a project with me… I knit before the lights go down at every movie and Broadway show/play that I attend (as well as during the intermission) and if it’s stockinette I often knit thru the movies (not plays)…at $11.25/ticket for a movie…why the heck NOT!

    I knit at restaurants–especially when eating alone. More often then not people start stopping by to ask what I’m working on.
    I think my friends would be SHOCKED to see me without my knitting…unless we’re out at a night club and I have a wee purse…I’m always packin’ yarn!

  28. Not at Church during Mass, but I knit if I’m at a meeting that happens to be in the Church building, or waiting for my kids to finish altar boy practice or something. Business meetings only if someone else is doing it first, or its a completely volunteer thing, like the meeting to discuss the Holiday pot-luck party. Sometimes in a restaurant while I wait to be served – definitely at the coffee-house where I can sit on a sofa and knit and eat my sandwich. In movie theaters and in other theater/auditoreum settings while I wait for the action to start (especially the kids’ performances where I have to show up an hour early to get them there, I just sit and knit rather than going home and coming back again), but never DURING a live performance. Always during PTA meetings.

  29. I’m with the majority on the whole not in church but everywhere else – thing. I’ve found though that if I knit in meetings or other situations, people tend not to appear rumpled or upset at me if I demonstrate that my interactions are more important than my knitting. If a conversation gets particularly personal, intense, or I’ve got a question the knitting stays down until the moment is clearly over. It seems to help a lot because it physically demonstrates your commitment to participating over your knitting.

  30. I knit on break at work, my friends smoke, I knit. I used to knit in meetings, but the DON made me stop. But some of my best knitting time is during TV football games.
    I’ve been lurking for a while – first post. I am a member of the Lucy fan club (Hi Lucy) I have Grimm to help me knit.

  31. Hi Wendy,
    How do you concentrate on your lace patterns while at your desk at lunch and during other things where people are around? I have to have complete silence or else I make mistakes.

  32. We had a knitting bee at the house once for a knitter friend, L., who was bouncing back from brain surgery. L’s minister came to the bee. Aparently L. knits in church all the time. Her minister said she loves it, finds it a calming focal point in the conversation, makes it feel warm and homey, gives the room a sense of community. Now, this minister is a woman and a knitter, so….

    I’d guess the thing to do if you don’t have an easy “read” of the situation is just to ask.

    Kind of funny asking, “Anybody mind if I knit?” as if you were asking permission to smoke. Maybe some day public and office buildings will have designated knitting areas for people like us.

  33. I have knit in church. If anyone is offended, which a couple have been, I tell them that it helps me stay in one spot and therefore in church at all. However, my current church has remarkably interesting worship services, so I usually stay focused. I used to knit in college classes. I suffer through meetings at work without my knitting, because it would definitely not be acceptable or understood. Once I knit at my desk during a power outage – I work in IT, so there’s not much work I can get done when the power is off. All my project manager could remember was that he saw me knitting once, so I must have time for more stuff, right?

  34. Interesting question! Church, probably not. Work, definitely not as I am usually driving or dealing with yarn in another way.

  35. Ingrid Clark Zavadoski says:

    From reading the replies, I am thinking it maters a great deal what type of church you are going to. I am glad that I am able to bring something meditative (not distracting) into my spiritual space each week to help calm the mind and the hands. And, what is it that the Bible says about idle hands? : )

    I can see that in faiths like Catholicism where there is a lot of activity in the service that knitting would be unwelcome.

    Great discussion! (And I am glad to hear I am not the only Daily Show knitter here!)

  36. Knit in meetings at work – no, but if I’m in my cube on a conference call I will knit. I’ve got jury duty coming up and was very disappointed to hear that they do not allow knitting needles in the courthouse.

  37. My Dad is a pastor, so I asked him how he would feel if I knit in church. He answered that it wouldn’t bother him (because he knows I can concentrate 100% better if my hands are busy), but he was worried that it would distract others. So, I’ve been careful where I knit in public, more out of respect for others (mainly the speakers/presenters/pastors).

  38. I’m a weaver, and I did a craft show this weekend that was lightly attended, so I was knitting between customers. This confused the customers who immediately assumed the items were knitted (despite the sign that said HANDWOVEN), so I won’t do that again! On Sunday I brought my drop spindle instead. Much better. I use a supported spindle at work during conference calls–no sound of a “drop” when the thread breaks.

  39. I knit at church, but not during the services. I knit at work, but only during the lunch hour. In college, I would have knit in some of the classes, particularly the larger or basic lecture classes. In moving vehicles – Uh-hu, No way! I’ll get motion sickness!


  40. I don’t knit in church (Catholic). I would love to, but I know it would offend or distract others. I knit at off-site work conferences but I sit in the back, and I do keep a pen and pad and take an occasional note. I knit during conference calls and teleconference meetings, in the privacy of my office. I also knit during my lunch break. The culture is such at my work place that I don’t knit during meetings. I envy one woman I know who is Chief of Medical Staff at a hospital and knits during all medical staff meetings. You can do that if you’re the boss and an excellent surgeon! I alway carry a small project with me for those times when you have to wait in line or are sitting in traffic and not moving.

  41. Last night I arrived half an hour late to our condo association meeting, and even so I didn’t think twice about whipping out my knitting. But I never knit in class when I was in school, and like you, my work meetings are just not for knitting. There’s another discussion about acceptable places to knit going on at today.

    Also, I didn’t comment yesterday, but I definitely need to have at least two or three projects going at once. To prevent boredom as well as to be sure I have something simple (and compact) I can work on during my looong commute.

  42. Good Questions. I don’t really go to church (gasp) but if I did I don’t think I’d knit. I work for the State and our office is conservative (and mostly male) – no knitting in meetings for me. Now, a homeowners meeting would be different – I might try it at the next one. I knit in my office at lunch. No knitting breaks (or any kind of breaks) for me during the day. I knit on my commute when I’m not driving, but limit it to stuff that doesn’t require charts or counting so I can talk to my companion. Otherwise it’s pretty much at home knitting for me. Lucy is so helpful! Your Nano is lovely. I’m seriously considering one – super cute – can you run with it or will it skip?

  43. I just finished grad school. On the days that I didn’t knit, my classmates would come to me and ask me what was wrong. I figured that since I was so much older than most of my classmates, I could pretend to be eccentric and nobody would bother me. It worked; I never once fell asleep in class.

  44. Well, I always felt weird about knitting during a lecture, so I never did it. I would knit before class started, though. I don’t even bring my knitting to work– I would be too tempted to knit when I should be doing other things. Kind of like how I should be doing other things right now, but I’m on the internet… LOL.

  45. Back in my Dark Ages as a computer programmer, my bosses tended not to approve of anything in my life not work related, during business hours or not. So no knitting ever in their sight.

    In church? As a Baptist, in the back. As a Catholic or Episcopalian, not at all. I’d drop stitches all over the place.

    In my job now, everyone at my work MUST knit, while I’m the only one who really can’t. Why? Because I’m the knitting instructor! I’ll knit just enough to show them how, then spend the rest of the time running around, helping everyone with their stitches. It really is tons of fun.

  46. I always knit during conference calls. Some of the people on the other end are aware that I’m knitting, but they don’t care. I obviously pay attention because I say things during the meeting. I think the fact that they can’t actually _see_ me knitting helps make it acceptable.

  47. It looks like all these answers are situation dependent…but I am with you, Wendy. I do not knit at work, and I do not knit at school. But I do knit in movie theaters, and in doctor and dentist waiting rooms.

    Happy knitting, no matter where you knit!

  48. OK, now I feel like a heel :).

    Superhuge, that is, in relation to your other superhuge fans. Or something *stepping away from the big ditch I’m digging*

    Seriously, beautiful work – Varblommor and the Woodland Shawls remind me of my grandmother’s work. Will you be publishing these as a collection? At Knit Happens?


  49. Ooooh, the nano! I have been eyeing one for myself. So teeny! Unfortunately it only holds a tenth of my music collection. Keep us posted – is it an affair, or true love?

  50. Personally I’m very careful about when and where I knit. I don’t want to offend anyone, and I don’t want to appear rude. I basically knit at lunch, sometimes in my office, sometimes at the coffee shop, sometimes at my LYS, and I knit at home, and in the car. If I’m visiting someone I’ll bring my knitting, and if it seems appropriate I will, but if the atmosphere doesn’t allow for it, then I don’t.

  51. There are a handful of places I’d never consider knitting — like church, if I was in the habit of going regularly. (Too hard to stand up, sit down, kneel, and keep knitting. I could drop a stitch!) I’ve got to confess I’ve knit through a couple of funerals, though.

    I knit through boring conference calls at work all the time, mostly because no one can tell I’m knitting and it soothes my irritation with underwriters and their ilk. Meetings with real people require that I do not knit. I have to appear attentive.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to knit while standing in line for most things, or sitting in a waiting room for anything. I knit in restaurants all the time. My family is used to it. I knit in movie theaters, too.

  52. I’m also a Unitarian and I always knit in church. The minister’s wife knits while sitting with the choir so I figured that was my ok to knit! When I worked outside the home I knit during staff meetings etc. It was the only way to keep my mouth shut.

    As for yesterday’s question about multiple projects: I have two projects at all times. One is my portable project and one is my stay at home project. It keeps things fresh for me and I always have something to do.

  53. I don’t go to church, which means that if I’m there for some reason (attending with friend, wedding, funeral) I’m doubly certain not to, because it’s just not my place. It’s one thing for people who are there every weekend, help out, etc; I’m an outsider and it would be rude. Definitely don’t knit in class; that would go over very badly here, although there’s a quite large number of knitters on campus. Well – I do knit in “sit-down” PE classes like Women, Sport and Film. But those are Pass/Fail types and mostly lectures of movies, so it’s a bit different. I’m happy to knit during colloqiums – better to be there, knitting than never go!
    Can’t knit at work, except during lunch; knitting and copyediting do not mix.

    The one situation in which I absolutely would never under any circumstances knit is at a restaurant/in a cafeteria/during a meal. Maybe it’s just my private taboo but – ugh – fibers and food? No. Both unhygenic and endangering the yarn/project, seems to me.

  54. Sorry to be a pain but that dew pattern looks sooo beautiful, could you tell me which book it is from?

    Oh and i luv your kitty! Gorgeous!

  55. My parents left the mormon church before I was born, so the extent of my church going has only been a few meetings for other family members’ special occasions such as blessings and missionary farewells/homecomings. I haven’t been inside a house of God in over five years (total sinner). However, the few times I have been to a meeting, it was interesting because most everyone was doing something while the speakers went on about the spirit and families. People would draw elaborate pictures or doodle, work on made up math problems (I am not joking), work on their current cross-stitch, color with their children, play tic-tac-toe and hangman… and sleep. I would think knitting should be fine in the causal atmosphere of the self-run mormom church meetings.

    I will only knit in the break-room on my lunch hour at work. I knit when I read and on the train or on road trips (the Mr. is prone to motion sickness and I really dislike driving so he gets us there save and sound and I knit and knit and knit and play DJ). I also knit before my evening classes start and during any breaks, but not during the lecture itself. I’ll knit when I’m waiting for a doctor or any other appointment; it keeps my hands busy and makes the time go by faster. If I could get away with it, I would knit all day and all night!

  56. Hi, Wendy,

    I sing in our church choir, so knitting there is out of the question. Anyway, with all the Greek Orthodox up-ing and down-ing throughout the liturgy, knitting would be seriously impractical.

    I DO knit at work when I’m on hold on the telephone or watching webcasts, and I also knit during our bi-monthly full staff meetings. I sit near the back of a packed auditorium so anyone speaking at the front of the room won’t be distracted. At our most recent meeting a few weeks ago I was trying to finish up a Clapotis, so I was knitting and counting my rows on a slip of paper. At one point the person sitting next to me leaned over and said that she’d finally figured out that my little hash marks were for my knitting — she thought I’d been keeping track of the malapropisms uttered by one of our senior library administrators!

    Please tell about Dew. Where does that lovely pattern appear?

  57. I work from home, so knitting during meetings wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that I once made the mistake of taking good notes during a meeting for one of my employers so now I end up taking notes at three or four meetings a week. For meetings where I don’t have to type, I’m knitting.

    The only other meeting I knit in is my Weight Watchers meeting (after clearing it with the class leader). When I’m busily knitting, I forget about eating, so it’s all good!

  58. I knit in church (Methodist). I sit on the back row of the balcony. I’ve found that while there are people who would be offended by my knitting in church, they usually don’t sit in the balcony. It’s mostly people with small children who might be distracting as well. I’ve never had a problem, and no one has ever said anything to me.

    I don’t knit in meetings at work because it is a large company, and while i might be able to pay attention while knitting, others may not, and it’s one rule for everyone.

    I do knit in any voluntary meetings I attend such as charities I work with, etc. There is always something in my purse that is a no brainer knitting project just in case.

  59. I think it has a lot to do with what project you’re working on and how good you are at knitting. If it’s something that’s straight stockinette or your 300th sock heel or whatever, I see no problem whatsoever with knitting in church, or even in a meeting if your boss is OK with it. If you’re a newbie, though, or working on something complex that takes careful attention, knitting while doing other things is a bad idea.

    I used to knit socks in my college classes. I asked the teachers first, but none of them ever had a problem with it once I demonstrated that I was capable of paying attention and participating while I did it.

  60. This is a great question. I go to UU services also, and a year ago, I never knit becuase I had my pre-UU ideas about how people should be in church. Then I taught some of the members to knit for a winter service project and now there are a handful of knitters at our services and I will do it also but only depending on the project.

    I am a grad student also but I never knit during class. This is because for me, school is a job, my professors and classmates are my collegues and we are alwyas evaluating each other. I think of it as an issue of professionalism. However, I have often knit while waiting for things to start and always before exams, and so many classmates and professors know I do it and respect what it does for my sense of internal peace.

    I always knit during social occasions at my home – I can do what I want to and if they don’t like it they don’t have to come back. I will occasionally knit at social occasions at the homes of others depending on the formality of the occasion. I pretty much knit all the rest of the time and always when in transit from one place or activity to the next, and often in meetings for things (besides school).

  61. knitting in class was the only way I’d have made it through my first two years of med school; up to 8 hours of lecture a day was too hard to sit through, and keeping my hands busy helped me stay focused. I sat in the back 1/3 of the 120 person lecture hall and all of my classmates were fine with me working on other things. (from my vantage point I was able to see all of the laptop activity and didn’t feel half as bad because at least I was looking at the professor and paying attention! Emailing and crusing websites might look professional from the front, but from the back it’s simply distracting.) My knitting lived in my lap, below the level of the tables.

    Now I knit when I’m reading/studying and in lunch meetings. I first started knitting during the lunch meetings this past week – again, people were eatting, filling out paperwork and some were working on their palm pilots; it’s a professional atmosphere, but casual in that we’re all there to learn something in a “relaxed” setting. I think that if I were distracting someone they’d let me know. (I find metal needles distracting and instead use bamboo or plastic for my “in public” projects.) There is a point at which I stopped worrying about what others thought and simply started knitting to keep my sanity. So far, no one has said anything.

  62. I’m Lutheran and I knit in church. Granted, I don’t start until the Children’s sermon and keep going only through the adult one, but I also only knit on simple projects. If they get complicated and I need to concentrate, I put it away. It can’t be any more distracting than the kids playing with their gameboys and the adults w/their cellphones going off. Gah.

    Other than that, I tend to knit during my continuing ed classes, they help me concentrate on the subject at hand. I’m w/Kristen, at some point, I stopped worrying about what anyone else thought and kept knitting just to keep my sanity. If someone was hugely bothered by it, I might put it away, but I think I would be more inclined to ask why they were.

    Of course, it’s not like I’m knitting during a wedding ceremony and while the vows are being spoken am chanting, *k1, p2, yo, k2tog tbl, k4…..

  63. I knit in airports, but not usually on the plane. There doesn’t seem to be enough room to knit on some of the smaller planes, without bumping into the person sitting next to you. Or maybe I’m just ready to read instead once I’m on board!

    I don’t knit during worship services, again in part because of lack of room – I am in the choir, and don’t have room for music, hymnal(s), and choir robe sleeves as well as knitting. I don’t know that I would feel comfortable doing so even if I was in the congregation, as I think knitting would distract me from my purpose in being there. I do knit during church meetings, and have people who regularly ask how the sock is going.

    I don’t knit at work, or at meetings at work, as this would not be seen as appropriate. I do knit in waiting rooms, especially vet. I knit when visiting relatives – this gives me something to do while still remaining involved in the conversation, but my hosts don’t feel like they have to stay with me if they have something else they need to do.

    I would knit in the car if someone else was driving, but somehow it seems like I always end up doing the driving.

  64. I have a question that’s been floating around my knitting circle: what about knitting at red lights? I do it…but only when nobody else is in the car, because if I were to knit while someone else, say, my husband, were sitting in the passenger seat, I think it would terrify him.

    So what do you think? Is this terrible? Am I risking my life and the lives of other innocent people? Is knitting at red lights a secret vice that nobody talks about?

  65. I knit anywhere possible-I do keep knitting in my side pocket in the car(but merely to work on something simple while waiting for the bus, etc.) There have been days when I go into Costco and get stuck waiting in line and am angry that I left my knitting at home or out in the car. As far as church, I only go a couple of times a year-not thrilled with the Catholic Church lately-but a few years ago, I went the the Xmas eve mass-it is a big childrens’ mass-crowded and overstuffed. My husband was bent out of shape-but I did knit before the mass begain(and on & off during parts of the mass)-I was in a rush to finish a chemo cap for my neighbor who was battling an unusual cancer(fallopian). I told my husband that if God didn’t understand then I wouldn’t come back. Nothing more was said…

  66. I sometimes knit while driving. Okay, not while actually driving, but when I’m stuck in traffic or stopped at a light. That’s attracted the odd stare or two.

    I did a row on a sleeve yesterday while waiting in line at the new Mongolian Barbeque place here in town.

  67. I do most of my knitting during school. I’m in high school, and most of my teachers don’t mind if I don’t have to have a huge pattern in front of me and put it down when I have to take notes. Have to be careful, though, since some teachers don’t approve. If the dean walks in, I stuff the knitting under my desk. Better to drop a few stitches than to have Roxanne bite my head off and threaten suspension while she picks my hair out of her teeth.

    As far as knitting in Church – no way, Jose. I’m a Quaker, so while I’m sure no one would object in principle, I’d have to be ABSOLUTELY SILENT, not just quiet. ::shrug:: Plus, it’s kind of hard to get in contact with God while knitting. Knitting is good, but not THAT good.

  68. I don’t knit in synagogue because I shouldn’t be knitting on Shabbat anyway. The shul I go to is Liberal, we’re not traditionally Shabbat observant, but I feel like at least during the service I shouldn’t be doing anything flagrantly non-observant 😉