My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Household Hints From WendyKnits

Dear WendyKnits,

I am having problems with my cat. She insists on sleeping on the bed and she sheds her fur all over it. What can I do?

Flummoxed by Felines

Dear Flummoxed,

Do what I do:


Match your bed to your cat.

Best wishes,

Last night I put chocolate brown sheets on the bed and a light tan duvet cover on my comforter.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that stuffing a comforter inside a duvet cover assisted by an enthusiastically determined cat is a challenge. Lucy loves the new duvet cover — it’s “microsuede” and very soft. After I got it on the bed she rolled on it for a good half hour.

I’m sure she thinks I got it for her.


The left front of Dew is progressing nicely. I like the lace at the front edge — very pretty!


While sometimes, yes, I do knit with my eyes closed, I can’t knit this edge sight unseen.

Yvonne asked how the Kidsilk Haze feels — is it scratchy?

I don’t think it’s at all scratchy — the silk content in the yarn gives it a soft . . . uh . . . silky feel. It even feels soft to me when I rub it against my face (arguably the most sensitive skin in the universe).

Qiviut Scarf

And I actually did a bit of knitting on my qiviut scarf — see?


I think I’ll leave Dew at home tomorrow and take the qiviut for commuter knitting.

From the Comments

Judith asked if I’ll be going to Rhinebeck this year. The answer is, sadly, no.

About iTunes, Kathy mentioned that she likes to create music mixes. Boy, does that bring back memories. I still have some of the mix tapes I made in the 80s — on cassettes, of course!

MJ (whose Flower Basket Shawl is fabulous, by the way) sent the link to this very interesting article about the iPod nano. She also says:
I download the knitcasts and podcasts of favorite shows (NPR and KCRW) and listen to those. You can also backup important stuff, like your BOOK, in case something ever happens, god forbid, to your computer.

Good point about using the pod as a backup device — that’s another handy use for it. I have a tiny USB flash drive that I keep in my purse — that’s my backup device. While I was writing my book I felt more secure having the back-up with me at all times. (The book is now at the publisher, about to go into production, by the way, so I think it’s safe. Still, I have a copy on my flash drive!)


  1. I love matching cat to bedding – looks terrific!

  2. To paraphrase my son’s favorite cartoon (Cyberchase): “Dew is simply fabu”

  3. Since it’s been the ‘summer of lace’ I was wondering if it’s going to be the fall/winter 2006 Torino Olympic, Dale of Norway sweater next? If so, what colors are you planning to use?

  4. I use my iPod (older 4 button 15G version) as a backup hard drive for my school work. Since my only computer is a laptop that a carry everywhere with me, it makes me feel more secure to know that if the laptop died or was stolen I’d only be mostly devistated, rather than completely. Now that I’m thinking about it, I should probably back up my digital pictures on it as well.

    I’m loving the Nano and making very bold hints to both sets of my parents on its appropriateness for birthday/xmas presents.

  5. That’s hilarious! A definite spit-beverage-at-the-screen moment.

    So, does microsuede repell cat hair or does it attract it?

  6. Before long, you’ll have to make up the bed with Lucy in it, much like I but the quilt over my cats. The lumps look a bit odd, but it’s very amusing.

  7. I too have had to make up my bed with my cat either on it or in between the covers. She insists on her beauty rest. Dewy is going to be gorgeous as is everything I’ve seen you do! Pretty new bed linens!

  8. Just tell anyone who complains about the cat hair that there’s a REASON they call it ‘fur-niture’!!!

  9. Hey, we bought a couch a few years ago to match the dog. (Amber-yellow leather, exactly the color of Katy’s eyes.) Matching bedding to the cat just makes perfect sense to me!

  10. YAY! Book at the publisher — exciting!

  11. We bought carpet to match our dog. Is Lucy allowing you to sleep on her new bed?

  12. love the bed matching Lucy!

  13. I learned a lot about quiviut in Alaska over the summer, including that its a really sensitive issue for Alaska Natives to even consider people from Outside might want to knit with it. Its so traditionally part of their subsistence lifeway that they’re very close with it. That said, they have some absolutely amazing traditional lace patterns that just blew me away at the knitter’s cooperative.

  14. I love your cat matching sheets!! Try making the bed with two cats helping you-that’s always fun. Pip, our ragdoll, says hi and he would love to snuggle with Lucy.

  15. Wilbur the Amazing Deaf Cat says that short white cat hairs go with absolutely everything, no need to worry about coordinating. Which is good because he’s about as helpful as Lucy is with the duvet cover.

    I have all my important documents scanned and backed up to my iPod, too. Copies of tax returns, court papers, birth certificates, all the stuff I wouldn’t want to have to do without in case of emergency. No one would probably accept my digital copies in most situations, but I feel better knowing I can access them.

    Can you at least give us a hint what the book might be titled? Or when the release date is going to be?

  16. I love my iPod – couldn’t live without it. I keep a list of my fiberarts projects/materials on it for convenient shopping.

    Marie Irshad’s KnitCast podcast is awesome! I did my own podcast and it’s feeble, but if you or your readers are interested it’s at:
    – dont laugh too hard. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was also on MuggleCast, episode four. I’m such a dweeb.

    Dew is looking wonderful!

    My whole house is “neutral” and so is most of my wardrobe now, due to pet hair not showing up so much on beige. The things we do for love…

  17. mmmm…Qiviut…lucky woman! Is it as good as I imagine? ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. My iTunes playlists are insane. I ripped ALL my CDs (5 at a time, over the course of months) into an external 80G hard drive that iTunes runs out of, and then I dragged and dropped all sorts of playlists – naming them country, lounge, bluegrass, dancey, (shhhh – sex), etc. and then all I have to do is go to Party Shuffle and pick a playlist and I have RachaelRadio – insta-ambience.

  19. I think there is something magnetic about a freshly made bed to a cat. She runs at the sight of the mop, broom, vacuum (understandably), scrub brush, or running water…. but when I pull freshly washed sheets out of the basket, she’s at my side in a moment. I think she likes the smell…. *grin*

  20. Susan Maurer says:

    “I’m sure she thinks I got it for her.”
    Didn’t you? ๐Ÿ™‚
    You recently tempted us with a ball of chocolate brown Silk Alpaca yarn, now the chocolate-colored sheets. You’re driving me into a chocolate frenzy. I’m itching to knit something brown now and I’ve never wanted to knit brown before.
    Can’t wait to see the Debbie Bliss sweater come to be. Will you be starting it after Dew and scarf are finished? Please please please.
    Too bad stitch definition may not show up as well in photos in a dark color.

  21. I love the feel of microsuede, but I always figured it would act as a cat fur magnet. Are you experiencing that, especially with Lucy’s vigorous claiming of it when you put it on? ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. A friend showed me a place on the net recently called mIRC. It’s a bunch of channels, mainly for chatting it seems, but if you put in the suffix .mp3 for what channels you want listed, you’ll get servers with zillions of songs. Then you type (for example) @find rolling stones angie and then download the song when they bring it to you. Combine this with lists of singles, and there are lots of those, and you can pretty quickly turn your PC into the best jukebox you’ve ever seen.

    Disclaimer: I don’t know if this downloading stuff is legal or not. I made a half-hearted to find out, but since I couldn’t, I just thought that since no money changes hands it’s ok, but it could be illegal.

  23. Matching your bedding to Lucy is pure genius. And I’m glad she was happy with the change. It’s all about making Lucy happy! Your projects look great.

  24. What a lovely bed! That looks cozy! I like to knit in bed and watch a DVD- and with the new house we need new bedclothes! Microsuede sounds like a good idea, but let us know about the cat fur thing.

    The house we just bought has brand new cream colored carpet. Lovely now, but just wait until we move in and our four cats get settled (three of them are ALL BLACK!).

    Can’t wait to see Dew finished!

  25. *sigh* My cat is a largish orange tiger cat. If I were to coordinate my furniture with his fur it would look like I was living inside of a jack-o-lantern!

    Dew is simply stunning! I can’t wait to see it finished.

  26. Add me to the list of people waiting with bated breath for the verdict on microsuede! I love the feel of it, but I’ve been afraid that I’d never be able to brush/wipe/wash the cat hair off of it. Especially the gossamer-fine hair of my darling Maine Coone…

  27. it’s time to come clean —- you did indeed get that bedding just for Lucy!


  28. nicole/sweden says:

    on the rough kid silk haze topic: i have seen wild fluctuations in dye lots both with color and reflected in coarse texture.

    i can’t explain it but haze and scratch is surprizingly not mutally exclusive. i love knitting with the stuff soo i take my chances and quit trying to figure out how to distinquish a softer dye lot from another since i never came up with a good technique.

  29. Ahh, cats and beds. You are lucky you found sheets in Lucy’s colours! Having a black and white cat is just stupid, either I can see black hair on the white sheets or white hair on dark sheets. A no win situation!
    Our cat is a spoilt well loved cat.
    Lucky for me he sits on my lap and doesn’t mind me knitting. He doesn’t ‘help’.
    I love the way you are able to knit one lacy project after the other. I can do one and then need to move to some Aran weight yarn. What keeps you motivated?

  30. I got so behind on blog reading last week and just got caught up on your Dew progress – it’s looking fabulous!! I was just able to cast on last night – the back does go fast, huh? Can’t wait to see yours all finished! (Oh – and I saw that KH sent you the enlarged chart – thanks for the heads up about that – I’ll send them an email right away!)

    Lucy does match your bedding!! How cool is that!? She is probably feeling very proud of herself about now – getting you to coordinate to her and all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. You, the owner of the kitty bed list, didn’t solve the problem by putting knitted cat beds on your bed? That’s what I do. My kitties love them. That’s where they sleep. There are two cats in two cat beds on my bed as I type this.