My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


On the Dew Front

I finished the second sleeve! I finished the second sleeve! Wheeee!


Now, on to the oh-so-alluring front pieces of Dew.


I cast on and knitted a couple of rows of the left side front on the train coming home. Doing a cable cast on and knitting fiddly lace on a bouncy-bouncy train? Probably not so smart. But what can I say? I like to live dangerously.

(By the way, some of you have asked about the source for Dew. I always list my source in my sidebar while I am working on a project , over on the right-hand side of the page (and then I list it on the project page when it is completed). There’s a link to Kim Hargreaves website in the sidebar, where you can purchase your very own kit for Dew!)

Knitting Etiquette

There were so many interesting comments to my question yesterday of where you knit — thanks for all your insights.

And after reading them, I realized that I have knitted during conference calls — but only during calls that don’t require too much participation on my part.

I would knit during stuff like homeowners meetings, and I do take my knitting to certain social gatherings — ones with close friends or family. If I were in a social situation where I didn’t know the other people there very well, I wouldn’t knit.

I think it should be made a law that knitters in the workplace should get knitting breaks, doncha think? And that every workplace should have a knitting break room. Hey, I work for Labor. Maybe I ought to get the ball rolling on that . . .

I find it interesting that so many of you knit in waiting rooms and in line (like at the post office). I almost never knit there, because I don’t like having to put my knitting away because of an external influence — like being called in for your dentist appointment. I like to be in control of my knitting time. I knit on the train, but I’m still in control, because I know when my stop is coming up and I can put my knitting away in a timely fashion.

Yeah, I know. I’m weird. ๐Ÿ™‚

Neville the nano

Stephanie made me laugh out loud with this comment:
Your Nano is lovely. I’m seriously considering one – super cute – can you run with it or will it skip?

It’s not that her question was so funny. It’s the idea of me running that is funny.

Let’s just say that on a good day I have difficulty walking upright.

(According to the Apple website, the iPod nano is skip-free.)

But Neville the nano? I am so in love with this little guy! I am fighting the urge to knit him a little hoodie.

I don’t have a huge music collection, so what I currently have fits on Neville (he’s the 4GB model) with room for at least 500 more songs.

I’d love to put more music on him. But when I’ve got the iTunes music store open in front of me, I draw a blank — what songs did I want to buy?

Clearly, I need to start writing this stuff down!

To close, Lucy basking under her favorite lamp.



  1. Stop it,Wendy! You’re tormenting me with Dew! You know I can’t knit mine until…well, you know when.Ahhh! A golden pic of Lucy to calm me down.

  2. I like to knit in line and while waiting, but I usually only take along a small relatively mindless project (sock, small scarf) so that when I’m interrupted, I can put it away without consequence. I wish I could knit during the day – I’m a teacher and I’m lucky to scarf my lunch down in the time allotted….I guess I could stop eating. Might help me use this “newlywed” weight….

  3. Yesterday I had to have a pelvic exam and when the doctor told me to “Relax,” I answered that I would if he’d hand me my sock knitting and let me knit while he did the exam. To my surprise, he handed me the sock and told me to knit away. I did, quite happily.

  4. I do knit at dr’s appts. Especially when I go to the internist who keeps telling me my blood pressure is high. Its high because his staff irritates me to death. The knitting calms me and my blood pressure is just fine by the time they get to me. So… knitting keeps you off blood pressure medicine. HA!

  5. Wendy—
    I have been reading your blog for quite a while, and would like to invite you over to see my blog.

    I started it about 10 days ago, so it won’t take long to read. (!)

  6. I’m just chuckling at the mental picture of you happily (no, really) running along, with Neville skipping along beside you. I mean, really, I didn’t even know they had legs!

    All the chat about knitting in church yesterday reminded me–in “No Idle Hands” there was a section about knitting in WWII (I think) where churches gave special dispensation for knitting during services because the whole “Knit Your Bit,” knit for soldiers, patriotic-knitting thing was so huge and so important for morale. And hey, I brought my knitting to a wedding last month…


    This article will put a song in your head that you can’t get rid of. Great story, though!

  8. Speaking of knitting while doing other things: can you knit with your eyes closed?

    Also, has anyone read the poem about the man whose wife knits all the time and never speaks to him. He finally notices her lips moving and thinks she is finally speaking to him, but no, she is just reciting the pattern. I can’t remember who wrote it and it is driving me crazy.

  9. Yes, I vote for knitting breaks as well since the smokers get theirs too!

  10. Ahh..! Lucy under a table lamp! Sharky also likes to bask under the table lamp, except that she’s not allowed on the table. So she just lies as close to the table as possible. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’d love knitting breaks in the middle of a work day, too.

  11. Actually, I did knit in the dentist’s office yesterday….and I’ve been known to cast on and start a sock at the doctor’s office (gotta love the military medical system!), but the project yesterday was a plain old washcloth–something mindless that I can just shove in my bag and tote with me. Just watch out for the 14″ straights…..

  12. I find knitting while waiting for appointments or in lines keeps me on a more even keel. Though I only knit items that can be be stopped in mid-row or that without any real problems – usually socks. In fact, I carry a sock with me in my purse at all times. I’ll even knit in a restaurant while waiting for our food to arrive.

    Dew is looking great! That was a great color choice you made ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Call me an enabler…do you know about I find now that I hardly listen to music on my Ipod; I’m always listening to a book. I love to read, but can’t read while I knit, but I can listen. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I knit on the Metro, in the car, when I’m waiting. I got an iPod for my birthday and it makes my commute into a mini-vacation! Right now I’m working on a triangular Oremburg type gossamer shawl for my step-son’s fiance to wear at their wedding. I’m not nearly as fast as you, Wendy. I’ve been working on it since mid-July–I’ve finally finished the main chart and I’m on the second to the last chart, so almost done with the body–still have the edging for the hypotenuse to go–my deadline is Oct 4, so I really have to get a move on–I thought I’d have plenty of time but it’s looking like it’ll go right down to the wire!

  15. Your Nano is so cool!! I’ve got a shuffle on backorder (which I got FREE, otherwise, I’d for sure be getting a Nano). I also have the bigger version and WOW how much smaller that Nano is!

    I have a list about a mile long of songs I want to download, but I only allow myself 1 a week. All those 99 cent charges can add up real fast! I’m with ya though, there’s so much to look at on the iTunes music store.

  16. I couldn’t help but laugh – but I seriously doubt you have any problems walking upright and I’d bet you can walk faster than I can run, but… Thanks for the tip on the cute Nano’s skip-free feature. I guess I should have thought to look on Apple’s website – jeeze. Anyway, Dew is looking great and Lucy looks like the queen she is.

  17. Laura from beautiful West Michigan says:

    ITunes brain dead syndrome! I have it also! I did remember to download Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and can’t wait to start listening to it. Since I can’t knit without looking at it, I can’t knit and watch a movie in the dark or such. But I always bring a mindless knit or a book with me when I know I have to wait and if I have to wait unexpectedly, it’s so hard!

  18. I’m another person who wouldn’t even consider spending time in a waiting room without some knitting to pass the (sometimes considerable!) time. I keep socks on circular needles for just that purpose. They are easy to put down when your name is called.

    Knitting in public waiting rooms isn’t for the shy though. It often stirs up conversation and/or stares from those poor bored souls who did NOT bring their knitting.

  19. Knitting in waiting rooms and in drs offices is what your second project is for. The hat, scarf or other mindless knitting that can be crammed away without trouble at the drop of the hat.

    The poem about knitting was by Ogden Nash but I don’t know off hand what the title was.

  20. I’m just plain envious of your Nano.

  21. Lucy has to be the cutest cross-eyed thing I’ve ever seen!

  22. I love my Nano too….

  23. I also always have a stockinette sock for waiting rooms. It goes to Weight Watchers meetings with me also, where I knit through the meeting, and am known as ‘the knitting woman.’

    As for iTunes, DH and I have a huge list that we noted things down on whenever we thought of them (listening to radio, watching movie, whatever), and then we go through the list and check for stuff every so often.

  24. after reading all the comments about people who never knit during a live performance i have to comment. as a theatre technician i know of several actors and technicians other than myself who knit during the show. theatre people are truely the worst for doing things during shows. we cook, play cards, knit, read books. anything but watch the show. however as a carp, welder, painter, or elec. i can’t knit. my hands are all covered in goo that doesn’t go well with pretty yarn.

  25. i have a music purchasing tip for you, put the songs that you love (even if you already have them) into your shopping cart on itunes (you’ll have to turn off the auto purchase function for this {under preferances}) and then go to your shopping cart and look at the top pane, there should be a bunch of recommendations there. (that’s how i branch out at least, between that and amazon’s suggestions, i can usually keep my ipod full or pretty close.)

    also, do you listen podcasts? I am addicted to knitcast and a few other non-knitting casts.

  26. that should read: do you listen TO podcasts?

    i’m prepositionally challenged today!

  27. I usually knit simple project that don’t require my brain function wherever I am sitting for long periods of time being physically idle. Even, in church, in waiting rooms and especially in long boring meetings, but I do try to be respectful of my neighbors there and sit in the back to be inconspicuous. I find that my knitting has a tape recording affect on my memory and when I pick up my work at a later time everything that was seen and heard at the last knitting session comes back at me like a tape recorder in my mind.

  28. He might just skip because he’s so happy, or he would be so happy if he had a knitted hoodie.

    You know so many people are giving smoke breaks, since most places you can’t smoke inside the office building, I mean I’m really addicted to my knitting and it calms me down even just knitting a dozen stitches, so if smokers can go smoke, why shouldn’t we be able to have knit breaks. REally you should work on that, get something passed in congress, I’ll come to Washington and lobby.

  29. Wendy, have you seen this: ??? How cute!

  30. I do the very same thing when I get to i-Tunes! I always know what song I want when I hear it on the radio, but the transition to the computer seems to magically wisk it away! I am loving dew by the way! Hi Lucy.

  31. Important question – apropos of nothing in your post – will you be visiting Rhinebeck, this year?
    I persuaded my DH to take the trip by pointing out all the wineries in the vicinity.

  32. Hi Wendy — What’s the itchiness factor on kidsilk haze? I’d love to do a mohair lace sweater like Dew, but would be concerned about whether it would be pleasant to wear. Thanks

  33. The Dew sleeve looks great.

    The front is looking…a little short. :-O

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  34. Hi Wendy!

    I am an ITunes Junkie-I admit it. I down load and burn music for the shop (my excuse). I also often can’t remember what I had in my head to download. I usually go with a theme ie-Celtic or Blues and Baroque or Classic Rock and create mixes such as Kathy’s Celtic Mix #1. I love knitting and spinning to music-but I want to try a recorded book–oooh I could be in trouble!

  35. Thought you might like reading this little article on Neville, Wendy:,8816,1103572,00.html

    I download the knitcasts and podcasts of favorite shows (NPR and KCRW) and listen to those. You can also backup important stuff, like your BOOK, in case something ever happens, god forbid, to your computer.

  36. Susan Maurer says:

    I’m a day late and a dollar short on this discussion, but I would not knit in church. Not because of the impression it might give to others, but out of respect for giving God at the very least one hour of my undivided attention. I’ve got to be able to put it down at least that long. Now during a pelvic exam… hmmm. Yes! But I probably wouldn’t be knitting on a project with short double pointed needles!