My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


It’s a Done Dew

Yep, I sucked it up and sewed Dew together yesterday.

Sewing was a bit fiddly — hardly any “seam allowance” to speak of with all that openwork. I opted for backstitch rather than mattress stitch (as I didn’t think mattress stitch would look very good on the openwork pattern), and sewed very carefully. The results are fine and I’m happy with it.

I haven’t tried it on yet, but I think it’s very pretty and I like it very much. I am particularly enamoured of the beaded corsage, which was great fun to make.

I’ve never actually done any beaded knitting before, and discovered first thing that I didn’t have a needle with an eye small enough for the beads to fit over.

I dug around in my tool box and found a bunch of tiny crochet hooks. I’m not sure where I got these from — perhaps they were my grandmother’s — I know she crocheted. They are all metal and made by Susan Bates and have a price of 10 cents stamped on the shaft — so you know they are old!

I took one of the ones with the tiniest hook and easily slid a few beads onto the shaft.


Then I looped the yarn around the tiny hook and pushed the beads onto the yarn. It worked!


And quite easily, I might add.

The corsage is made up of two circles (created with the magic of short rows). A small one:


And a larger one:


You gather them, put them together, and sew.

And you’ve got a beaded corsage!


I sewed the pin (included with the kit) on the back, and Dew is ready to go!


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some coughing to do. Although, as you can see, my medical staff, Nurse Lucy, is on a break.



  1. Beautiful! And the beads look like dewdrops on leaves!

  2. Beautiful. Really. I can’t wait to see a modelled shot. I’m having a hard time imagining the size of that tiny crochet hook. I mean I have an idea of the diameter of that yarn and those beads, and a crochet hook that tiny – wow.

    You know, even the most diligent caregiver needs a break every now and then. I’m sure Ms. Lucy will be right back with you to make you all better. Nothin’ like a little tlc.

  3. Oh Dew is beautiful! You are so fast! I hope you are feeling better. When I lived up north I used to get several respiratory infections a year. The coughing would last FOREVER! At least it didn’t interfere too much with your knitting!

  4. I like Dew and appreciate the closeup on the corsage and beading. I think I have a few of those “granny” crochet hooks around as well.

    Can’t wait to see what is the next project.

  5. That’s just the no-pre-stringing method Judy Pascale taught at the last Stitches event I attended. Dew looks lovely.

  6. It looks great Wendy! I love the color. Do we get to see a modeled shot? (and I do mean modeled by you, not your lovely assistant ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    I’m interested to hear your thoughts on using KSH for a sweater as opposed to the shawls and scarves most use it for.

    Feel better soon! I can send my baby Major up to assist if Lucy isn’t up to it.

  7. Alice in Richmond says:

    Who was that Susan Bates anyway? Beautiful Dew.

  8. Very pretty!

  9. Dew is gorgeous. And it looks like Lucy is protecting herself from germs with her big fluffy tail!

  10. Dew is just lovely! The flower corsage gives it a real couture look. I can’t wait to see it on you!

  11. All I can say about Dew is WOW!

  12. Stunning! I was eyeing that pattern from Kim H also, but I was unsure… you know that fancy photography is often deceiving. But WOW! I hope Lucy,RN whips up a catty concoction to get you feeling better soon, so we can see this pretty sweater on a pretty model!

  13. Now I see your interest in her! Beautiful!

  14. Oh, Dew is just stunning. So ultrafeminine. Love the shawls, but you get this stuff done so fast that it’s nice to see a little variety. Thanks for sharing the corsage photos too. Perfect finishing touch.

  15. Looks fab–don’t you ever get tired of all the superlatives? All this gushing? Ever think of making something less than stunning, just for the variety? …You know, just curious! It looks great, Wendy. Of course!

  16. Oh, and I have some teeny-tiny steel crochet hooks that were my grandmother’s, too. I’ve tried crocheting with them, but that’s too insanely small for me. (HOW did she do it? Knitting stitches that tiny is hard enough, but how do you see where to insert the hook?) But anyway, I used mine recently to get beads onto a hat I was knitting–slipping the bead directly onto the stitch just before knitting it. Brilliant method, I love it.

  17. Dew is just beautiful, I’m so amazed on how fast you knit, every time I come by your blog there is a new FO….amazing!!

  18. It’s just wonderful, could be used on Kim’s site. Can’t wait to see it on you. Feel better soon!

  19. Lovely, absolutely lovely! Now we want to see photos of it being worn.

  20. Dew looks divine!!!

  21. It looks lovely! I hope we get to see a shot with you in it. I love modelled shots!

  22. It’s so feminine, a real girly design, beautiful.

  23. So, so pretty!! Let me know of Nurse Lucy needs Dr. Foley to come down and consult.

  24. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  25. Well done, Wendy! I love it. I hope you are feeling better very soon.

  26. Wendy, I was wondering how many balls of KSH you used for this sweater? I have three balls and I’m sure that won;t be enought, but I’m curious how many more I would need….

    BTW – Dew is wonderful! Looking forward to seeing you model it..

  27. dew is stunning! can’t wait to soo a shot with you modelling it ๐Ÿ™‚ feel better soon.

  28. duh, should have been see, not soo

  29. Thank you for posting the finished Dew. I am always curious to know if designs can be “expanded” to fit larger persons (me). I can see from your photo that if I left out the waist shaping, and added a couple of pattern repeats, I too could be Dewed. As always, you are an inspiration. Feel better soon.

  30. Dew looks lovely! Hope you’ll bring her by KH to be admired in person…

  31. Stunning! Absolutely stunning. Bravo! And – Love to Lucy.

  32. Your sweater is beautiful, and I can’t wait to see it on you. Both of my great grandmothers and my great great grandmother were expert crocheters and used those teeny tiny hooks to crochet exquisite lace table clothes. I often look at those table clothes and envy the skill my grandmothers had, yet always remind myself of how tedious it would be to make one of those. I will stick with knitting!

  33. What a beautiful sweater! That ought to lift your spirits. Take care…get well!

  34. Oh it’s quite lovely. For some reason though, everytime I look at it, and you call it Dew, I crave a Mountain Dew. Hmmmm.

    Lucy, your as sweet as ever. Now go and lay on Wendy’s lap and help her feel better.

  35. Dew is lovely. Hope you get to try it out soon when you feel better.

  36. OMG. That may get me to knit lace. Just stunning.

  37. Dew looks gorgeous!! What a beautiful job – can’t wait to see you modelling her – hope you feel better soon!

    And a tip on threading beads… passed on from a great friend – this really works wonders: Get some dental floss threaders, the kind you can get in any drugstore. They look something like an oblong tennis racket with no netting, and they’re completely collapsible. Loop the yarn through the open “head,” then use the “neck” part to pick up the beads, and then you just push them down onto the yarn. Since the threader collapses, the beads slide right over it and onto the yarn. Easy as pie.

  38. That look wonderful. I love the small bead touch, they are very classy.

  39. Beautious my dear!

  40. It’s lovely how Dew looks, especially with the bead corsage that adds a touch of elegance to it.

  41. Such a beautiful knit. I would love to see a modeled shot. Do you think you will much wear out of this one? I would imagine it would be a great thing to wear on summer night.

  42. Ohhhhh.. The Dew is just Beautiful.. Where is that pattern from???

    I absolutely LOVE the Flower!!!! Great!!!!