My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


“More Greenies, Mom!”

Lucy’s new favorite treat? Greenies.


Yesterday I got a box from L-B in the mail, and she included a packet of Feline Greenies (in the Ocean Fish flavor) for Miss Lucy. Miss Lucy almost took my arm off trying to get to them when I opened the packet. This from a fussy eater who generally picks daintily at treats and walks away.

After I deemed that she had had enough for one session, I put the Greenies away. Lucy spent two hours searching for them.

So, we’ll be keeping the Greenies in stock chez WendyKnits.

FO and WIP

Dew says thank you for all the nice things y’all said about her. If she could curtsy, she would.

So . . . what am I working on now? The Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

I have the body done up to the armholes and am embarking on the first sleeve. This is a very quick knit. I guess that’s why it’s in a book called Last Minute Knitted Gifts, huh? Duh.


Oh, and the yarn? I am making this out of Alchemy Synchronicity in colorway #36c. So very, very nice to knit. It’s a 50/50 wool/silk blend, and is pure luxury. To me, it feels more like silk than wool and what a treat to knit!

I purchased my Alchemy Synchronicity at Knit Happens when they got a big shipment in a couple of weeks ago. They got it in at the online store, too — just in case you want some. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It may be a bit rash of me to be making a sweater out of handpainted yarn. I know a lot of people have issues with how handpaints flash and pool and stripe and don’t stripe, and muddle and puddle. I have to confess . . . I kinda like it all.

It occurred to me that it would be more sensible to make a sweater out of a monochrome yarn. But why be sensible?


Lucy Sez

“Get the damned camera out of my face and give me more Greenies!”



  1. Hi,

    It’s my first time posting, but I had to let you know – both of my cats LOVE greenies. They become so greedy and rude whenever we bring out the bag! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Alice in Richmond says:

    I adopted a rowdy young male cat once that “disappeared” a sample package of Iams that the shelter had given me when I adopted him. I could not find it and I knew I had left it on the kitchen counter. Finally, a couple days later we heard crunching coming from behind the couch. Moved the couch and voila. He had taken it back there and had been snacking on it. Bag was ripped open, gutted. You better lock up those treats.

  3. Wendy,
    I read and enjoy your blog very much! Tomorrow is the first day of autumn and you are knitting a sweater. Must mean the end of Summer of Lace. But thanks to SoL and reading about everyone’s project, I was emboldened to try my first and have finished (but not blocked) Kimono Shawl.
    Thanks for hosting SoL.

  4. The company that makes Greenies also make Greenie Bones for le doggie in my life. She gnaws at that bone and eats it all in one day! This is a 4.5 lb dog. Let’s just say she likes ’em.

  5. I’ve had cats all my life and I’ve never heard of Greenies. I wonder if our cats will like ’em.

    Love the colors on the handpainted yarn. So pretty!

  6. One of my cats is picky with his eating, too. Turns his nose up even at salmon dinners! Maybe he might like some of those Greenies.

  7. The yarn is beautiful and the Hourglass sweater is a favorite.

    Greenies? I’ll have to look them up for when Wesley arrives.

    I hope you don’t need to do a Greenies intervention, for Lucy.

  8. You talked about how variegated yarns puddle, etc. Have you ever tried the technique of using two balls of yarn and switching between the two every couple of rows? I’m just curious if you have and what you thought of the results.

    Between Greenies and Cat Nip, that Lucy is one LUCKY KITTY!!!

  9. Java the Pup LOVES Greenies. She starts drooling when I mention them. Pavlov would have fun with my dog. I too am a fan of the randomness of variegated yarns. C’est la vie, let’s see what happens.

  10. Give that cat some greenies! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have signed Fig up to get a free sample. We’ll see..
    Dew is spectacular! And that alchemy? I like it as much as Lucy likes the greenies!

  11. I knit a st st sweater out of the same yarn, color and all. I had very even pooling on mine.

  12. That’s going to be a beautiful sweater! The randomness is part of its charm.

    My sister’s pup loves Greenies. I’ll try the kitty version on my picky Lucy and her brother. They like Katcheeze (more than the Parmesan treats I baked for them) and Shiners (freeze-dried anchovies, great fun to stalk and slay).

  13. Aieee! How on earth do you do it? And here I am so proud of myself for completing an Hourglass sweater in two weeks, you are in a way to complete yours in two days!

  14. I’ve said it before – do you ever sleep? This new sweater is gorgeous – my colors. Love the pictures of Lucy!

  15. I’ve never known what all the fuss is about with handpainted yarns. I love the random pooling/striping/whatever. Now if it spelled out something rude or made two big pools on each breast…well, that might annoy me. Since that’s never happened, I don’t have a problem with whatever the yarn does. I’ve heard about the two-ball-at-a-time thing but why go to all that trouble?

  16. I’m with you Wendy, I love everything about varigated yarns…the pooling,the flashing…it’s ALL good!

    I tried to post on how pretty Dew is yesterday but I kept losing connection! It’s lovely and the beads on it are perfect! I think it will look stunning on you!

    I also posted about bead knitting…I did a tutorial about knitting with beads using the crochet method that included resources for the tiny hooks and beads if your readers are interested!

  17. Wendy, did you have any problems getting gauge with the Alchemy? I love the Hourglass, but find the 19-stitch gauge a little odd. At 110 yards per 50 grams, the Alchemy seems like a fairly exact substitution for the original Noro, but did you try any other yarns? If so, what happened? I’m trying to come up with a less expensive substitute for the Noro and neither worsted nor aran weight yarns are working out.

  18. I like hand painted yarns too = because they do all that pooling etc… it is going to be a wonderful top!

  19. Now I’m going to have to go search for Greenies, too!

    And I have to admit–I love the pooling of handpainted yarns! That’s their charm!

  20. Dear Lucy,
    Please don’t tell my sweet cat that they make Greenies for felines. Our dog gets them all the time and goes nuts for them. I’m afraid to see what would happen if the cat discovers their greenie goodness as well. Our house just might turn upside down, cat chasing dog for a greenie… oh the horror!

  21. Did you block Dew? If so, how? I’m working on my first project with Rowan Kidsilk Haze and am wondering if I should soak it, towel it and pin it out or just pin it dry and hold a steam iron over it and steam it.
    My doggie loves Greenies but they are expensive. She’s only 7 pounds so I get the bigger ones and use a hedge pruner to snip those buggers into about 8 pieces.

  22. OMG, my cats LOVE greenies!! I bought them just out of curiosity, as every dog I’ve ever known has loved the greenies bones.

  23. Greenies for cats?? Wow. Score one for Lucy. I’ll have to get some for little Isabelle. Riley (the dog) loves them above all treats – good stuff those greenies. The Hourglass sweater is looking great. I can’t believe how fast it’s knitting up, even considering the book it’s in.

  24. I’m going to have to see if my pet store carries or will start carrying the Greenies.

    Because one of my cats’ breath? Pee-u. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I’m all for variegated yarns and I love the pooling and all that goes with it, with no problems! And I don’t even bother to alternate every couple of rows, I love variegated yarns and who cares about being sensible. The colors are gorgeous btw. I’m sure you will enjoy wearing this sweater!

  26. Yeah- greenies. What is in those things? Crack? My dogs love them too much. Beware- they are not cheap…

  27. Thanks for posting about Feline Greenies! I just requested a sample pack. I’ve been giving my kitty (Lola) Teeny Greenies, which she tolerates. I bet the fishy flavors will get her much more excited about dental health. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. My dogs LOVE greenies (the bigger lab can demolish a greenie in less than 3 min- no exaggeration!), so I guess I’ll have to get some for the cat too. She deserves a treat for having to put up with the indignity of the huge, ill-mannered beast that came to live with us this summer (see “lab” above :)).

  29. My dog opens her own packages of GReenies and helps herself if she gets the cahnace, and do my kitties ever get crazy over the feline version!

  30. My friend who has a dog has been telling me about Greenies for years. When I saw the feline ones in the store, I thought I’d give them a try. And for both of our cats, Greenies=crack. One of them loves them so much he doesn’t even chew them, I don’t think (kinda defeats the tooth-brushing purpose, but oh well).

  31. Oh Lucy! I do so love your style!!

  32. Alchemy is my newest most favorite yarn in the whole world. I picked up two skeins of synchronicity in the San Francisco Sky colorway and am enjoying every lovely stitch.

  33. Remember that movie “Soylent Green”? Ewww…we might be what (our pets) eat.

  34. Those nice Greenie people are going to send free samples to my kitties. (And they don’t sell their mailing list.) Wilbur, Earnest, Marvin and Mewella all thank Lucy for the reference.

  35. The Greenies are a favorite of my dogs, too. Last weekend, I bought a bag of large Greenies for my four dogs, and a single Jumbo Greenie for the German Shepherd who was escorting me to eat on the way home. Well, at my next stop, he stole the new unopened bag of Greenies and helped himself to three more. At the last stop, he unearthed the bag we thought we had hidden from him, and he ate 15 (yes, fifteen) more! He thoughtfully left one for each of his companions at home! LOL

  36. If you go to, you can get the free sampler of all four kitty greenies flavors. My cats await the mailman every day for this one!